UFC 257 Fight Timeline: Poirier vs McGregor 2

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    Much has transpired since Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor first met at UFC 178 in 2014. Both continued their climb up the ladder to become two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world--and each have tasted UFC gold. The rematch goes down at UFC 257 on Saturday, January 23.
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    1. aditya aswal

      Still bit crazy it has 13 million views but just 65k likes and dislikes are 6.6k video aint that bad.


      Hili ni pambano murua

    3. Elsowar Eltaher

      That's really fight. I can't wait to see them

    4. victor tomasicchio

      Respect to all the fighters. It's really incredible how fearless, determined, disciplined and tough you all are.

    5. Ronny Rono

      McGregor's recent win loss record is not looking too good


      McGregor é Gay?

    7. Duece-Vision

      They did Nate Diaz dirty in this.

    8. J. Luis


    9. Snortch Gortch

      Khabib..psh. He just fought nothing but bums. 😂

    10. A Lonesome Wolf

      It's really satisfying watching conor lose

    11. Zahid Axmedov

      Dustin Maestro BRAVO DUSTİN BRAVO

    12. нαιтнєм𖤐.




    14. Orca Project

      Khabib ruins their timeline.

    15. Nikko Lagumbay

      conor, is need to rest of UFC

    16. Nikko Lagumbay

      your journey is already end..

    17. Kontra Štim


    18. MMA Essential


    19. Y A


    20. Maia Maia

      Essas lutas de McGregor compradas vão acabar quando? Ufc deveria parar com isso. Ta ficando feio pra krai.

    21. NathannRaquels Daddy

      McGregor is better. Just had a bad night. No biggie. He IS STILL thee better fighter. Fact.

    22. Asep Wendi

      Dustin moal sanggem ngalawan khabib mahh... taekkk taekk dustin

    23. Shawn Harris

      Celebrate your victories until you face KHABIB....

    24. Анастасия Башлай

      And Khabib beated them both

    25. Joe Mel

      Khabib the Honey Badger; Do I even want a rematch with these two, where's the thrill?

    26. анонимус

      Where are Conor and Diaz's fights?

    27. John Tayo

      Bullshit scam

    28. Trask pierce

      Bia hiden

    29. Trask pierce

      Dub twins

    30. Just nibblinn

      i lost track of the ufc in a quite some time, but im a still fan i watch here and there, but this video made me realize how much dustin actually progressed, im so proud for you bro! Sucess is yours

    31. Ari alex 027

      Indonesia mana suara nya,,

    32. Vanessza Dasalla

      Conor McGregor.. Idol🤛

    33. Ольга Беркалина

      Игорь, кстати к выбору online казино необходимо также подходить правильно. Естественно, когда вы катаете в 1хбет там ни одного раза не поднимите рубли, а например если придти к вопросу более глобально тогда сможете понимать, что бывают такие как эльдорадо казино, написанные на коленке и не несущие ответственности, а также есть игорные заведения с выданной лицензией, где настройка игровых автоматов отсутствует. По-этому не думаю что правильно судить только по левым сайтам. Лист лицензионных казино можно увидеть тут: casinreg.ru

    34. Ronnie Bowman

      Khabib is still the MAN..... WOW

    35. Lawankynsai Shangdiar

      He cannot even beat khabib the king

    36. Angler PKS

      Ufc 257?

    37. Jayson Palomar

      The best ending

    38. Кольт Митсубиси

      Only one name chicks. HABIB

    39. Гроза Кавказа

      Khabib Wolf and champion.

    40. Sandi Bae

      Gregor nyungsep nangissss

    41. krisskevin

      Moral of the story - Don't be bald first match - Dustin Poirier second match - Conor McGregor

    42. John Story

      porier...go through a cliff hanger beating many champions and contender...there no way Chandler will challenge him that quick wid only one win streak in UFC

    43. Вано Волков

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    44. Marty

      Even mctapper is getting slapped about. Watp 55👑.... Well done JP

    45. Emanuel Fernandes

      UFCConor McGregor VS SAKURABA 2021-2022

    46. Sur Yanto

      Khabib ❤️

    47. Onur Temiz

      Buda acayip

    48. putatdaun

      Khabib the unbeatable!!


      WATCH OUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Guizado Julio

      Mc gregor está de baja dsps de su derrota con kabib y el ridículo con el boxeo

    51. Ndndndndnn Jendndnd


    52. MS Hussain

      Khabib no match....

    53. Stormy

      I was SO GLAD when McGreggor hit the canvas!! LOVED IT!!!!

    54. Dana Everhart

      McGregor gets his ass handed to him! Already seen it save your time!

    55. Ty Maximilian

      They ain't sniper proof! A bullet that's not even a quarter ounce put the biggest man 6 ft under! And a .22 cal Jus saying.

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    59. Aglidz 05

      Dont put a good man down.dustin is not a fucken trash talker.believe also ta the athletes who are mostly under dogs.a small man can also beat a season big man.thats the end of gregs ambition.philippines with love and learn to accept defeat like our own manny.

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    61. Arhonthung Patton Patton

      I want before Coner

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    63. brent

      Ceronne just layed down..

    64. M1453

      hey ufc!!! where is video of fight!!!😤

    65. Raka_Aditya_Permana

      The one and only Khabib Nurmagomedov

    66. Haidar Rofiq


    67. Enlightened Idiot

      And Khabib choked them both out, so...

    68. Zbigniew Wiśnik

      Zwierzęta w klatce!!

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    75. Jason Bury

      Connor is done!!]

    76. FGIP

      Idk why but that clip is funny 7:13

    77. Александр Мустафин

      Конор лучший 👌

    78. Nick V

      Conor is way skinnier this time around

    79. 3DBoxingKO

      Poirier is just such a sympathetic and friendly person, it's impossible to say anything negative about him

    80. Виктор Михайлович

      бодьше не выходи. Шею свернут наглухо.....

    81. Philip Allocco

      Who else misses the mcgregor dreads

    82. Mrniceguy1

      Honestly speaking, no one could have thought of that tragic that happened in the ring because majorities were on the side of McGregor. He had beaten him once before but this time things have drastically changed, congrats to Dustin Poirier, I hope they gonna meet once again 💪💪💪💪. Check me out if you like my contents 💪

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    86. Robert Bruce

      Robot children will be watching this news segment in their US History classes 10 years from now, and will ask: "Who is Conner McGregor."

    87. Şahin Narin

      You haven't shown enough how Khabip messed up their faces. Khabip ended their career.

    88. Kara sokey

      Khabib is the boss

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    90. John Jordan

      Diaz vs. Poirier for the belt!

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      Im tired man (McGregor)

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    97. CD29 29

      You got your ass beat you weasel!!

    98. Shoha Sumi

      You FC 2021 You FC

    99. Mim Akter32


    100. Ansel Secreto

      What happened to Mc? Poirier was just a punching bag to Conor before, but on rematch Poirier landed a lucky punch and it Ko'd Mc, This is Sad. Hays!