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    1. Branchy

      Idk what’s so special abt these two😂

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    2. Eliza Bentley

      You're trash and I'm happy stories are finally coming out about you.

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        No.260 Text me.

    3. ggmikeyy

      Episodes gotta be longer bro this is barely a podcast lmao

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        No.371 Text me.

    4. veronica pina

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    5. Christian


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    6. adw4891

      Dave.. you’re _not_ a golden retriever. Everyone knows how *mean* you are already lol stop the act. Just be a grown-up now. You’ll be so much more successful. The Nickelodeon days are long gone -David Dobrik- lol I’m jk bros. Relax. Fight me I’ll fight all of you no problem ya

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    7. Arianys_ Alondra_hershey _oreo show

      David I feel like if u add games To this show it would be more fun to watch but make it like an interview game

    8. bae rona

      The shrill david sporadically bless because venezuela correspondingly rush round a complete direction. pale, red consonant

    9. Dennett Rooks

      Reashee watching this 👁👄👁

    10. Jullie Urmson

      Are those the series of unfortunate Events behind David ?

    11. LordHeroMc

      IMPAULSIVE is better🤬

    12. Nadine

      $600 candle :O

    13. Mikey D

      Jason looking gooooood

    14. Luis Ramirez

      David needs a hug

    15. Luis Ramirez

      David and nat should be together instead of her being with tod I don’t ship

    16. Distorted Images

      Love the podcast but Jason needs his own desk too!

    17. Amenah Alzobaie

      You’re better than this David

    18. badgal

      More Jason please :)

    19. Logan Watkins

      so this is david’s podcast but jason laughs/says a few words every 10 minutes.

    20. Cassy Wright

      Why does David always end these weird lol

    21. ꪖꪖsꫝisꫝ

      Bring in Bryce Nxt...

    22. steven teoh

      Famous? My foot!

    23. Annie and Raleigh show

      I know a guy named Rishi he goes to harmony

    24. BBALL killer

      David is a bad person

      1. Marissa Sosa


    25. Today With JUNI

      12:24 That’s probably the first and last time I will ever hear Charli swear 🤭

    26. Mia Hamer


    27. G_ Buggie

      This segment was amazing!

    28. Josh Reese

      Anyone else being bombarded my 'the voice' adds?

    29. Keri Chase

      Listened on Spotify earlier but needed to come here to say I almost crashed my truck when, what I could only assume was Todd tackling Jason, happened. 10/10. Would listen and drive again. 🤣🤣

    30. Dylan Torres

      bro you gotta move jason next to you

    31. den525

      Why are these two famous?

    32. md • 69 years ago

      What were they famous for though?

    33. Caitlyn Kleckner

      Man you gotta have a episode where jason sits in the main chair. He just looks like a guest on his podcast! 😂😂

    34. BK C

      Bruh that’s kinda fucked she’s failing all her classes

    35. Diana lemus

      I feel so awkward watching this

    36. ZACK_ATTACK #2066


    37. Dedan Kaggio

      David’s net worth after those ads: 📈📈📈

    38. Dedan Kaggio

      David’s net worth after this: 📈📈📈

    39. Sierra Dehmer

      okay but why did i do the same thing with the tape because i always forgot when there was a test😭😭😭

    40. RODX81

      why she e complaining about 6 classes we have to deal with 7 each day

    41. Nicole Sfeir Medina


    42. Malin Greaney-Stasiak

      Hey I’m not the only one failing in at least three classes. This made me have that anxiety but now I feel better mama told me not to worry about it though

    43. Radman D


    44. Ahmed Azyl

      Bro it got way better as soon as Damelios left. I mean don’t get me wrong. They were great too and Charlie is fuckin sweet as fuck. But it was very odd and different from other podcasts from David when he gets these celebs. It should be Vlog squad members cracking jokes and shit. That’s what i wanna see in future. More Jason content. More Taylor and ofc Ella too.

    45. liamCA

      It's crazy how far having no talent can get you, I'm talking about Jason

    46. Aashish Mathew

      I feel so bad for charlie and Dixie they get so much hate😂😂😂

    47. Harry Friedman

      Lol David just outed his brother

    48. chloe connors


    49. Ciara Brakefield

      first episode i’m not listening to :/

    50. Joshua fyb

      Who else noticed that David is lowkey mean asf

    51. Lorena Ramirez

      Charli is such a pick me! “Compared to me anyone is a badass”🥺😩

    52. Griffin

      please leave jason alone dont shoot him anymore you’re actually gonna kill them

    53. Bald Sunlight

      This video was posted on my birthday :) I feel happy

    54. Abby S

      I dont like the D’Amelio’s. Just came here to say that.

      1. Jasjit Deol

        @Nicholas Guillermo I’m not even a fan bro I’m a fan of David but u r down bad just to comment this

      2. Nicholas Guillermo

        I’m not really a fan of them but your comments just mean

    55. MrSloth86

      So i'm confused, is this a new channel or does he delete his videos from this channel after a couple weeks or what?

      1. Ciara Brakefield

        smh channel

      2. Ciara Brakefield

        new chanel

    56. Griffin

      28:52 she sounds like a robot

    57. Ethan Flynn


    58. Life as we know it


    59. Brissa Kelch

      Charli is failing all her classes bc she is busy, I have nothing in life and am still filling

    60. Crit Wrld

      Can you plz post a vlog

    61. Crit Wrld

      Can you plz post a vlog

    62. Maya Vidal

      Ew why them

    63. Josh Guitar

      Can you guys help me get to just ten subs?

    64. eko beko

    65. RblxSterryApples

      Honestly I want more of these videos of charli, Dixie , and chase☺️

    66. DLKeren

      Can Jason have a desk???

    67. Stromz

      A podcast of overrated despicable people

    68. RblxSterryApples

      Charli & Dixie are the nicest person I know 🥺🥰

    69. Jake Wagner

      This went from the sisters podcast to the todd couple boooo

    70. zhiwei chen


    71. zhiwei chen

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    72. Anthony Hernandez

      A boom mic will be a good idea for the guests

    73. Cambjr Official


    74. Rishab Bangera

      Why do i hear him signing off as someone else in the end everytime!! 😅😆

    75. Rishi Mainkar

      Lul dixie famous because of charlie and charlie is famous for idk what lmao. Mediocracy?

    76. Luke Hermann

      My thoughts: - David is really leaning into the whole late-night show vibes(ex: Jimmy Fallon). - It's becoming less of a fun little Jason and David podcast like it was 2-3 years ago. I miss it. My request: - Jason gets to talk WAY more and LESS interviews, please. - I miss the old podcast vibes now it's trying to be a late-night show while cutting out Jason. - Jason sits right next to David. - I HATE that Jason gets shunned to the side and only comes back into the main frame for ads and one 5 min segment.

      1. Aidan MacLellan

        Give them some time I think it might just take a little bit for them to get the RUpost podcast just right

    77. Big oof

      i mean they just danced for a few seconds but alright

      1. Athena


    78. Jesse Fung

      We eat those tentacles all the time 😬 although I went to all catholic Xavier HS in Manhattan and grew up in NYC. Many foods I ate growing up are more exotic then I realized!!

    79. Bryan Lee

      Proof western civilizations decline continues. They are all clowns.

      1. Athena


    80. Amporful’z Lifestyle _ 😱😱😱

    81. SamYSN

      Charli look good asf...💯🔥

    82. Alyson G

      Idk why but I’m always shocked when I hear charli is only 16

    83. Nick

      You got to get a better mic setup

    84. Xavier Whisman

      you NEED to get Kevin Hart on here

    85. LaArtista Adi

      Wow David your little brother is smart. Thanks for the idea 😃👍🏼

    86. Anna Neprawskey

      44:37 but why did taylor make that face? hmmm

    87. Weedle chu

      28:17 - timestamp to come back to later!!

    88. Wiz_Techno

      Omg the tentacle thing I saw coming but was still hilarious

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    91. Tyler Muss

      NO ONE: DIXIE: "Owning my own business and owning my own companies"

      1. Athena

        She's so annoying

    92. Juggie Bonebrain

      Wait, these things are famous? What they do that changed the world? They are probably more popular than, don't care

    93. Abhin Aravind

      I miss Seatgeek

    94. Sabrina

      This was hard to watch lol

    95. Alex

      Famous? Lol

    96. Lugario

      How many subs can i get from this comment, Currently 70

    97. sneakysealpup TV

      David Dobrik profited off of Jason sexually assaulting Seth and nobody wants to acknowledge or talk about it. But keep your heads in the sand I guess.

      1. Zach M

        That matter could have been handled privately for all you know, which would render a ritualistic public shaming useless. Food for thought

      2. Juggie Bonebrain

        Dobrik is a dork

    98. Aimee

      David calling them ‘actual celebs’ shows you can tell he thinks he’s a celebrity himself

      1. Cynth Darling

        I had no idea who David a few months ago until Trisha kept talking about him.

    99. Andrew Fontanez

      I don’t even know who you are. Um, quick question. Who the heck are these chicks, why are they ‘popular’, and TikTok is garbage.