Doha World Judo Masters 2021 Best Ippons Day 3【ワールドマスターズ 2021】

Judo Art 日本柔道

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    Welcome back to the Doha World Judo Masters 2021 here is the final day of competition was full of beautifull throws, injures, return of teddy Riner ne waza techniques and emotions by judoka. Comment below what is your favorite judoka
    and technique.
    Lets go to watch some judo!
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    1. Judo Art 日本柔道

      Choose your favorite one!

      1. Martin Koreček

        4:09 is real cool

      2. Judo Art 日本柔道

        @Ronen Shemesh Peruvian necktie 👍🏻

      3. Ronen Shemesh

        2:52 extraordinary Newaza for the blue

      4. Nils D.

        Tough choice !

    2. Jens Hoffmann

      Ist der Moderator jetzt eingeschlafen oder redet er noch ... ? :-)

    3. riyaz sorathiya11


    4. veariuyba gniuvreabnolb

      いいね このチャンネル

    5. Grey Fox

      O guruma will always be my favourite one

    6. Antoine Genevois

      stop to comment your vids, they're better without any voice

      1. Matt Olsen

        Agreed - useful and subtle

      2. BABU

        Comments are very helpfull and welcomed for people like me who aren't aware of all the judo techniques.

      3. Antoine Genevois

        Okay boy thats okay then, ty

      4. Judo Art 日本柔道

        I must to comment it, to avoid a copyright claims.

    7. Nawawi Guntoro


    8. The Ozqan

      Kotsoiev Zelym🇦🇿💪

    9. Denis Milovanovic

      Simply beautiful!

    10. Tebriz Bayramov


    11. Ronen Shemesh

      that's a really good compilation, thanks

      1. Judo Art 日本柔道


    12. Eliso Goduadze


    13. דוד וסרמן

      What is the name of the technique? 3:08

      1. Judo Art 日本柔道

        Peruvian necktie.

    14. Emir H.

      Judo Art мне кажется что под музыку будет супер. Потому что некоторые всё равно не слушают что ты говоришь.

    15. hodei harina

      Van t end gold!

    16. Tatuli Ioseliani

      Бека хорош был до финала

      1. Judo Art 日本柔道

        Думал заберет золото, но Ноел Ван Т Енд был хорош.

    17. ابوالفضل عبداللهی پور

      today lipartilliani was horrible also great and powerful back of teddy riner But it was an awful that igolnikov ,tushishvili didnt get medal

      1. ابوالفضل عبداللهی پور

        @Judo Art 日本柔道 oh,i think you are misunderstanding (horrible) with (terrible)

      2. ابوالفضل عبداللهی پور

        @Judo Art 日本柔道 my words actually means in persian🇮🇷 it is an Iranian expression Lipartilliani is one of my favorite judokas and actually my only correct prediction about your question before this competition

      3. Judo Art 日本柔道

        Why was Liparteliani horrible ? I think he showed perfect judo...

    18. Ахмад Ураллов


      1. Judo Art 日本柔道


    19. giorgi jangveladze


      1. სოხუმი Amsterdam


      2. Judo Art 日本柔道

        Wait a new video about Liparteliani soon...


      King is back. Teddy

      1. Габит Максумов

        Человек феномен

      2. Jimmy Diene

        She was a King

      3. Master of Shtrumph

        @ҚАЗАҚ КҮРЕСІ I'm agree with you. Homewever for me Teddy isn't a technical judoka. It's only my opinion but i don't discredit quality of Riner.


        @Master of Shtrumph Other judokas also have force. I think Teddy also have good coach and motivation, because France have many greatest judokas, not everyone can use natural power correctly

      5. DreiZer

        @Master of Shtrumph you should watch his old fight