Highlights: Leeds United 1-1 Liverpool | Llorente header after Mane opener | Premier League

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    Premier League highlights from our 1-1 draw with Liverpool at Elland Road in the Premier League with an equalising goal from Diego Llorente.
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    1. DV Scorpio

      With outdated players like jotha, milner, Chamberlain, fabinho, shaqiri and others the team is bound to be out of the top four . With these players the days of liverpool are counted.



    3. Youtube r

      My team tied with the red of merseyside.

    4. Burhan Çeçen

      Comandante Bielsa ✌

    5. Anıl Uner

      I love My Beautiful Leeds United more than myself. I love the colors of this lovely English team but I love and respect Beautiful Liverpool too.

    6. Manu Chao

      Saludos 🇨🇱

    7. Costin Nitu

      Serious defensive problems for Liverpool. Great game for Leeds who were unlucky.

    8. Justin Llamas

      drawn 1-1 to super league club merseyside reds.

    9. Gustavo Luna

      Vamos LEEDS carajo, este domingo todo el esfuerzo en cancha como lo vienen haciendo, vamos x más!!!

    10. Sergio Arguello

      From 🇦🇷 very good, congratulations

    11. leandro portillo

      I can see a team without fear, with a noble philosophy ... the only difference is the hierarchy in the decisive moments in some players ... two occasions in front of the goalkeeper an elite player does not fail. this is the way, I support bielsa

    12. Ευθυμιος Γαζετας

      There is only one United in the Island "Leeds United"

    13. lucas galarza prado

      hello, I am From Ecuador. today I make a decision be to fan of Leeds United. I have plenty of reasons

    14. su Vee

      If bielsa is made Argentine coach,he will make Messi dream come true,because these Leeds guys are looking like they have have been playing the premier league for a long time ,lol.

    15. Teddy Nabachwa


    16. CİMBOM 1905


    17. Joe Doe

      Bielsa army. Marching on together...

    18. ranmaruu haru

      Increible el Leeds!! Lo hubiera ganado se acertaba las ocasiones q tuvo! Vamos el Leeds!!

    19. Hurley Cape town

      No fear Leeds we deserved a win, first season back and going toe to toe with the champions.

    20. lisandro colacioppo

      Vamos leeds

    21. Victor Lobo

      Que grande el loco Bielsa!!!

    22. Rujeri

      Bielsa's face illustrates perfectly the importance of those missed chances. Those 2 points were crucial to be in the fight for ELeague positions.

    23. Lorna Nkatha

      liverpool fan i love leeds as a club and your manger i liked the way leeds and liverpool played i this match

    24. Petros Thomas Sinclair

      Leeds fans had no problem with their team playing in the Champions League when they didn't "earn it".

    25. Johnny Lundin

      Leeds are Great!!! Love the way they play fotball. Klich...doesnt he take place in the team anymore?

    26. THIP


    27. Daniel R. Mejia

      Bigger than manchester City

    28. Gabriel Policard

      Really like this team, you're going better n better..... great season guy's

    29. Suman Minj

      Since the opening match of this season I have fallen in love with this team. Absolute joy to watch them play. Thank you for speaking out courageously against the bloodsuckers, football killers. Huge respect 🙏❤️ From 🇮🇳

    30. akingdom 4mypeople

      Only 2 minutes of action? It was far better than that

    31. Benson Benezeth

      Banford very dangerous player.. You could be more danger if you go in big club and be the best like Ronaldo

    32. thian huat tan

      Why wasn't Phillips playing? That header shouldn't had gone in at all. Who is the idiot of bnot playing him?

    33. Victory Murangiri

      Leeds almost eat Liverpool here

    34. Jubran Esau


    35. Nemika Benthota

      leeds deserved the win

    36. Ethan Luo


    37. Mohsin Naqvi

      Great game Leeds 💯 Should have won

    38. dutch jan

      LUFC MOT!!

    39. Polvo Cósmico

      LFC=Los Fabulosos Cadillacs♫♪♬🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    40. rainbowseeker

      What was the major difference between this match and the previous one at the season opening when we lost 4-3...? Our defensive line, mate...including Meslier ! Bielsa has worked hard since then to improve our defense and he has succeeded..The numbers speak for themselves: we conceded 4 in our first match, and now only 1...our opponents just can't strike us so easily these days.

    41. Yus Punk

      Thank you Leed United for donning shirt with rejected of ESL... Rivalry aside.. You did great... From Man Utd fan.

    42. Dan Whitaker

      They were hanging on at the end MOT

    43. RobTheNob

      Costa did OK but would defo be better as a super sub like poveda

      1. Lions4322

        He seems to play decent against top sides. But I agree, Harrison & Raph should start

    44. kaktos

      the great super league team ...my ass!!

    45. Roger Moore

      My lovely boys fought hard for that equaliser and in fact could have won it ....Pity we started slow first half . Next week it's Man UTD turn to feel the heat .. On on on....

    46. Biak Thanga

      Loserpoool is not a big team In England 👍👍👏👏💗

    47. Anthony Noa


    48. John Ratemo


      1. Lord Protector

        Over now.

    49. Physics UI 16

      Leeds deserve to be in ESL unlike lpool

      1. Lions4322

        No one 'deserves' to be in such. It's idiotic

    50. Nurul Aja

      Honestly, Leeds deserve to win over Liverpool..

    51. Besmir Hajdini

      Pascal strujk the new virgjil van Dijk

    52. Tjak Ghoenz

      like Leeds white jersey with UCL logo... means they keep supporting UEFA against European Super "All about the money" League

    53. Paul Muchiri

      Do Leeds even have fans

      1. Lions4322

        @Paul Muchiri my guy is new to football, haha

      2. Paul Muchiri

        @Liam C like what do they support ...they can't even be close to win the league...or the support not to be relagated

      3. Liam C

        ^^^^ Found the guy who knows nothing about British football or it's history. Yes Leeds have fans, a lot of fans. Huge support.

    54. Dilip Khednah

      Great team performance and deserved a draw, if we had Raphinha on the pitch we might of won it. But to be totally honest i would prefer him to be 100% fit for Sundays game.

    55. Iconic Moments

      Football vs Money

    56. david milliken

      Mighty Leeds! MOT

    57. mhd Minhaj

      Somany Chances and shots on Target. leeds deserved the win!

    58. Mugambi Karugu

      and this is the team that feels so super to form its own league?!

    59. Joseph Threapleton

      what super league are you talking about ? you cant even beat super leeds with all that money you greedy fks MOT

    60. Jon Fee

      Liverpool just turn football into soccer

    61. James Carty

      Watch out man u llorente is on the prowl and he is another SNIFFER like in days of old.from JC EIRE.

    62. diego


    63. Analyse

      ☝ Very happy ☝ Klich, I miss you a little😌

    64. darwin Gomez

      Vamos Leeds carajoooo!!!! Llegamos a un puesto Europeo!!! Vamos bielza carajoooo

    65. Howard Granger

      Our commentators are by far and away the most passionate and exciting. When you watch the highlights on the other teams' channels they're boring and uninspiring.

    66. S H

      Scum Liverpool, lol

    67. Johno Jokester

      So those future European champions can’t even beat us twice in a row 🙈

    68. DeBuDDi

      wp leeds

    69. Jurgen Strang

      Inagine Llorente and Koch at CB together. So happy for llorente today.

    70. Miloš Zeman

      Meslier is shit

      1. Miloš Zeman

        @Lions4322 Kiko Casilla deserves Chance.

      2. Lions4322

        @Miloš Zeman Look at his stats mate. The few mistakes in passing he has made is due to Bielsa encouraging him to play high risk - high reward passes.

      3. Miloš Zeman

        @Lions4322 No he is really shit

      4. Lions4322

        Only a blind man would come to that conclusion

    71. Hilfiger Jhayson

      Missed the game but Wow . Leeds should have won this game

    72. Hilfiger Jhayson

      Premier league 1: 1 Super LEAGUE

    73. Zak Kaz

      Leeds had to win by at least #4.

    74. Chat B

      wow wow wow 👍👍👍💟💟💟

    75. Daniel Surian

      From Buenos Aires but watching from Boston . . good game, Leeds deserved more but I see a solid team!

    76. Best Moments

      How come Leeds United didn't win the match ?

    77. Saurabh Chopra

      Is that Alisson? Doesn't look like him. Weird.

    78. Mario Navarro

      Vamos leeds vamos bielsa carajo.

    79. DLS Soccer

      C'mon leeda

    80. Greg Greg

      The Leeds story of 16 years of pain followed by the rise of Bielsa will be cut out of football if the sad 6 secessionist succeed

    81. Truely Truely Indian Real Indian

      Leeds deserved to win. A brave display.

    82. Ashley Tanaka Chifeya

      Leeds deserved to win

    83. Mads Gismerica

      Llorente is king. Since he came back for real he has been superb, and happy for Him to get a goal.

    84. Dirty Leeds

      Roberts chance in 1st half he side foots from 20 yards then tries to smash 1 from a few yards that he should have been placing

    85. PS3ClassicGamesHD

      It's nice to see how the commentator is happy about the equalization.

    86. Jet Black

      Great match two great historic teams.... Working class teams for working class people....

    87. yezhakiel elya

      leeds til i die from indonesia

    88. SameOldFitUp Photography & Film Tameside & Beyond.

      Mighty Leeds United

    89. wabwire wakuloba

      Something is not adding up we're good but this season I've accepted we're off⚖️

    90. Hans Gruber

      take that big sux...

    91. 62 %

      GOOD JOOBBBBBB 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. chandra dekeyser


    93. Alfredo Laferte Llanos

      Tremendous game for several reasons. I've seen almost every game of Leeds this season and I believe after MC game (and the other games before) something change deeply in the minset of the team, the believe that we can do it, we can make it and we deserve that. At the beginning of season i was completely sure we wouldn't be able to face the big 6. But now is different, i feel leeds at this point feels part already of the PL, they are homes ... No more a visitor (the pressure of relegation might have something to do with it ). Please tell Bamfort and Roberts they need don't need to shoot in the middle of the goalkeeper xD. Alioski: he confused me haha, I've been saying the entire season we need a better LB but the last 2 games he has been working hard and compact, feels like he doesn't want anymore just to go and try to make goals to "show" he's value. Now he is committed to the function of a offensive LB, bravo for him. Costa: again silent work, always with a clear head, feels the same he is committed to his responsibility in this game doing nothing but working for the team. Poveda: i would reaaaaally like to see more. He has (like raphina, wow we really miss raphina yesterday) a nice change of rythm and attitude but he needs to go to the gym hahaha still to light lol. I love Leeds development because the players believe in the system, and you can notice when you se they leave the Ego's out and giving everything they have. The name of the institution is more important that the name on the shirt.

    94. Andrew Buckley

      Didn't ta Arnold look a tad offside, should've been a Leeds win against these 'super league' big heads...

    95. Bradly bBelle

      How leeds didn't win this game?

    96. Singh Ranjeet

      Football Is for the Fans To enjoy Not for Rich Asses to earn and destroy it.

    97. Airaction2257

      All fans stand together we will not be destroyed by these greedy people who think they can ruin our game.

    98. Abhilash Sathe

      Poveda should be played more often. His awareness and footwork is very good.

      1. Lions4322

        @t hard to deliver anything when you barely play.

      2. stracepipe

        I loved his movement to get back onside just before Llorente headed the ball. Very clever.

      3. t

        0 goals 0 assist but you want him to play more often?

      4. Lewis Gilfillan

        He can't get I the squad when raphinha is fit he should start 8ver coasta at weekend

    99. n p

      Bamford should have scored least one goal

    100. RandomDudeAJ

      What a match for both teams