Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong

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    Honest Trailers | Godzilla vs. Kong
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
    Edited by: Randy Whitlock & Kevin Williamsen
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
    Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

    Опубликовано: 12 дней назад


    1. nikki

      I just watched this movie. I just want to say that first time a teenager doesn't hack super computer and instead pour some alcohol.

    2. gschneyer

      The Godzilla vs Owlkitty movie is going to be epic once it comes out. They’re making it right? Right?

    3. Wesley VL

      This is the best movie ever

    4. Brett's Play's

      The captions at 2:31 👀

    5. Crimson Sea

      Please do one for Event Horizon

    6. 舞陽Uyan Tien

      Watching this Honest Trailer saying that the biggest screen we can watch is from our phones when I just finished watching on a huge IMAX screen here in Taiwan since we are unaffected by the pandemic 🤪🎉

    7. Zeus

      5:20 let them....

    8. Mathew Jackson

      The best thing about this movie is when it finished... And credits rolled up

    9. Steve P

      Now I want to see "Karen and the Last Manager"

    10. jrodp51

      You gotta do "Freaky"!!!!

    11. OneAndOnlySound

      Honestly I like the Kong characters. Aside from ones who obviously really have no purpose to developed, I could care less about the ones specifically all about godzilla like that whole "discovery trio" stuff like honestly the one guy could've done that, discovered it all alone and got it out there. The kong characters actually have something to bring to the table, especially the death girl.

      1. OneAndOnlySound

        P.S. Anyone still wonder why nobody would give Guillermo Del Toro rights to mecha stuff or kaiju stuff so he did his own thing? My assumption is they didn't see the dollar signs until he showed them they were literally everywhere.

    12. Sesoo Ugor

      yay! Riley reid

    13. George Kassabian

      "...created to fight Godzilla. Until he loses human control and... fights Godzilla."

    14. Claudia T


    15. Steven5812

      *Hopes the next movie (if there IS one) has _MECHANIKONG_ in it*. And say: Bodyodyodyodyodyodyody. (I just can't get that out of my head.)

    16. Ajay Gopher

      Can you please do tv series of the Flintstones

    17. rothmcroth

      Riley Reed spends a lot of time on Kong's back?

    18. bcvbb hyui

      “I’ve forgotten how to interact with people” I felt that 😂😭

    19. Demadnutter

      I cracked up at the 'Let them Fi-iirrrooooeooorooo' LOL

    20. Fox Hound1878

      No gonna lie for all it faults I loved this film. Lets to fair We all knew who was gonna win It's not really a fair competition, one is a big Gorilla ant the other is The King Of Monsters

    21. burdenedwithgloriouspurpose

      “The Chris Hemsworth of the brothers Skarsgård.” To accurate, man, too accurate. Also, it’s even funnier when you consider his dead was in the Thor movies with Chris Hemsworth, lol.

    22. TheOutrageousOrangeApe 101

      "And we spoke this movie into existence back in 2014" Don't compliment yourselves sellouts...

    23. Ed Do

      "Godzilla vs Gorilla"

    24. Nautilus1972


    25. Calvin Gardner

      Willy Wonderland???

    26. Steven Angel

      That umbrella movement joke burned way too bad bro

    27. Will Thomas

      Seriously where is 7-10 of the walking dead

    28. Angel Lopez

      The 2014 video: *exists* Congratulations, you're now a prophet

    29. Rajnil Thakur

      *Screen Junkies is now banned in China*

    30. Mercy Limpo Khuwe

      "the Chris Hemsworth of the Skarsgard brothers" 🤣🤣

    31. RandyLahey

      This right here... this is the perfect episode.

    32. meh

      I wanna see Shin Godzilla vs Kong then Shin Godzilla vs Godzilla

    33. Maruthi Nandan

      Honest Trailers suck nowadays they are just too negative and lack any creativity whatsoever

    34. Stark Bishop

      I solidly need to see you do Honest Trailers for The Last Unicorn and The Secret of Nimh.

    35. Matrioshka

      Honest Trailers still serving out the quality content all these years later. The "Let Them Fi--ajdlkajdlkdjalkdjadlkasd" bit was great!

    36. A. Faris

      Demon slayer mugen train please

    37. MAZZ0Murder

      Just saw it myself... had it's goofiness for sure, but I still enjoyed it :P

    38. Sir Crimson Wolf

      Please say: One sandwich to rule them all

    39. Maximilian Smith

      Do an honest trailer for the entire Godzilla franchise

    40. Peter

      “More times on his back than Riley Reid.” I howled. 🤣

    41. margareth michelina

      When Godzilla and Kong have better facial expressions than the animals in Lion King remake

      1. Rosario francisco Tavares buitimea

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      2. Return of the Romans

        Hahaha! Good one!

      3. John Aldrich

        Also they act better than the human characters in the movie.

    42. Sayan Ghosh

      Man!! This honest talk series is dammmmmm good!! ❤️

    43. AngryEchidna

      4:29 *looks at 24 inch computer monitor* "Yeah let's watch this movie on a tiny 5 inch screen because that is preferable."

    44. Marshall T

      Please do an honest trailer for Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated!

    45. artemus ward

      Riley Reid? How come they brought politics into this?

    46. Chris Grey

      The funny thing is in the original King Kong vs Godzilla King Kong is the one is the one that goes into the water and leaves

    47. Robbin Shen

      I searched Riley Reid after this cause I thought that she was like some actor but what I found permanently scared by search history.

      1. Ryan Añonuevo

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    48. Cinthia Cruzado

      For some reason, I think Honest Trailers is to blame for the KongxGodzilla ships. lol XD

    49. Abby with an ie

      Do you think you could possibly do chaos walking!?!?

    50. sagar sondarva

      I think Kong and Godzilla, already have a child. And his name is Kondzilla...

    51. Owusu Afriyie Dennis

      A dead mum or screw it, a dead everyone 🤣🤣🤣

    52. Owusu Afriyie Dennis


    53. Fuzz Fuzz

      Weed Kong

    54. little booby

      Mecca Strisland.....

    55. Æilert Argenthorne

      Attack On Titan fans came for Monke...

    56. Johnny

      i like your china joke. fan from Taiwan.

    57. Daniel Dutton

      I made sure to watch the movie first then see if my guessed was correct

    58. Raw Melodies

      Please do fast and furious 9 (trailer 2)

    59. qopoy dnon

      “I’ve forgotten how to interact with people” I felt that 😂😭

    60. Phong Vang

      5:20 "let them fiawawahhahu." Fucken got me.

    61. Reality isnt A choice

      Yell out what's going on to best moderate to we the audience. Because we don't speak monster or kiju. Squish them all.

    62. cvue cvue

      Nacho Libre!!!

    63. El Badass

      Thanks to this movie 🎥 pathetic Kong fans clearly got the message of who’s boss and don’t you forget it monkey 🐒 lovers, Godzilla is the King 👑

    64. YeeSoest

      Maybe I appreciate the Riley Reid line a bit more than I should but I mean, you could have wrongly picked a name of someone who does a lot of work on her knees or standing up but no way, you guys know your stuff ;)

    65. PTG

      Okay, the plot was stupid, but darn if the fights weren't cool

    66. Scott Savage


    67. Freed Thinker

      Im Glad yall Caught tht universal studio Reference, I mean we all watched it a Million + times on double Dare Growing up

    68. Simon18B

      The last two movies were better then this movie. It was poorly done.

    69. Abjo

      Do wandavision honest trailer

    70. Abjo

      Need Wandavision honest trailer

    71. Andrew Ferguson

      Do John wick 2&3

    72. unclepatrick2

      My family rented a theater for my birthday and we saw this. Yes you could remove both sets of Human characters and it still be a better movie . But it does deliver with fights . And that why I had a big smile on my face the whole time.

    73. brenex415 415


    74. Davide Facente

      plase do Geostorm

    75. Kunal Mozumdar

      Do Netflix Daredevil. Just do it already.

    76. No Body in Hell

      2:49 that was a boy and I thought that he is actually she.

    77. xenilihpx

      4:22 xD

    78. Apollyon 556

      the only one who actually lost is kevin

    79. Rayzur Designs

      You missed the part where you compare the plot to other movies like bvs for obvious reasons. And old movie villain returning in a new mechanized body like transformers 4 age of extinction and pacific rim 2.

    80. nat bw

      u: n all three all of them up against at the city of hongkong me; ah...thats y china didnt ban the movie. u: no wonder this movie is huge on china.

    81. idu enga poi mudiya pogutho

      Anyone know, when trailer will start?

    82. imnotwatchin

      Lead actress looks like Stoya !

    83. Yeshaiyah White

      I enjoyed China getting destroyed lol

    84. Jake Beleren

      More like Godzilla and Kong vs Mecha Godzilla

    85. Harry X

      Millie Bobby was just there so they could make it kinda part knock off stranger things.

    86. xXx Gaming


    87. seeni gzty

      "Kong spends more time on his back than Riley..." Did I just hear that correctly? 😂😂

      1. lunayoshi

        Why did you literally copy-paste a comment made 8 days ago?

    88. prasanna kumar

      You should dub batman's voice.

    89. Vincent Alpie Pedrozo

      If Harambe is alive Kong would win.

    90. 31webseries

      OMG I damned near choked to death on that squarespace one!

    91. The Crushed Twinkie

      This film should win Academy Awards for best cinematography, film editing, and special effects. All films of this genre are utterly unscientific and preposterous "fairy tales" made simply for entertainment. So what else is new? IT WAS AWESOME! The fight scenes actually drained me both emotionally and physically. I cannot conceive of this film ever being topped. I feel sorry for the young man who many years ago committed suicide over the cancellation of "Battle Star Galactica" on television....sorry that he cancelled out being around to witness this incredible cinematic achievement. I was 9 years old when the original "Godzilla" film was released in 1954. Glad I lived to be 75 and see this one! Milton Moore

    92. Train Bain

      85% of us is from dante dotson

    93. Alexander Shlotov

      God damn right

    94. J Fitz

      That was great 😂

    95. Sabiq Rusydi

      Godzilla (post nuclear japan allegory) vs Kong (slave allegory) who wins? not Hong Kong

    96. Prof. Sir


    97. Marc Solondz


    98. MsBobisthebest

      Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard plez

    99. TheGoldenSwitch x_x

      Do The Last OG!

    100. TheGoldenSwitch x_x

      Do The Last OG!