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    The world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change: we’re all part of one big family.
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    Опубликовано: 14 дней назад


    1. Pushyamitra Sai Gudimallam

      Imagine if they used the Indian theatrical reaction 🔥🔥

    2. zimitsuMCシ

      wait i just know tht vision is actually a human-

    3. ChiliiiBreeze


    4. Anjie

      The only souls who would dislike this video are the obnoxious and braindead dc fanboys

    5. BobCat

      We're finally getting a good fantastic four movie!

    6. SourCreamSheep

      It's been 2 weeks and I still can't stop watching this.

    7. AidenTheZoologist

      this shows that marvel can just break the internet at any point if and or when they want to XD

    8. BUM BUM

      Misusing Stan Lee's narration in order to shield phase 4 from haters. Disgusting, honestly disgusting...

    9. Mahamed Hassan

      Idk y alot of people are saying that phase 4 is looking boring. Of course it does lol it's a build up phase just like how phase 2 was and we all know how boring phase 2 was lol I just can't wait for phase 5

    10. Gabriel Bronze16 - Minecraft Bedrock

      Eeiiiitaaa coisa boaaa

    11. Edit4learn

      kingo is an eternal with Indian origin.He is a bollywood actor in marvel comics. Why hollywood don't take an Indian actor to play the role?

    12. JR

      ok simple question, why isn't x men there, is it not Marvel. i know its a different universe and whatever

      1. JR

        @uncanny dcmarvelous ok but i normally see fans use the term marvel but litteraly don't include x men. Like there are more series marvel made but use "marvel" as a short term for the avengers movies

      2. uncanny dcmarvelous

        They already confirmed that after a *5 year* wait is when they'll do the X-Men reboot set in the MCU.

    13. JahonCross

      Omg fantastic 4 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    14. Shivram Hari

      After Endgame :Your Reign is over Marvel : My reign is just begun

    15. Prasiddhi_Guitarist

      2:31 Eibu hatela

    16. Mattovich Mahunik

      I’m just happy to see people are still so hyped for MCU movies even after they’ve been delayed over a year

    17. thaduru sumanth reddy

      'We've unfinished business' @2:00 - nice edit!

    18. Rice Lad

      2:06 The whole time I was like, theres no way for the music to get more epic. But it did

    19. Sandeep Sai

      Ihave seen so many times this .I am not getting bore..

    20. Internet Gamer'z 360

      Stan lee . . . . . . 😭

    21. Aey Phan

      The all father speaks. Love you 3000

    22. Ravi Raju

      It was releasing on 11 febrauary is it real please message

      1. Ravi Raju

        Thor 4

    23. Ravi Raju

      Thor 4 movie teaser

    24. sithaarth maheshwaran

      I miss stan lee's cameo....😭😭

    25. Tune in With SabbyFox

      marvel is truly amazing..... my oldest son looks up to cap and iron man big time. but mostly iron man for what he did in endgame. thank you

    26. Tony Ke

      I think we all know not just what, but who, to blame for the temporal closing of cinemas.

    27. Ur Local Holy Water Seller

      This give me chills

    28. Lawrence Ching

      Thank you Stan Lee For telling us who we are

    29. Ddullie Dduddongie

      Kok aku nangis yaaa pas bagian End Game diulang lagi... (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ Kangen, Bambaaaaang~ Huwe (。•́︿•̀。) Terus langsung balik girang lagi pas judul film lainnya keluar?! (。ŏ﹏ŏ) Rollercoaster dah Marvel \(>o

    30. Khoa TV

      Marvel is giving us four shows and four movies. *They truly are the greatest*

    31. Peter Ming

      The only thing better than this montage would be a 4k copy with embedded Dolby Atmos/DTS-HD MA.

    32. Ronan

      Wow how exciting is next year Both studios will Rock 🔥

    33. crimsongod 1800

      Stan Lee created this and has made one of the biggest franchises ever and the cast has certainly help so props to Stan props to cast props to Kevin feige! Probably spelled wrong lol

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Stan didn't do it alone though. Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Walt Simonson and many more also helped developing deeper the concept and lore of what Stan did.

    34. Sagar Pawar

      We will miss Stan Lee's cameo in all upcoming movies 🥺. RIP Stan Lee ❤️

    35. Kay Bea

      Get woke & go broke 🤣! Disney STOCK DOWN 600 million in one quarter! Your BS white shaming of employees. Firing conservatives & anti free speech! We the people are done. Good luck surviving off liberals and socialists! Good job!!!

    36. Juan-Carlos Gomez

      2:58 FANTASTIC FOUR LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Sudan Mate

      Nd if u want .........u wanna... respect...for u request.. accepted.........or........ fan request....

    38. Sudan Mate

      So....plz..... reborn these characters...becoz.....u r do this DC....firm....they are...reborn..... why....are....u not...reborn...this own before...face....honestly...I'm say.. I'm Indian.....nd india....... currently nd this... do... everything..... but... reborn.......

      1. Sudan Mate

        @Ronan Yes I know...this is the part of comic.....but sometimes...u can also turn the mirracle....

      2. Ronan

        They can't reborn characters on their own These characters and story is from comics Superman was revived in comics so in Movies There is no revival of iron man or cap

    39. Sudan Mate

      Marvel's I wanna humble request for u......plz ...reborn ...Ironman,winter Soldier,black widow, vison.......becoz these are the real super Marvel....nd by the way don't forget....u r firm time Marvel cenmatic Univers ..... these are super heros.......I nd people want...... these super heroes....for is own character......

    40. ΞRIC ΛRGNZ

      The dislikes are from DC

      1. Ronan

        Why would they feel jealous They have better comics, animated movie and Games They know that Marvel is better in live action movies

    41. Choo Choo234

      I believe the best way to have gamora and black widow back is have Adam warlock release the souls in the soul stone because he does control the soul stone in his head that’s if the actors are willing to come back to play the role .

    42. ko doho


    43. Afota Anderson

      I keep coming to watch thissss❤️😩

    44. Munawar uddin

      Did anyone re-watched Romanoff's Air flip or is it just me?

    45. 김영민


    46. Edrick App

      The dislikes are from the DC Fanboy

      1. Ronan

        I liked


      Marvel is one of the best thing of this world and I can't explain my feelings for this on words while watching this my heart started beating more fast and I am glad to see this legendary video where all my fav people , movies are there Marvel is more more more than just a movie /series studios and pls keep making these legandry superheroes ,movies scenes ❤️ pls never stopp!! And also don't forget to bring back IRON MAN ,BLACK WIDOW and VISION give them their lives back they really deserve that Tony's daughter and wife needs him and Wanda needs vision and we all marvel fan wants all the avengers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    48. ogi flezet

      WW?are you still here?

    49. Leonardo Avocado69

      Imagine DC reaction to this

      1. Ronan

        Why would they feel jealous They have better comics, animated movie and Games They know that Marvel is better in live action movies

      2. yolol

        Do yu know Stan Lee work with DC before?? Lol

    50. fanchristpo

      Marvel is keep getting better and better

    51. Mantoss

      kvoli tebe som sebe podrezala Žyyly

    52. Mantoss

      napíš im som do nemocnici

    53. Kanak `Zhacker

      I can hear the excitement in theatres from now

    54. Hero Sensei Kid

      I’m going to keep watching this again and again! 🔥

    55. Kelsey Ma

      I love marvel but the one thing I will NEVER forgive them for is Steve Rogers absolute BULLSHIT ending. I mean that was just god awful

      1. Ronan

        @Kelsey Ma I know his goodbye was not perfect but his whole story: Origin to death is perfect Captain America trilogy is best trilogy in MCU only because of Steve's story Arc

      2. Kelsey Ma

        @Ronan don’t agree

      3. Ronan

        Steve's arc is perfect in MCU

      4. *Insert funny username here*

        No it was a perfect ending for his character

    56. Hemanth Dudala

      Number of views on this video doesnt make justice to the content of the video

    57. Megan OWEN

      Marvel stop you are being to nice

    58. Insane Adam

      Wakanda forever😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    59. Namrata Navalkar

      I Am glad that MCU has returned

    60. subu manian

      MCU magic ❤️

    61. Narayana Junior collage


    62. Jignesh Gohel

      Ben 10 think you add them and part of Marvel

    63. Riley Pleskat

      Rip Stan lee and chadwick Bosemen exsilseor and wakanda forever (Sorry for the spelling)

    64. Aditya!!!


    65. PeterPine

      I cannot wait for the MCU to be back up and running, I have watched this almost daily it seems cause I just seriously cannot wait. The MCU is my most loved movie series ever, and I know lots of people feel a similar way. Having the MCU back will make life just that much better again for so many of us, it’ll finally feel like things are going back to normal, and give us all something to look forward too, not just a movie, but an experience each time.


      2:31 Marvel has finally introduced the most powerful supervillain throughout the universe, who will make Thanos, Apocalypse and Darkseid look like street thugs - the one and only, the legendary IBU HATELA 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Those who know, they know 😁

    67. bilishu aliss

      a true marvel die-hard fan will get goosebumps on 1:41

    68. Carter S

      What is Marvel if not joy filling people’s hearts?

    69. Kevonté

      If the MCU wasn’t a thing, I don’t think I would be into comic books at all. Thank you, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby you were both legends

    70. Kevonté

      I love how Stan Lee says, “That man next to you, he’s your brother” as Erik and T’Challa look at each other. Same goes for “That woman over there, she’s your sister” and “We’re all part of a big family”

      1. bilishu aliss

        believe that it's a curse of your life if you HATE marvel movies and bash the people for whom these movies mean a lot more. It's a curse of your life.

    71. HeckuvaWheat799

      This is why I want to still being alive ;)

    72. ZekSkywalker 7824

      To be honest after this amazing moment, Avatar doesnt deserve to be 1st

    73. Boaz Lichtman

      Thor love and thunder The Eternals Fantastic four That's what I'm most excited about

    74. Cody Elliott

      Marvel needs to bring in Jon Bernthal. Greatest Punisher of all time.

    75. Water Me Loan 64

      Yinsen has been acknowledged for the first time since Iron Man 3.

    76. spidey fan 64

      Oh No🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      1. *Insert funny username here*


    77. Rellim 101

      This does put a smile on my face -thanos

    78. Rohga Driscoll

      Wakanda Forever, Brothers. In Hell.

    79. ar asllani


    80. Strongest Avenger

      I gotta say, marvel is one of the reasons I’m still here. It’s been an escape for me ever since I was just a little girl. This makes my heart light up.

    81. Sunrise Alex

      *Fantastic 4 at The end* Everybody: 😳😲😯😮🥺

    82. Samuel Lai

      Goosebumps from the start till the end.

    83. Ankit pal

      I will miss cameos of STAN LEE. watching him every time makes me smile. ☹️☹️

    84. Nouval Dinillah

      where is hawkeye?

      1. Alberto Rojas

        MARVEL Studios' Hawkeye is a television series.

    85. Xenon

      The MCU is not just a bunch of movies. The emotion I have with these movies can't be described in words. People who say that MCU movies are just a shitfest of CGI, and they are not real cinema (also said by Martin Scorsese) because they don't contain anything except for CGI fights don't even know what these movies mean for a lot of people. I believe that it's a curse of your life if you HATE marvel movies and bash the people for whom these movies mean a lot more. It's a curse of your life.

      1. Rohga Driscoll

        what you said is true, except the emotion caused by watching and a curse for hate those movies, aside that i agree with everything said about marvel movies being a shitfest of CGI

    86. Leni Haylett

      y'know i'm so happy that this year is making up for 2020's lack of marvel movies by giving us all this amazing content. WOW

    87. Dukke Monterier

      >Using dead's man words to promote your business Thumbs down to you

      1. Brian M


    88. Fadlan


    89. Zyad Khalid

      Marvel: releases this masterpiece WB: releases a 4k trailer for a movie that came out in 2017, and also fires one of their best actors

    90. The Geeky One

      2:01 where goosebumps starts!!

    91. Của Gió Bình

      The Marvels see her powerrrrrerrrrrrrrrr

    92. ciccioofficial

      I unliked this video just to like it again

    93. La Moon

      This gave me Goosebumps

    94. Jasmine Clark

      Marvel should make a women super soldier

      1. Jasmine Clark

        @Mr Critical but one that stays alive and works with bucky

      2. Mr Critical

        Karli was a woman super soldier

      3. Jasmine Clark

        But what would be cooler would be if she was soon friends with Bucky in the MCU not in What If. But Marvel follows comics.

      4. Brian M

        We'll a glimpse in What If...

    95. angel rose bernales

      Goosebumps! That's why I'm always a Marvel fan 💖 Forever Inlove to MCU🥺

    96. Dr. Umesh Mane

      Where is The Hulk

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        Universal Studios still owns part of Hulk's movie rights, that's why Marvel Studios can't make another solo movie of him but instead add him as a secondary character in other movies. It was confirmed that Hulk's next appearance will be in the She-Hulk miniseries.

    97. Jackywacky Doodah

      1:36 that edit was world class

    98. Mark Abrahams

      “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes @/firekathleenkennedy @/ginacaranodidnothingwrong

    99. WolveWick

      Stan Lee

    100. Internet Gamer'z 360

      Stan lee narration 😭