Natalia Gordienko - SUGAR - Moldova 🇲🇩 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2021

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    Natalia Gordienko will represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song SUGAR.
    Composers: Dimitris Kontopoulos and Phillipp Kirkorov
    Lyrics: Mikhail Gutseriev and Sharon Vaughn
    Production: Dimitris Kontopoulos
    Director of the Music Video: Katya Tsarik
    Additional production: Dima Agafonov
    Recorded and Mixed : Andrei Konopliev @ Cinelab Studios
    Mastered by Luca Petrolesi @studioDMI Las Vegas
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    Опубликовано: Месяц назад


    1. Eurovision Song Contest

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      1. Layton Gustavo

        @Guillermo Jad Checking it out now. Seems to be working.

      2. Guillermo Jad

        dunno if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hacker :D

      3. Luke Fernandez

        Live Performance: Male Dancers wearing Shoulder pads from Sergey Lazarev’s (2016 + 2019 3rd Place) and Hologram Natalia with less makeup.

      4. Evghenia Gehringer

        Хрень на постном масле

    2. Svjetlana Tomic

      Furchtbar ......

    3. Kattis T

      YEEES! This is what I need from Moldova 😍🇲🇩

    4. Borchet Pizdadul

      This Is how Natalia Gordienko makes heterosexual the boy from the dance: Natalia Gordienko - Sugar, Moldova.

    5. Vincent Hall

      This song is so dope. I really hope Moldova does well!!

    6. Miguell Filho Oficial

      Mds essa mulher é uma mistura muito louca de Kylie Minogue e Britney Spears✨♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷 Essa música acabou de me ajudar em uma crise de ansiedade ✨✨🇧🇷

    7. Selin Deniz Çebi

      Such a nice song!!! Brava Moldova!!! From Turkey with love. 🇹🇷❤️🌹

    8. Варвара Кравец


    9. Ofir Moskovitch

      You are in my top 6 for this year eurovision and it's final.

    10. Лиза Дв

      Настолько Лобода,что даже актёр тот что снимался в клипе Глаза у Лободы )))

    11. Panikkos Constantinou

      Ok People. Maybe It reminds of something else. But how many EV songs dont do the same? I dont think its a copy paste of something else though, and I dont mind at all. Is it a nice up lifting song that makes us have fun? It definitely is. So people, lets just enjoy it...

    12. Panikkos Constantinou

      Moldova never dissapoints me. Always has nice entries. That is gonna be one of my beloved ones this year. Love from Cyprus!

    13. jenniee blackpink

      So good songs!

    14. jenniee blackpink

      I saw this on Planeta HD channel ✨✨✨

    15. Qwertas88 Qwertas1

      В Молдове кроме этого цырка ничего нет, какой кошмар, хотя чего ожидать если у них президент Манду!😊😁👹

    16. Anna Baranova

      а мне чем-то напомнило Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom

    17. Mа ри

      суперская песняяя.я влюбилась в эту песню

    18. Mа ри


    19. Ali Arslan

      Is a Barbie version of Paris Hilton dancing in the video? 😂 I have fallen in love with Natalia Gordienko's entry for ESC 2020 but this one is also good 🤗

    20. Robert Semjonov

      What’s the name of this handsome boy?

    21. Barbora Řezáčová

      body goals

    22. Mortal gamer

      Siren song but worst xD

    23. Vladi Play

      Опять наших русских отправили

    24. average enjoyer

      why so many dislikes

      1. Alex Ross

        unremarkable, old-fashioned, boring song

    25. Dr. Kosta

      Good luck from Bulgaria 🍀

    26. Agelos Kontogiannis

      Ooo yeah

    27. Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug

      The video looks like a cross between a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu video and some Katy Perry video like "California Gurls"... Still not sure if that's good or bad...

    28. Stein Gauslaa Strindhaug

      Pearl beard... wow

    29. Nikolai Møller

      Please win

    30. Shane's Eurovision Review

      I CAN'T stop listening to this...I am HOOKED. This is so unbelievably catchy!!! Moldova ALWAYS surprises me (in a good way). Well done Moldova and well done Natalia. See you in the final at Rotterdam :-) I give my full thoughts in my reaction and review video of this song, which can be found on my RUpost Channel.

    31. Hasan Çıkay

      12 points from Turkey ❤ Super

    32. Sophi Melnikova

      Музыка вылетая Марув...

    33. Lasse

      I need to know who the hottie is? instagram profile?

      1. Lasse

        @Stendhal Official What do u mean?

      2. Stendhal Official

        Use your brain!

    34. Кирилл Мутаев

      I really like this song. Good luck Moldova

    35. No u

      if Moldova didn't qualify i will be very sad :(

    36. Agata

      Жосткий плагиат :)

    37. George k.

      Top 5 with Greece, Cyprus, San Marino & Filand

    38. Crypt3dx


    39. Nikos Kapa

      12 points from Greece 🇬🇷 One of my favorite songs this year ❤

    40. Ирина Сырбу

      Какая муть...

    41. Félix Martínez Martínez


    42. Mladen Kulas

      My guilry pleasure, I love it!! ❤️ from 🇭🇷

    43. Юля Калениченко

      А монтажёр может получить золотую малину?

    44. HP World

      My favorite song from Eurovision 2021 🤗❤

    45. That boy is a monster


    46. ch3 3

      Sunt din Romania, insa tin cu Moldova, prima data cand am ascultat si am vz clipul am zis ca e o artista din America... Bravo si succes

    47. Allan Robinson

      Love it! So will so many other gay guys. Sugar - sweet!

    48. konstantin video

      Уже старушка, а всё молодится:)))

    49. Animator Ireenie

      The background dancers are the best part, props to them

    50. Гульмира Бек

      Гудков делал видео что ли))

    51. Alexandros

      This is Eurovision gold

    52. Melissa G

      Звучит дерьмово. 👎

    53. Диана Пашко

      Плагиат песни Loboda - суперзвезда) Особенно совпадает часть «сегодня, сегодня ты, а завтра я» + сам припев и хук

      1. Vivi Vivienne

        а с другого клипа Назара украли😂 караул!

    54. дело Влада Бахова

      Музыку у Лободы слезали

    55. Addic Brillon

      Love this song. Sexy performance. It will not win but I would have loved if it did.

    56. Team House דירות להשכרה בחיפה

      Loboda + Katy Perry + Larisa Dolina = 🍭🍰

    57. EL_DE 277

      Love it! Go Moldova! You've got an amazing bop this year ❤

    58. Hmaru

      I was watching old videos and found that Geri Halliwell's "Ride it" has a scene looking like the scene 1:32 with letters on her body.

    59. Rightback At you

      Dark horse of the year. This Will do VERY VERY Well.... belive me...

    60. Оля Роси

      И даже ТВОИГЛАЗАстого у Лободы арендовала! Ай-яй!))

    61. cfystals

      I'm suddenly getting paris hilton vibes from this

    62. neko nekic

      suga-which means scabies on my lang.

    63. Achelois

      This is cheap 😬

    64. Михаил Мустайкин

      Nice song! Good luck Moldova! With luv from Russia!

    65. Tatiana Ghereg

      Fie ma p..s pe r...i

    66. nika avaliani

      Не ужели такая музыка многим нравится и клип

    67. Lady Nika

      Услышала по радио,и все думала что за классная песня?музыка зацепила!)а это участница Евровидения!мне нравится!

    68. Makhzuna Yunusova

      I hope I am not the only one considering that one as a vulgar one.

    69. Žydrūnas Dudėnas

      This is awful!!! Parody of Katy Perry California girls, and this is bad lyrics , give me sugar? Afwul... We are adults...we know... Its like Maruv Siren song. You can hear banger Siren and nothing else...

    70. Sam The Cloud

      Please a slow Version of this.. (like Efendis❤)

    71. Apache Kitchen


    72. Félix Martínez Martínez

      UNDERRATED, this song IS BOP!

    73. Miel Van Sleeuwen

      I'm curious about 2:48 live.

    74. Miel Van Sleeuwen

      I can't explain it but this song is in my head...

    75. Theo Poliviou

      I think this is quite an underrated song of this year

      1. Stendhal Official

        Russia is playing Sugar in all radios, continent bigger than Europe. She already won .

    76. Juan Antonio Macías Grimaldi


    77. Nocthala

      1:43 she looks like one of the big faries from Breath of the Wild

    78. anita555555

      Хватит писать, что Наташа подделка Лободы! Лобода сама подделка! Все её песни - плагиат, нет? Танец и движения эти не Лободы, а тогда уж Леди Гаги, это у неё "повзаимствовала" движения Лобода, Полякова и многие другие. Внешность у Лободы, как у резиновой пошлой куклы из Китая. Голос у Наташи однозначно лучше, чем у Лободы. Единственное, что у Лободы круче - это её офигенные ноги и то, что она сама продюсирует песни.

    79. Rəşad Sultanov

      Let's appreciate the fact that such country with small budget has managed to present such a good entry 🇲🇩

      1. Stavroula Maria Micha

        @Panikkos Constantinou in reality nobody, but since someone brought up the budget it's worth noting that it's not as little as we might think 🥴 this isn't meant to bring down the song or anything (it's the opposite, cause it's serious effort!), but yeah. there's real money behind this, and that's not a bad thing.

      2. Panikkos Constantinou

        @Stavroula Maria Micha Even so, for us we are not Moldovans, its a great video to watch, and a great song to listen. So who cares about the backstage events?

      3. Calorifer Ieftin

        @ESC_Vladik how do you make those signs? like MD but in a different font?

      4. Stavroula Maria Micha

        Right but this particular entry is pretty much self-funded by Natalia herself and Kirkorov, which two are rich enough to pull it off. They have a big budget and from what I've heard of this music video is quite expensive.

      5. Panikkos Constantinou

        Excactly! And a very descent entry as well!

    80. Дарья Абакумова

      Спасибо Маруну - как у чистого источника побывала. А просто традиционалистов быть - грех?

    81. Дарья Абакумова

      Ну и зачем? И Гуцириев отметился. И Филя. Пойду на рынок - там они естественнее.

    82. Nicolaas Janssens

      1 month ago, I prefer Prison more than Sugar. Now is it other way around. Catchy VS beautiful voice. Now is it nr 1 in my top 39

    83. Pan

      2:48 is gonna be like a forever moment. Remembered by all.

    84. Болик экс Махина

      JAJAJ oh qué weá nelson mauri JAJAJAJ

    85. Liam McGillivray

      Could this become a new dance craze?

    86. oschenko

      Лобода с алиэкспресс

      1. anita555555

        Да, - Лобода с Али экспресс. И песни у Лободы все плагиат, и, кстати, танцы тоже слизаны с Леди Гаги. Сплошная подделка с ужасно надутыми губами-Лобода.

    87. Johnny T

      Лобода нюхает кокс в сторонке😂


      ЧТО ЗА ХАВНО ??? КИРКАРЕО?😏😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    89. Eemil Hänninen


    90. snap tass

      Мне понравилось

    91. Anti 31 Crisis

      12 points from Rammstein 😎

    92. Radu Gherman

      Is it just me or is that Stifler's mom?

    93. neXt_cavalier


    94. Joseph Bleasdale

      I keep coming back for those ice creams at 2:09 😂🍦

    95. Óscar Alvarenga


    96. Статус: Миллионер

      Молдавия , талантливый народ просто они специально делают такие песни потому что. Нет смысла нам первое место занимать. Экономически не вывезем ))) а Киркоров этим пользуется , он просто права на песню выкупает а потом если что типо он написал )

    97. Aриэл Градешсткий

      Самая конченая песня всех времён и народов...как и сама исполнительница..

    98. Stevie Tries to Parkour

      Is it just me or does this totally look like a Just Dance song

    99. Janine Ofsoski

      SO cool! Love from Australia

    100. Pikku Myy

      Kirkorov + Loboda + Katty Perry = Moldova

      1. Shawn Putnam

        you forgot Maruv :D lol