We Waited 5 Years For This!!

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    Today was very fun and educational. You already know how much I enjoy this kind of stuff. Hope you enjoy too.
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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      So thankful to have you here. Thank you for watching. See you Saturday for sure. Smile More

      1. kelly Maguire

        Kelly Maguire love my ♥️🙂 hoihey guys I hope you're having a happy day I love you guys with all my heart and I miss you guys and I'm thankful and grateful for you

      2. Eric Hickman


      3. Jamin 69

        Roman “Smile More” Me: Noted

      4. Ben Marshall

        Roman Atwood Vlogs I remember the vlog where u put the tank in. I have been watching u for 5 years

      5. Jon Deal


    2. Drako 569x

      Who else noticed the office playing on the tv

    3. Patrick Brady

      23:07 who else noticed the office on the TV

    4. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    5. Sammy Cambers


    6. kevin dooler


    7. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    8. John Ramirez

      Roman was waiting for somebody at the end to help him say your beautiful your one of a kind smile more and he said he wasnt going to show the tank and he ended up showing it at the end 👏🎬

    9. It's Dripz

    10. Danon A


    11. Bahi Navaratnam

      I swear I’m 13:43 into the video, and I’m guessing coke and mentos.

    12. Ryan Wilson

      Been watching since 2014, fell of watching a little though in 2019

    13. Gavin Buzbee

      Why dose Roman sound so different on voicemail

    14. Robert Long

      the pubes got to him

    15. Animal Addict

      When did they get snowball? I thought they had Nitro and Tux

    16. Dante Scarfo

      Whos here in 2020 when brit is pregnant now 😛

      1. 420 gasiorowski


    17. Sugar Panda

      I honestly forgot about this channel- I remember when I just used to binge the pranks lol

    18. Scotty Greene

      what happen to up louding

    19. Ok boomer

      I’m so happy and proud there are people like you

    20. Emīls. es

      Who miss them? 2020?

    21. Alex Pasko

      gosh dang it I thought this was new

    22. Exility

      Got this in my recommended and thought this was a new video from him😓Never been this down ever

    23. Maysa Allam

      omg my heart dropped!! this came up on my page while I was scrolling and I thought he posted hahaha

    24. Jerry R

      Cool vlog channel RUpost

    25. Stoken P

      The Office playing in the background at 22:43 I think it was the episode where Phyllis got flashed.

    26. SinTrez

      Anyone else got this on their recommended and instantly clicked it cuz you thought it was a new vlog?

    27. Godsdevan

      i always thought coral died when you touched it with your fingers??

    28. Abbie

      I just need to know he’s alive

    29. Max bmt


    30. Landon Taylor

      Can you start RUpost again

    31. Adil Khan

      Cute cute kid

    32. Liam McMahon

      Who else watching in quarantine?

    33. Muneeb Shahid

      Showed up in my recommeded. Damn i miss these

      1. SERRY - سري


    34. nicholas bullen wwe

      We want roman back

    35. ammys reality

      they haven't vlogged in a long time now. did they quit

    36. Aiden Neri

      Hi romman

    37. blaze

      You guys should rig a dunk tank and put Brian in it

    38. Jerry R


    39. Stuart Hall

      you guys should do leggings l a daugther like leggings

    40. Kevin Smith

      I once had a coca cola fall out of my book bag at school hot the floor perfectly and shot at least 30 feet down the hall. Right at the principal. That was hilarious to watch on the security cameras

    41. chicken nuggets

      What Kayne was trying to do at the begging with the soda was shake it then throw it in the air and it explodes but you have to shake it good and throw it high

    42. JimSallyRock

      It’d be cool if I could collaborate with Roman although I have less than 10 subs.

    43. HexVex

      That voice mail sounds nothing like him lol

    44. Wackypocket

      kanes gonna need braces

    45. Joey Sutton


    46. Ethan Lewis

      Ora watching the office at the end😂

    47. Reziqs

      Try it with deodorant spray the top and then turn it upside down and it makes a rocket

    48. Isaac _ MTB

      Jeez I just realised that I have been watching you and every vlog for 7yrs

    49. moony0205

      So all about fish tank schrott? Let's see what's next, hopefully somehow better, although you tried hard to bring at least grown ups back some memories when there were good vlogs.

    50. JJobe Juice

      Being a fish lover and owner of 9+ tanks I love when you do fish stuff

    51. Madelyn Chamness

      I’m just asking we’re Noah

    52. GamerFlop 101

      Give it a few more years Kane's gonna be a youtuber,just like he's dad!!!👌🏼🔥 Such a beautiful family. Soo humble and kind

    53. Todd Green

      Hi I'm fish tank Todd

    54. Deegan Sullivan random content

      My tank is like yours

    55. Deegan Sullivan random content

      My tank is 16 years old

    56. Mother Vlogger

      20:12 hahaha

    57. Mother Vlogger

      how much does a job like this cost? 20k? lol that looks like a lot of work!

    58. Destiny Parker

      It was 5 years ago

    59. Maura Fenton

      Omg i have not seen u in a longg time wow

    60. Famous Galespey

      Humans last time I was here there was no baby. But that a stranger.

    61. Paige Power

      Mentos and coke

    62. Rosa Nagle

      Literally every time I watch Roman I end up crying cause he acts so much like my dad it reminds me of him and then I cry😭

    63. Ee Perez

      you should try shakeing and throwing up when it is warm

    64. Fearless Wolf03

      13:41 I Love Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts! They’re even better with Peanut Butter on them!

    65. Trevor Bayless

      It’s soda not pop

    66. Cowboy Duckling


    67. Shar887534

      And Now's the time.

    68. Nolan Klein

      in the subtitles lol 2:41 squirrels=coral apparently

    69. Susann Jones

      Fishtank Tod should be on National Geographic

    70. Cosmo Has Failed At YouTube

      But where did the fish go while the tank was being done? BTW good vlog

    71. April Luvin

      October 2 is my birthday and I have pneumonia pneumonia

    72. Waleed Alkhulafi

      You are and your family are the best RUpostr Not like the other RUpostr now all want boxing they are clowns

    73. Hyper Aspect 1514

      Noah has mad buck teeth

    74. Frankie Carpentieri

      then put the cap on and smash it

    75. Frankie Carpentieri

      your suppossed to use mentos

    76. Grand Botismo

      They were right, money doesn’t grow on trees... it grows underwater

    77. The Bouncing Elephant

      Hey Roman! Fancy giving The Bouncing Elephant a shoutout? Many thanks! 🐘🐘🐘🎶🎶🎶

    78. Bladen Breaux

      ASMR 24:05 to 24:07

    79. Craver 2.0MX

      Where are the boys?😕

    80. Shahd -

      I think I’ll have my own fish tank soon 😳😳

    81. Rick Powers

      wait were did the fish go

    82. mark wane tv

      what happened tomdonkey

    83. mark wane tv

      ok so i missed them getting patrick, i thought they had flash?

      1. Susanne

        mark wane tv he was actually calling that star fish Patrick from sponge bob n flash happens to pop up

    84. mark wane tv

      when i saw country's old tool box, i cried.

    85. Kayleen Gomez

      I would totally subscribe to Kane’s channel if he ever made his own RUpost channel 🥺

    86. PhoenixMix _

      amazingly awesome

    87. Finley

      The kids are growing up to fast😫😫😫😫

    88. banana smoothie

      Im hearing too much like if you remember this comments Like if you remember when this wasnt a thing

    89. Wena Wolf

      At 25:55 when he calls it a night, you can see that they are watching the office 😂

    90. Micah To mama

      Lol I see the office on at the end of the video in the background

    91. Madeline Rudewicz

      are Brian and that girl actually brother or sister? or do they just work together. I cant figure it out lol

    92. Gerardo Hasse

      sorry i have to make fun roman, "POP" who calls it "POP" these days. What are you 75, hahaha

    93. Cody Owens

      @0:53 who else seen the cutscene? I think that jump scare was planned and not real

    94. Mutton Face

      you've been waiting 5 year to look in your office

    95. Brayden Gattis

      You watch the office

    96. Juanjo Cobos

      I guess they will do coke and mentos

    97. Grindman3000

      Says he will wait till Friday to show the Fish tank then shows it in the back ground. :P

    98. Boost Wolf

      I have Been watching Roman for 4 years

    99. Donnie Moore

      He probably the best dad ever

    100. PUMATV

      10:42 poor corAl :c Coral slaughter