Indiana Jones Bethesda Game - Official Teaser


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    A new Indiana Jones game from Bethesda and Machine Games has been revealed! Check out the short teaser here!

    Опубликовано: 3 дня назад


    1. Martin Janda

      How about TES 6?

    2. Lewd Dark Elf

      Ark of the Covenant will crash the game amd corrupt the save file.

    3. Rijal Jose

      Well, hope Bethesda didn't make this buggy

    4. EfrainQuezada

      Can't believe Bethesda is actually attempting to take on Lego for best Indiana Jones game

    5. Rackedup 153


    6. CalebCat

      Oh no...Bethesda why...

      1. 3adir

        This game is being developed by machinegames

    7. Xactlee

      Yeah, super nice table with cool things

    8. MrDeadlyMatt

      ooooo bethesda get ready for a buggy ride especially with its history of skyrim bugs that modders had to fix themselves by making a patch

      1. 3adir

        This game is being developed by machinegames they dont make buggy games. Bethesda is the publisher

    9. Mao Dijong

      I hope this is not an RPG. I hope this is not open world. I hope this is not about choosing the correct dialogue choices. Make this an action adventure game.

      1. 3adir

        This game is being developed by machinegames they dont make rpg's Bethesda is the publisher

    10. MrTomslinger

      Okee dokee Dr Jones. Hold on to your potatoe!

    11. Anders


    12. Rafael Calvay

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    13. Nietabs


    14. onii_tw

      i was excited til i saw bethesdas name on it. If this turns into another fallout 76, im gonna cry

    15. Eduardo Solidario

      Omg, the nostalgia

    16. Acookie

      ready for the Boulder of glitches

    17. Jones Family

      This is soooo sick!.......Can't wait!

    18. seb ben

      Remember guys. Dont preorder

    19. Joelus Maximus

      Shouldn't they be trying to fix the problems in fallout 76? xD

    20. passportspider

      Remember kids, only YOU can prevent preorders.

    21. Jack Kingsby

      What if it's a souls type like fallen order was?

    22. Busayo Atekoja

      Looking forward to Crystal Skull 76!

    23. KTM Trooper

      You mean Bugthesdas game

      1. Sreenanda N

        we mean machine games game

    24. 33482

      And as soon as he opens the tomb, Lara walks out past him with sack full of loot on her back. 😃

    25. hamoclease

      Whoa whoa whoa, watch the whip cracks

    26. Mr Mage

      I feel like they should have uncharted elements in tie game

    27. Wisnu Drm

      OMG just give us Elder Scrolls VI already!

    28. Liam Webb

      Wow the first Xbox exclusive worth playing, still not worth the Xbox console for it tho

    29. Alderam 195

      Should we really trust Bethesda with another game after 75?

    30. Rickster Drummer

      Please Bethesda... don’t use your in-house engine this time. It’s outdated and we deserve better.

    31. Blaize562

      Bugs..... why did it have to be bugs?

    32. Jacob Nelson

      I have a gun to my head just in case

    33. Brett Mai Roo

      I have a bad feeling about this.

    34. Kelz702 Music Channel

      Literally NOBODY asked for this games smfh it could’ve be ANYTHING other than this

    35. rami

      Lego india jones remake xd

    36. Pain le roux

      may be this is the response to uncharted series on playstation

    37. Gawi Audette

      They gonna fuckup , it’s Bethesda

    38. chaTzon

      Wow not even a spoiler warning ...well done.

    39. brock anderson

      Coming out in 2032!

    40. Monsieur Shapeau

      Bethesda though, why does that name now make me anxious rather than excited?

    41. Darth Vader

      Cool Indiana Jones 76...

    42. ElderCrabSauce

      And we'll wait until the game arrives before deciding on its quality WON'T WE GAME JOURNALISM

    43. Nuke777777

      16 times the detail

    44. Thomas Davey

      Wow. I'm so teased right now.

    45. ByDruxy

      Scrap this and focus on Starfield and ES6

    46. Joel Scheen

      Ohhh ohhh, Bethesda? Since Fallout76 I'm careful.

    47. Ebenizer Bonotan

      THE OG.

    48. Ross Curran

      So this will likely be first person if its made by MachineGames?

    49. Warboss Mechjaw

      “ I was an adventurer like you until I took a snake bite to the knee”

    50. Nathan Jones

      “It just works”

    51. Heisenberg

      Preston garvey: oh cool indiana jones game, you know what’s cooler a settlement needing our help here i’ll mark it on your map

    52. Tats Sacs

      So many iconic parts on the score and they came up with that?

    53. Fidel Chavez

      I loved the playstation 2 game of Indiana Jones with the solving the mysteries

    54. Cyberwolf

      So the object of this game is to look at stuff on a table/desk and pick up the hat?

    55. Reece Mashburn


    56. Iuri Gomes

      What kind of Elder Scrolls is this?

    57. elmodavis1

      I think naughty dog would be better company to make this

    58. joshua keely

      If it's not Harrison Ford face and voice this game will flop haaaaaaarrrrrrrdddd

    59. wee boab

      Hat and whip DLC sold separately.

    60. Mr. Conservatarian

      Wow, what an interesting trailer...

    61. Bharat Bhushan Bhandari

      Bethesda delving into 'Uncharted' territory

    62. Shaikh Azhar

      Whats next ? Star wars ?

    63. Nelio Afonso

      Uncharted vibes anyone?

    64. Shane Robert Tate

      I thought it was a find the hidden object game

    65. Bartu Tahmazoğlu

      tomb raider but bethesda

    66. Faisal Kadal

      Watch out for the bugs out there, Jones.

    67. Stinger_is_ded

      Me: *Fallout 76 flashbacks*

    68. Tlot Pwist

      "Do you go to the Egyptian section often? What am i saying, of course you don't!" Nazim Ledouche, director of the Louvres

    69. Paul von Uffel

      "Okay so we at Bethesda were really thinking of a great story arch and we picked none other than Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull." 🙃

    70. doggieboy773a

      Not coming for the Playstation.

    71. MrScrawnjuan

      This could/should have just been a picture. Teaser added nothing

    72. Levi Bull

      ..... Of all games .... Also bethesda how about you finish the other games your working on Im pretty sure you don't want another fallout 76 .... Oh who am I kidding you've been using the same engine for about 18 years or slightly longer

    73. Piyush Kala

      Games these days: 2021 teaser trailer Mid 2021 delayed to 2022

    74. Hearthguard

      What is “Indiana Jones”? Is that sort of like Uncharted?

    75. Sticky Kitty

      I don’t have any hopes whatsoever Come on now!? It is Bethesda You’ll be knee deep in micro transactions Just to play the first level

    76. Kumotta Kun

      Just when Lara thought she's over the fan wars between tomb raider and uncharted... Here comes Indiana Jones. 😂

    77. Dave

      There's no time for this! There's an archaeological site that needs your help

    78. Aryan Kamnetz

      I used to be a great Swordsman until some archaeologist shot me

    79. Calvix Maxius

      Anyone noticed the LucasFilm logo at the camera?

    80. Sebastian

      Just like the eso 6 teaser nothing real to show off

    81. normal dude

      Oh, another "It just works"-Title

    82. WarlordRising

      I hope they consulted with Naughty Dog's Uncharted team. Don't mess this up, Bethesda.

    83. Bobby P

      I can't wait for the pre order bonus to come with a whip made from an old extension lead

    84. ChrisBN

      So. Excited.

    85. Nick Brown

      See you in 10 years

    86. MyAnalyser

      I don't know, letting Bethesda do Indiana Jones instead of Star Wars feels like such a missed opportunity. We already have amazing Indiana Jones like games like Tombraider and Uncharted.


      i cant wait to see the un official patch notes for this

    88. Kevissen Coolen

      I hope this is a 3rd person

    89. Droid Gamer-Tech

      "Wow! A new Indiana Jones game" **sees it's made by Bethesda** "Oh... I'm out"

      1. Alex Fleming

        @Nathan Matos Correct

      2. Nathan Matos

        It ain't by bethesda its made by machine games i think

    90. Arosh Liyanage

      Sad that's its bethesda

    91. ash


    92. peter obermuller

      Well, if there is one publisher and one studio who knows how to make a nazikilling game it sure is these two...

    93. Dolph Gabeler

      Will there be limited edition over priced liquor sold in plastic containers tho?

    94. smash461986

      There was something so flat about the way the hat moved off the table. Well atleast it didn't clip through it and break the video I guess.

    95. Juju the third

      Can't wait for my companion to fall of a cliff and magically spawn behind me

    96. Giorno Giovanna

      Don't misunderstand, this game its about killing Nazi's just like wolfenstein lol

    97. linkedin

      Loot box - Buy whip, hat and clothes with money.

    98. Cap Cap

      Yes! Yess!! YAS!!!

    99. The Man Hank

      Machine Games: Makes games about fighting Nazis Machine Games: Makes another game about guy fighting Nazis Please take place in the Wolfenstein universe.

    100. floor waxer