I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator


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    Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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    WildCat: rupost.info
    not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me
    edited by myself & Wardenboo

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    1. Al3xNovaSnow

      6.96M SUBS POOOOG

    2. King Joey plays

      He did take it sooooooo seriously like more then ever

    3. Erik R.G

      69.6 million subskribers

    4. Leonel Rivera

      Does Techno even know he has 6.96 subs

    5. AJB

      we literally see in the first minute at 0:40 that he will choose wither for origins bruh

    6. Emmett Jaakkola

      6.96M subs lol

    7. Shawna Supino

      Techno needs to get merch

    8. Cayden Rump

      wildcat: falls off the edge of earth flat earthers: EaRtH iS fLaT

    9. David Gomez


    10. David Gomez

      Technoblade can I know how to get your skin

    11. mxsDD Franks

      Your voice is really good for like Narratoring it’s really good

    12. Jon Boonstra

      Make a origins smp video

    13. Rh1no

      Hello Dave

    14. Cheslea Robertson

      Wtf i just watch the first min of this on tiktok

    15. Jordan and Sophia gaming Martinez

      What your number

    16. Par

      techno be like 1:00 is the safest place when it's the most dangerous place in the world

    17. AngelicDream708

      I littraly died wheezing when techno said that he'd actually sabutatage two ppl lmaoooo

    18. insight 177

      40k to 7 million

    19. ROCK LEE

      Not even close baby technoblade never dies

    20. Toxic

      6.96 million subs

    21. Bradley Shuster

      Nice narrating

    22. MaxSaidNo

      Wait is this how bold works No

    23. Kaed Collins


    24. baloonz -

      techno the pig is going to be in my fridge

    25. Gabrielle Waak

      Techno with no brim

    26. Your Local idiot

      Remember “training my 5 year old sister to kill people” Yessir

    27. trumpetsounds

      hey technoblade congrats on 6.9mil subscribers. nice

    28. Aisha Chaudhary

      please pin me

    29. I do stuff

      at the time I'm writing this tecnos sub count is 6.96M subs

    30. Dio Brando

      happy 6.96m subs techno.

    31. 이쭌

      Technoblade could you please able hypixel skyblock backpack? :(

    32. Casey Huvane

      Anyone notice the wither master skin

    33. Julian Davidson

      I feel like next stream He Should do a face cam Like If u agree

    34. AppolloBoi

      Where are your storytime videos?

    35. Sage O'Mara

      fridge reveal?

    36. Riverthecat

      technoblade: i literally just got nuked me:TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

    37. Maja Eder

      6,9 million subs nice

    38. Rick Voß

      pls more viedeos

    39. Himouu

      1:13 and thats proof the world is flat, checkmate round earthers

    40. Mister Banana

      Get back to the lore blood god


      Wildcat falls off the Earth, like boss

    42. Enderman Eli

      Wildcat was being stupid in the hide n seek video

    43. Marina Pinheiro

      I don’t really like teck blade

      1. Ashfer2

        Then why are you here?? Lol

    44. Krish Subra

      Techno you gonna accept the offer from dream for a manhunt?

    45. Ben Joe

      How was ranboo in water?

    46. Gamer Girl

      Techno at 6.9 mil

    47. Melissa Johnson

      Aaaaayyyyy 6.96 mil subs 👌

    48. sans the skeleton

      my fried "loser" loves your vids so i hope you make more content to make her happy

      1. Crying like a Loser


    49. The Guy

      "Even if I lose, I win." - Technoblade 2021

    50. Loitersake

      I just imagine mr.beast holding everyone hostage to do these videos

    51. Alex

      Saw in your Skyblock stream that you are looking for a new Mic etc. and that you don't know much about it yourself. I know a bit about mics and stuff and could give you some recommendations. If you are looking for a simple plug and play USB Mic that has a great sound the best option is the shure mv7 it's basicly the USB version of Philzas and Tubbos Mic. It even has some simple software configurations which can do quite a lot for a better sound. But there is also the normal Shure SM7B for that you'd also need a cloudlifter and a basic interface like a Scarlet Solo. And if you don't want to spend quite that much the Rode Procaster is about half of the price of the Shure and has a great sound. But you'd still need the cloudlifter and the interface. Those are all dynamic mics so they won't pic up Keyboard and Mouse sounds quite as much.

    52. Jedi 6666

      Petition to have techno play with his sister again!

    53. Tec PhIn

      I love how when technoblade goes serious he loses

    54. Karl cedric Mongis

      Techonoblade more like techono pig!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Dream


      1. AnonTRP

        Man really made a whole new account just to chat shit 😂😂😂

    56. Gacha Angel

      So you are telling me the enderman hid underwater

    57. Volticslayer

      When you relize that techno didn’t get a 5k fridge becouse mr beast said if you win

      1. Volticslayer

        Can’t disagree with that

      2. Ashfer2

        I mean, if Mr. Beast didnt realize that, who was Techno to correct him lmao

    58. vltsm

      Philza is typing an offer for a fridge...

    59. Caleb 360 Games

      Minecraft nerd lol

    60. Jim Cor

      Let’s get this vid to 10 mil views

    61. Viggo Romana

      Technoblade: against dream goes 1 percent Technoblade: against mr beast in hide and seek goes 99 percent

    62. Theperfectgamer

      OMG that scared me

    63. vandana singh

      I hate you

      1. Alexandru Petrea

        I hate you

      2. Aj's video

        I hate you

    64. Molly Francisco

      I went to the safest place I know ✨AFGHANISTAN✨

    65. Grey Gacha


    66. Dumb blue creeper 111

      Hey Tecnoblade, I really need to thank you for being who you are. You are the main reason I play Minecraft. You inspired me and millions of people. Have a good day😁

    67. yahya mohommed

      Congrats on 6.96M subscribers

    68. 05 - Council Member 05 - 13

      Keep this type of content up and we’ll have to take you to the foundation as SCP - Pig

    69. Zina Mino


    70. Meme Producktionz

      the amount of subs hes at tho

    71. Elite FBI Juggernaut

      Techno do a wynncraft review its gonna be good you gonna steal grian's clout

    72. blitdz gaming

      I DONT like jou jou are worthless and an awfull person i was about to win in egg wars and then jou killed me even Carl is better in minecraft P.V.P then you

    73. Agnes Tjandra

      I love u

    74. Nightmare Shadow

      Technoblade will always get a w somehow

    75. Xavier White

      Hey look at 3:05 if you look closely you can see a orange block go across the screen, I think it’s a invisible admin

    76. Tunasalmon

      When will techno realise skyblock made him president

    77. Goldenaholic

      6.9m subs

    78. Peemliketurtle

      6.96 Million sub :L

    79. Brawl Guys

    80. IcyMines

      How many contests have u done on top of the championships? Techno: *yes*

    81. FROST GAM!NG

      a syndicate is a commune fun fact :D

    82. CrayCray Mose


    83. FIRE_ XGODX

      Technoblade: TECHNO BLADE NEVER DIESSSSSS *Accidentally throws a ender pearl in half a health* technoblade: oh f4ck... *Dies* Tommy: BUAHAHA

    84. Mayank Sethi

      Only OGs renember when techno was a commentry channel

    85. Bertram bak

      A kid beedet you in kills

    86. Mouayed PlayZz

      Yeah, shame on u fundy

    87. Danute Hassan

      You losttt

    88. Harley youtube

      Make a vid on the dream amp again

    89. Harley youtube

      Your a legend


      I love how you didn't linked fundy.

    91. X T R

      why is their a clip option

      1. X T R

        @Ashfer2 oh thx btw

      2. Ashfer2

        Its a new youtube feature he's trying. He mentioned it a few streams ago.

    92. Case 2_0

      I was just playing among us with a person named Gracie. We were banned before we could exchange contact stuff. My in game name was Urza.

    93. arman ojha

      I want Face Cam, next time .🤔

    94. 黃子健


    95. Watabotel

      Were just gonna ignore Wither master technoblade?

    96. Paco Gamer

      Tommy has more subcribers than you because hes funnier and a beter youtuber

      1. Ashfer2

        Nah, its actually bc Techno wasn't uploading lmao. Doesn't mean Tommy's not a good RUpostr, but those aren't the reasons, and it is also your opinion. I actually don't really like watching Tommy solo tbh, his character is just too much. Techno was still keeping up consistently ahead, but then didn't stream or post a video for a while lol. Also side note. Techno doesn't really care tbh.

      2. Aaron Walters


    97. Miguel Go

      Hello I am Techno blade I would do anything for a fridge

    98. Luna A

      nearing 9m but have you gotten the fridge 🤣

    99. Blazed Ember

      First techno vid I watch wish me luck Edit: 10/10 would watch again

    100. Mystical CactusTwT

      I wanted either fundy techno or ranboo to win