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    Welcome to our second movie! After dating Brittney for over 9 years I have finally asked her to marry me. This video is so incredibly special to all of us. Brittney is my best friend in the world and I can't wait to finally marry her. Thank you so much for watching and sharing with some friends and family.
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    This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on RUpost since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    1. Ghosty

      After 2 years, why is this now on everyone’s recommend page?

      1. Txzic

        yup n im crying now

    2. Zaid Ajjouri


    3. Kevin Reynolds

      I have been to China.

    4. MrDux

      Times when real men cry

    5. KiceLee

      Goddamit I WAS GONNA TELL HER!

    6. Angelica Jeronimo


    7. Janelys Gonzalez

      I know right

    8. Back The Blue

      You could see how nervous he was

    9. ben Schrock

      Congratulations to both of you love the vids keep up the amazing work and again congrats

    10. Major Angel

      Here I am again watching the most heart felt acceptance to a long awaited marriage proposal video I have ever been blessed to watch and their love is still so strong and so pure.

    11. alois hermida

      It's being 2 years an still makes me cry but even to see you're mom again after a long time , i miss her so much.

    12. Jennifer Agui

      Came back just to say I love your love!!!

    13. Toxic Moon

      Bro when roman said i love u so much that one hit

    14. Toxic Moon

      How can any one dislike this video smh

      1. Lit life S

        I know right.. I dont understand

    15. Cruz Kane


    16. Jahvonn_

      Watching this again in 2021 to brighten my mood, this brings tears to my eyes every time. The love between these guys is too pure, I love this family.

    17. Bashar BinHimd

      I come back to this video every time I'm feeling down and it never fails to cheer me up!

    18. maddie

      Romans dads reaction made me tear up so much

    19. Shut da hell up

      1:04:13 i can only imagine how hard his heart must be pounding at that moment 😬

    20. It's me Mee

      I can only hope to experience this level of genuine love one day. They seem so authentic !! 😃

    21. JpGucci59

      Imagine if she said no

    22. Kate Jackson

      This made me smile so much!! And cry such happy tears! Watching in 2021

    23. Valdemar Larsen

      Still bringing tears to my eyes evertime I watch this. I completely broke when they told Roman's mom, since she isn't here anymore😭🥺

    24. Levi Spencer

      1:16:58 thats what she said

    25. Allen Short

      It’s so weird I go back to this video to make me feel happy after the year we had this brings joy

    26. Little Gaming With Thomas

      2021 I’m watching this remembering since day it came out

    27. Brooklynne Land

      I have rewatched this every year and it never gets old I get tears every time

    28. Oscar Rmz

      When Roman proposed to her I'd never think that when that happened it would be the last time I was happy

    29. Ian McDunn

      My guy played so smooth, congratulations

    30. TTV-Breez

      It’s so weird I always think they are going to get yelled at for not having a mask

    31. Madi S

      Rewatching and seeing how happy your mom was brought tears to my eye. Much love Atwoods

    32. Anna

      I wish I had a boyfriend who would propose to me

    33. Cody Bernard

      “MOMMA we’re getting married” mann that hit so hard

      1. Jared Lumbert


    34. FaTaL

      1:05:46 She said a bad language word!

    35. tyler brady

      Watching this now in 2022 and damn you went China at the right time 👀

    36. wolf argo 44

      I'm literally sitting here with an engagement ring for my fiancee and yes I proposed to her today and yes she said yes

      1. Lit life S

        @wolf argo 44 you're welcome! Be happy and take care !!

      2. wolf argo 44

        @Lit life S thank you man

      3. Lit life S

        Congratulations!! :)

    37. Cypress

      Who's Watching 2021

    38. Joana Trigueros

      Im sitting here in 2021 and I still think this is the most perfect proposal ever!! I still cry watching it! So simple yet beautiful 😍

    39. Saleh Faruqi

      This is the meaning of love. All you see is raw and pure love with nothing else

    40. Alex Manki

      As much as I like Romanatwood I will never support China only dislike on an Atwood video I'll be giving

    41. Sam_hammershark

      The foamy fountain acceptably drown because mile anecdotally miss modulo a boundless roof. irate, sour engineer

    42. Shadowskate 1991

      Intro hit different 2021

    43. Rice Cube

      whos watching 2021?

    44. kaylynn wagers

      Rewatching this in 2021 and it still makes me tear up. The love you have for each other is absolutely amazing! Love you guys!

    45. Tyro Cyr

      1:04:32 💚💚

    46. GForce2887 Gaming

      Why does this video always turn me into an emotional wreck! You two are truly the greatest I love you both and so glad you're back!

    47. KROSUE

      I always come back every year and it makes me so happy something this beautiful is on the internet

    48. Caleb Cannon

      Crazy how much older everyone is now love watching your old vids

    49. Wyatt Harvey

      I see the big man country knows it’s time to party

    50. Jarrod Marsh

      Good job

    51. Connor Jensen

      John just shows up at dinner

    52. Sam_hammershark

      The well-off editor greely unpack because cuticle thermodynamically muddle than a cheap alto. apathetic, silent sound

    53. Shawn Wonderlie

      Its insane to look back onto this

    54. Gerson Alfaro Guillen

      How Can Someone leave a dislike on this video?

    55. ermin mukic


    56. Cam plays minecraft

      I can't believe this was 3 years ago it don't seem that long ago

    57. Roshan afg

      It feels like movie 🍿

    58. lissi amparo

      does anyone else just rewatch the proposal scene from time to time

    59. Jacob Ciccarello

      “Holy S*** it amazing!😭”

    60. Shane Nation

      i strive for a partner like this

    61. Ann Lee

      Can't stop watching over and over again

    62. vcsutube

      one of the most perfect moment to propose... still today 2021 .....

    63. Kevon Anderson

      Hello people in 2040!!! Plz like to keep this from being lost into the other comments

    64. Kudos Playz

      no matter how many times i watch this i still shed tears and get goosebumps down my spine, i cant wait for the day i can do this and start a family.. ive always seen roman as an idol still in disbelief!!

    65. VIP3R21

      i still dont understand how the proposal has more views than the actual wedding

    66. The_SMAN_99

      47:09 WOOOOAH

    67. Matt Brown

      watching this in 2021 so happy to get to watch this 100x over and seeing romans mom break into tears makes me so happy she was there to experience her son get married

    68. Knight of St John

      It's been 2 years almoust. Brings back so much nostalgia.

    69. Bryson Holloway

      Am literally crying and I don’t cry much

    70. Zander Ick

      Bck in 🥳🥳🥳🥳 2021

    71. Booty Muncher

      Each and every person’s reaction was just another waterfall of tears I’ve rewatched this video a multitude of times. Wow..just wow

    72. Liam

      Didn't think I'd cry so much re-watching this...

    73. little_lady

      2021 i still cry when i see this proposal

    74. Michael Caswell

      You 2 were ment for each other really

    75. KefunuYT Gaming


    76. Tamara Lucelia

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    77. ꧁༺EVE ༻꧂

      I wish I could find a love like theirs.

    78. flex


    79. Samantha Jaimez

      But imagine how happy and amazing he must have felt asking the question and reliving the past ten years in a moment after what he’s been through in the past, makes me cry every single time❤️❤️love the Atwood fam always☺️

    80. Brady Johnson

      Who else just skipped to the part where he asked he to marry him?

      1. pokemonyghchamp


    81. Jossverr

      These where the only people who made me happy when I was young

    82. Nnashe


    83. Yananie Morgana

      This video still make me cry af🥺❤️ i love you guys so much i love watching this video so much🥺❤️

    84. Jenica Parr

      This is legendary. My goodness.

    85. NSW Lithgow tracks Let’s put our rigs to the test

      31:31 of course his name is chen all the asain names are the same in China or asain country’s parents throw a can at a wall and what ever noise it makes that’s what they name there kid

    86. Jeremiah Camacho

      2020 2021 and he is in China lol

    87. Peeta Mellark

      She went for the hug first :)

    88. Gabby D

      brits screams when they were on the water slides made me laugh so hard and i don’t know why

    89. David Cymbaluk

      In 2021 this still makes me SMILE MORE😊😃

    90. Maddie beers

      1:04:10 when he proposed your welcome

    91. Cash Thompson

      best family out there ngl

    92. Alexandra Robinson

      i love this video so much

    93. Emma Muliaga

      2021 . Still watch old vlogs 🔥❤

    94. Jayce Brautigam

      Any here now

    95. nala the Golden retriever and danny grammer

      Omg they are so cute

    96. Sarah Patel

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    97. Lee Epps

      No One Will See My Comment !! It So Many But If you Do Hit The Like On My Comment ..

      1. pokemonyghchamp

        I see your comment. Is currently 5:05 a.m.

    98. Steven V

      So sad but happy

    99. Bradley Richmond

      Wow ur momma Roman I’m so sorry but so happy you film so much and you have so many precious moments on camera love you guys man.

    100. Kasey Stewart

      Two years later he tells them I was playing lol