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    Thank you all so much for being apart of our life. Hope you can sit back and relax for this very long vlog. Blessed to have you.
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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Thank you so much for being here.

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      26:00 a lot of people need to hear this, and put it into action. I hope we all have peace.

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    61. Angela Orr

      Hi Roman, I really enjoyed this vlog. I hope you’re well & just wanted to let you know that I suffer from the exact same type of thing. For me they were explained as a type of panic attack. Just not the typical ones you hear about. They come out of nowhere & have no emotional trigger or emotional component etc. During one it literally feels as though someone is reaching into my chest & squeezing (it’s painful as you described). You mentioned that you’d been shortly on pain medication & I think there’s a correlation to you stopping that. I got these type of panic attacks extremely badly when I was coming off pain medication as well & then again when I got off anti anxiety medication (both are physically addictive & these panic attacks may be due or at least exacerbated by strange withdrawal symptoms due to stopping those types of medication). You’re the first person I’ve ever heard describe the exact same thing that I experienced & though I wish it hadn’t happened to you I thank you for sharing as now I no longer feel as alone. Hopefully these pains will stop for you the farther away you get from when you stopped the medication as was the case for me. I still on random occasions get them but Nothing like the few weeks right after stopping those types of medications. Hang in there. All the best to you & your family. God bless.

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      Has anyone else realized that this video is 44 minutes? Thanks Roman for the long video!

    68. Karen Sweet

      So happy everything turned out good with your scans! Going back watching old videos since I am a new subscriber in the past week and half! I wish you so much love, happiness and remember, You are beautiful, You're one of a kind, SMILE MORE! I love you and your family! 🙏❤💪❤👊😀😘

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      26:20 Roman full of him self makes money from RUpost thinks he knows it now Money is not everything.

    85. Zack Henderson

      That happened to me but I couldn't get off the floor because it hurt so bad and when I needed to get up I would get really nauseous. It felt exactly like a heart attack because my left bicep was uncomfortable.

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