Our last Christmas on YouTube.

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    Today is a pretty raw bit of life. Thanks for watching and being apart of our fam.
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    This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on RUpost since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Thank you for staying with us all these years.

      1. Bruh 432


      2. Kylie Smith

        I can’t see you quit RUpost I will be devastated

      3. Qüañtii Lãke

        Why are you leaving youtubee

      4. Qüañtii Lãke

        Roman nooooo

      5. Tucker Stringfield

        Roman will u plz reply to me not to be mean but who is that talkin wierdly in the background of the licthres

    2. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    3. Jayden Silva

      If anyone here during covid roman really predicted tik tok blowing up

      1. BLUU

        I was about to say that

      2. Mr Bot

        I’m here fresh comment

    4. YT Tronix

      Why didn’t you make a Christmas video??

    5. Spidey Gaming

      i hope u guys have the best christmas this year

    6. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    7. Lisa Grey

      Please tell Roman make a Christmas vlog this year.

    8. iCade

      It’s Almost Christmas!! 2020 was the worst year possible but Roman please do a vid this year!! love you roman

    9. ITSBabyAdrien Craft

      Roman you wont quit in 2019 u "quit" 2020 You helped me get past all my life roadblocks My mom and dad divorced I couldnt see my brothers for 8 years Roman pls dont leave you mean so much to all of us we understand (He is leaving cause of coppa i think

    10. _ bigboyxld

      Man talking to us in the bathroom brings back memories

    11. Johnny Ruggiero

      Lair you posted one this year 2020 lair

    12. Kyle Riles

      Plz make a Halloween vid

    13. It'salwaysforce man

      You are the best you inspire me to reach my goals in life and ive been watching you forever and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you I appreciate everything you've done for me

    14. logan hoffman

      C'mon roman my mom and I can do a 2000 Piece in 4 days 300 to 500 for us would take 3 hours

    15. Randy

      He wasnt Lieing😭

    16. Mirtha Salinas

      Pls come back

    17. Lane Meiser

      Who else is watching this in 2020 Roman is my favorite RUpostr in the universe smile more

    18. Wyatt Tranby

      Maybe Roman really meant "our last Christmas on RUpost"

    19. TyAnne Metz

      I see maybe Tik Tok now on what he was saying near the end. I know 2020 has been crazy :/ I hope he returns ♡

    20. Rob Granitto

      Roman predicted how he wasn’t going to vlog this year


      goodbye in 2020 i hope your well bye

    22. Maddy Groffenberg

      He says it's his last Christmas on RUpost, and now he hasn't posted in 6 months :(

    23. Michael Aulsebrook

      Tiktok is out will he take over and create his amazing content there?

    24. Brook Mabon

      well this was bs

    25. Bannah Boo

      I have that Ocean puzzle

    26. Michael Holiday


      1. Michael Holiday

        Shfwjsfshgdhehsf Gahaffustuefsufeuegs GatstteyddfhYaf GuatysyafsuttaufaitatsuwiwxdshswgfshgsshfshsgjgsjsffhsfshfshsgdjdgjyhjhshsusysDeepzyyGocjsfshfshsfusghwfsiwfwhxw Dajwfiwfwufwysdah FajsgwifwiefiwgwyfauwfahxxHhajafakadavshsjyisbosgisgisfajwjsfjwgkwgsigsicshngsjefjdhieyeysmgfshuhhejfemeggsksfskhskhdjshgsjgsgskfsgsgdfakgsuksgsjgshsjg Cjsgaufjsgagfwhahakgshgsgysifa Gigihigdwietwiwtostietyitsifwifshfshstkafaitfigyusgsgsygshshksgwjuauusgdudyyeueowyefehejgwjsgshgsgfaksgjsgwkhejwgwigegkfehghscsnfsfjshskgahahahjagjabggaauacajfa

      2. Michael Holiday


    27. Colleen Tayes

      I have the same puzzle the sea turtle

    28. Scott Gaskell

      Dont leave x I'm a big fan of yours x

    29. Scott Gaskell

      Dont leave x I'm a big fan of yours x

    30. Lou Meza

      Are you not doing RUpost anymore

    31. Shadell Ferguson


    32. Wanda Stclair

      RUpostr ever

    33. Myleigh Clements


    34. Jesus Christ

      well that was a lie

    35. Zorbix

      Noah looks younger

    36. yara andrade

      Dang you weren’t kidding

    37. Ofelia Flores

      Who’s watching on Christmas Day

    38. TJ Kelly

      can you plzzzzzzz post a christmas vlog next year

    39. Cyanne Brocious

      Is anyone else watching in 2019??

    40. lps skyhigh gameing


    41. Brennen Chapman

      If you don’t do a Christmas video this year

    42. Ella Reese


    43. Benjamin Merryfield

      Please make a Christmas video this year

      1. francesca warner

        i hope that they come back in time hopefully this week so we maybe can get vlogs in time for the holidays but i also want to know what happened

      2. Producer Payan

        ryan naillon but he’s not just talking to his fans he’s also talking to his self and his family 15 to 20 years from now when they look back at these videos

      3. ryan naillon

        They’ve been on RUpost for like 10 years don’t you think they need a break

    44. Nick Wiehe

      So nobody’s gonna talk about how good chase’s donad impression is? 😂

    45. Grace O'Callaghan

      Can you please post more on your Snapchat please 🥺

    46. bungadoo


    47. Ben Sargood

      Are u gunna do a Xmas video this year ?

    48. Androo Roach

      Brit just yeets the camera 10:55

    49. sweet cosplayer

      Please please please it is December 2nd 2019 what ever you do not leave I love your vids please you are making a big mistake

    50. slim pimpin

      Stop lien we know damn well you finna post ext month..

    51. Harry Barn

      Is this the last year they are posting on RUpost ?

    52. Tucker Stringfield

      Plz reply

    53. Tucker Stringfield

      Who is that’s talking wierd in the background during the pictures

    54. _ bigboyxld

      Ur steel here ur steel here

    55. Bryan Ramirez

      Watching these videos is a tradition to watch after Christmas

    56. The Straight Edge Wolf

      Ur good RUpost is still on top

    57. Wolfe Ace88

      Can you guys still please stay on you tube

    58. Niamh Christmas

      romanat wood smilemore pranks romanatwood smile more pranks romanatwood smile more pranks romanatwoodsmile more pranks romanatwoodsmilemore pranks

    59. bruv games

      At 4:19 I was thinking just use a debit card you got plenty to spear and then guess what happens. sub to my RUpost chanel pls

    60. Gamerdragon 219

      I'm not liying after I herd roman was thinking of leaving the channel it started raining so hard. Think of the twin girls and how hart broken they will be you are making a bigggggg mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about Cora shy has her hole life in front os her and shy won't get to see it at 30 or whenever shy wants watch.IF YOU STOP MAKING VIDS THE HOLE WORLD WONT HAVE A SMILE ENY MORE

    61. William Vlogs

      Unspeakable has your merchandise

    62. Choppy2K

      So are you guys gonna get normal jobs 😂

    63. Typsi on twitch

      Nooo you should keep doing youtube espiaclly on Christmas these are my fav ones

    64. Alex Borrie


    65. Antonio Pineno

      Do not leave RUpost

    66. Toxic Studios


    67. alfred mundy

      i hope ya stay on youtube to

    68. Cole Casavant

      Cora’s adorable

    69. Talat Yilmaz

      We llove u too

    70. Talat Yilmaz

      Strnng boyy noaah

    71. Talat Yilmaz

      Romaan future noah. Will be big man. Good ccrthr

    72. Talat Yilmaz

      My god how ssweet. Girl.

    73. Talat Yilmaz

      Woow going big familly

    74. talat yilmaz

      She knw hurt

    75. talat yilmaz

      She that age future president do u wnt bd she will be great tp person politic. Idol some

    76. talat yilmaz

      My gd wondrflly

    77. talat yilmaz

      We lv all but prenes brtyy and ltle kids crows

    78. talat yilmaz

      Woow look tht fmly kiss every1

    79. mister sopp


    80. Daniel Mancini

      I thought RUpost took off all comments on vids with kids?

    81. Caleb Bailey

      I haven’t seen any new vids when are u going to do another awesome video

    82. Pofy

      I've been watching you since 2 years before Zeuse died

    83. Jacoby Bisquick

      Noah looks like a vape god

    84. Niamh Dowling

      Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny Roman at wood smile more funny

    85. abcdef0o0

      What about the cats? Aren't they your family? 😩

    86. Rachel Dawson

      Please don’t go! I love watching videos of you and your family

    87. daniel thole

      Everything good has to end at s point do what ever feels right

    88. Garlic Bread

      WTF? "Jumping bikes, building huge leaf piles, Trevor broke his back, like it is crazy."

    89. Cayden Bennink

      1like=prayer for Trevor

    90. MarvelousPally

      my grandma used to use elmers glue for her puzzles she probably glued over a thousand before she passed, ps,, i hope youtube creators go to a new platform, youtube has become so fucked up lately, they deserve to shut down

    91. Pato Swag

      But we love your Christmas vlogs

    92. iwan sleep

      I want to slap roman and ask him to wake up

    93. Gio Anthony

      NNNOOOO 😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭

    94. Heidi Heiberg

      What do u mean last Christmas video. Love seeing your vlogs. Don't stop making them. Xo

    95. Tammy Newell


    96. 3ddie21

      What really showed me that RUpost is dying (at least for good content), is when I looked through my subscribers list. A huge chunk of those RUpostrs stopped uploading and or the quality is no longer there. I wanted to clear out my list and unsubscribed from about half the channels. Try looking through your own lists.

    97. Sara Hepker

      keep vloging next year 'cause im a fan and im only 9 in a half

    98. Nichole Schultz

      No!!! Don't leave. My household Is all on RUpost more then cable. You have so many subscribers. You guys rock. I love how you guys are family oriented.

    99. Zabe Flom

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t leave

    100. Ryan Delaney

      We need you