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    Hey, everyone!? Hope you enjoy today’s special episode of 2020 VLOG SQUAD REWIND! Let us know what your favorite clip was in the comments section! Thanks for watching!

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    David :
    Jason :
    Carly & Erin :
    Zane :
    Heath :
    Scotty :
    Todd :
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    3. DandaGod

      12:23 i found out tday David is jigsaw :)

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    5. Jemma Brooks

      Watch this video also every morning, time to do it againn, love ya!!

      1. Jemma Brooks

        I can never just get enough of these

    6. MarTeen

      49:30 50:00 50:16 now i know why david says waawaaweewaa

    7. Uzayir Seraj


    8. Dallascowboys_4life2020


    9. Amanda Davis

      Who didn’t cry when Jason talked to his son

    10. Chris 100

      12:17 is my favorite moment “good night grandma”

    11. Dgr

      I was fucking crying at the alien

    12. Dukeyy

      Jesus Is king repent and turn to Christ

    13. Zion Callender

      Am I the only one who saw overtime Megan

    14. Alex Sanpedro


    15. David Vador

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    16. Samuel Thacker

      So does that mean she’s not mature for the woman in the house

    17. Edge

      Charlie look high asf

    18. ew


    19. DTFlow artist

      You guys are cool. Make me smile

    20. rusty re

      Todd i dont have a crush on Natalie 3 months later There dating 😭😂

    21. Vinny Tiwari

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    22. jolenekp

      When Nat broke down the door that when Todd knew he loved her.

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    24. Marissa Bower

      Omfg only David can make me laugh uncontrollably for over an hour and then make me cry!

    25. IronField_ 14

      43:11 Todd sounds like Jon Bernthal

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      Whats the song called in the car avout Nadile???

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      1:37 But she got with Todd😐

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      1. Nicole's Random Channel


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    38. Lia Rose

      Ok so I’m moving to LA

    39. Jordan McGilvery

      When you think your good looking your whole life and you go to la just to be the friend of a RUpost.. then six months later you're the camera guy.


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      Pause at 44:03 David looks like a kid when he has a sugar rush.

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    50. FanLove 873

      My favorite scenes will keep on editing for more: 14:32 13:28 13:39 15:30 15:36 15:40 16:02

    51. jess

      the girl at the end sounds like liza, I wonder if david noticed that and cried cus he misses her lmao

    52. Jake L

      wishi had friends like this

    53. Emma Graham


    54. Emma Graham


    55. Calepls

      Seeing Jason talking to Wyatt made me cry a lil

    56. Queen Leprechaun

      This reminds me of the jackass movies (but less bloody)

    57. zakaria idil

      david : if u could told him one thing what would u told him ? the guy : there's no fucking way his behind me right now !!! the guy really know david dobrik lol

    58. Kooper Sturdivant

      Bruhhhhhh that one girls shirt I thought it said cumbag but it was scumbag

    59. Danny Abreu

      54:09 is that overtime megan ?!

    60. Roxy Valdez

      Jesse I want a tablet

    61. Alexander Garza

      any one else here that 27:12

    62. ThisGuyfj

      Natalie: I am too mature for every single man in this house right now. Also Natalie: currently being passed around by every guy

      1. Ravice49

        Who else didn she date besides Todd?

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    69. khahari Tonge

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    70. khahari Tonge

      Such a kind person

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    72. The Bot

      David: Gets pulled over 7:50 So does this mean we aren’t going back for my hat 😂☠️

    73. Olivia Lierman

      when jason talked to his son and cried...i cried...

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    75. deer


    76. Menno Otten

      They are so hyped it's facking annoying

    77. Izz Bizz

      Jeez man I cried when Jason and his son were in the car

    78. Kais youtube adventures

      bro me wishing i was one of those people

    79. agreedobrik

      the way I watched this whole thing even tho I already watched half of the vlogs that were in here.

    80. Little T

      52:43 this part i so wholesome also i love how casual david is about giving shit away i put a litte something in there for u its a check for $10 000

    81. Ace Ghosts


    82. Jasper Low

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    83. Mateo

      18:42 “ I thought she was literally falling off ”

    84. Gabriel Jurgensen

      1:40 he sounded like a horse

    85. ColeDreaver

      Im about to watch this whole video

    86. Moodmightz !

      When the “members of the vlog squad” part came up it looks like transformers lmao

    87. Squishy Time

      They have so much fun , I wish

    88. IDC_Clapped Mmmm

      Oh that what’s Charlie demelio I had no fucking idea it was her cause I don’t give a fuck about her

    89. Riley Hunt

      6:43 those voice cracks though! 😂😂😂

    90. Jake Phipps

      54:05 overtime Megan in the cut lol

    91. C .J

      12:22 lol lol lol lol lol goodnight grandma

    92. FlaRe_ Recoils

      Todd finds out about the drunk texts billboard Todd:literally becomes spider man

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    94. Tony Hollerz

      8:12 ironic how Matt is making a face at Zane for exposing someone to the cops🤦‍♂️

    95. -Royal Sky-

      “She is possessed” 😂😂😂😂

    96. AhhManHeGotMe

      Dude i just realized that david likes brockhampton

    97. Charley Smith


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      I can't believe I watched this whole video