Top Judo Ippons from Doha Judo Masters 2021 柔道マスターズ2021

Judo Highlights

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    Here we go! The best ippons from the Doha masters. Some great judo, throws that I don't know the names for and a ton of newaza. Oh, and of course, kani basami by Fabio Basile...
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    1. ONE SHOT

      Why waste time showing women's ippons??? Why waste time like this?? U break the flow.

      1. HYUBIN JEON

        What an idiot. Why waste time on watching judo when you share nothing in the spirit of judo.

      2. David Lee

        @Metalli Sika Why do you hate women so much? Did one take a shit on your breakfast?

      3. Metalli Sika

        @David Lee Go ahead and google popularity of men's sports vs. women's sports, and then see yourself out.

      4. David Lee

        @Metalli Sika You speak for no majority. Keep talking this foolishness. It amuses me.

      5. Metalli Sika

        @David Lee I am speaking for the majority. Most people are not interested in women's sports. If you are one of the few that are, then go watch a video dedicated to their incompetence.

    2. omar sonne Feeling Shopping


    3. Vladimir Pejovic

      1:15 the technique is Yoko nage

    4. Yo2 Trader


      1. Judo Highlights

        @Yo2 Trader ありがとうございます!

      2. Yo2 Trader

        @Judo Highlights 英語と柔道の両方の勉強になってます♪どんどん柔道の良さを世界中に広めて下さい。応援してます!

      3. Judo Highlights


    5. Ayşenaz Yıldırım


    6. Long Speedy

      Thank You !!! It would be nice to have the Judoka's name & nationality in the subtitles (if possible). Thank You !

    7. Master Mister


    8. Sean Seng

      The background drum 🥁 bother me so much I can’t watch it!.sorry 🙏

      1. Judo Highlights

        anyone else feel this way?

    9. 스산논두렁탁구

      안창림 선수 ㅡ 응원합니다

    10. NicoBlaster GD

      5:46 amazing peruvian necktie

    11. Muralha

      What is music in the background?

    12. namaco 765

      3:08 正確には分からないが、河津掛けじゃないのか?

    13. Tim Tank

      First episode with Basile was clear ippon. Good job.

    14. roster rock

      Русские объясните первую схватку этого ролика.

    15. Nidge on Tour

      I have trouble trying to decipher what throw i've actually seen? Lots of variations of variations!! lol!!

    16. まめ


      1. Judo Highlights


    17. Gene West

      Sloppy judo

    18. Chris Bl.

      chose your words better... especially at the end about judo injuries

      1. Judo Highlights

        Can you be more specific?

    19. Tiko Tiko

      1:29 grigalashvili, 1:44 gviniashvili , 10:36 liparteliani from gorgia

    20. Raju Do

      13:12 is the tall lady from France: Malonga. Thanks for making this great video.

    21. Proteus

      That first ippon was a te guruma, and the second ippon on this list was a yoko guruma?) I could be wrong about the second ippon. That weird one where the guy just landed on top, I guess you could call that a ko soto.

      1. Judo Highlights

        Ah te guruma, gotcha! Not sure if I agree with Yoko guruma though or kosoto

    22. schmo78

      6:07 Well, that classic Harai Goshi is so classic, that it might even be Ashi Guruma / O Guruma.

      1. Matthew Pudner

        @Judo Highlights hips aren't in whatsoever. it's o guruma aka the unicorn!

      2. Judo Highlights

        Silly Me. Don’t often see people practicing o guruma here. Most people here in japan would just call this Harai Goshi , but as a channel I should aim to get the most correct definition

    23. Айтаков Кайрлы

      Серікжанов пен Смағұловтың әдістері мықты шығыпты. Серікжанов екі әдісті мықты жасады 👍👍👍

    24. Ronen Shemesh

      along the compilation came some good and relaxed commentary ✔😀

    25. 4423 HG


    26. Arie Storm

      11:28 You mixed up Noel van t End and Frank de Wit. Both are Dutch, but here it is definitely Frank de Wit! Great video otherwise.

      1. Judo Highlights

        Gotta be more careful! Thanks!

    27. Nobu Kaji

      Love it! Great background music also!

    28. Egyptian Space Odin

      4:41 lol she is from taiwan

      1. Judo Highlights


    29. José Tiago Menezes

      1:02 yoko wakare

    30. boudi bla

      I don't like the way they hold chokes until the opponent passes out and then some with the ref looking straight at the guy with the million miles gaze. This spells brain cells damage. It is not graceful.

      1. bartofilms

        @Judo Highlights I agree. I've seen some ugliness in this regard over the years. Anytime one Judoka is gripping around uke's neck they should pay close attention. If we're being honest, a good okuri eri jime that interupts blood flow can incapacitate in under 5 seconds.

      2. Judo Highlights

        Yeah. Doesn’t happen often, most people tap, but I do wish the refs were more involved

    31. stvitus12

      3:22 contemporary Canadian !MEN! Judo is the weirdest thing in this sport :) at 3:22 this is just one piece of it. How on Earth they manage to win with these macabre moves is an enigma.

    32. bartofilms

      I liked the classic Tai O Toshi. Cheers.

    33. stvitus12

      1:02 yoko tomoe nage

      1. stvitus12

        @TheGroundshark No. Yoko wakare - no legs, different body positioning. This is a yoko tomoe nage.

      2. TheGroundshark

        A variation of Yoko wakare

      3. stvitus12

        @Judo Highlights yep

      4. Judo Highlights

        Even with the foot sweeping like that?

    34. Marios Helion

      06:07 I'm pretty sure that was a very well excecuted O Guruma

      1. Judo Highlights

        Looks like you’re right!

      2. stvitus12

        I would agree

    35. Raphaël Gracia

      5:01 Wow, this guy is no good at newaza. Really no good. He grabbed the two legs to make sure his neck was defenseless, and didn't react when his opponent attacked his neck. Even for judo standards, that's bad.

      1. SurelySkeptic _

        I was hoping this comment was already here. No idea what he was thinking,

    36. Fernando F.

      1:02 - Yoko Wakare

      1. Judo Highlights

        @stvitus12 yeah after some thought it’s a Yoko Tomoe Nage

      2. stvitus12

        @Fernando F. For you it can be a left hook, but in judo this is called Yoko Tomoe Nage :) No offense. Just look up here on RUpost instructional videos of Yoko Tomoe Nage.

      3. stvitus12

        @Judo Highlights this is why it's called YOKO tomoe nage. As they teach it: ear to the foot, body 90 degrees to the opponent. Yoko Wakare - you pull just with your arms and body weight. In that throw, an arm plays the function of the leg in yoko tomoe nage, which you have seen here.

      4. schmo78

        @Fernando F. For me, it´s Yoko Tomoe Nage as well. He just had trouble to place his lifting leg, because of the defence of the other player. In Yoko Wakare you don´t use your feet to lift the opponent at all. You don´t even try. But this is clearly what happens here. Urozboev even tries to use both legs to lift his opponent into the air. He just struggles to get below the center of gravitiy, because his opponent steps forward with his left food. And this leg is blocking Urozboev from getting into the position he probably would like to have had. So he had to adapt and it still worked. You can´t decide a technique just based on Kumi Kata. And btw. he just uses a classic lapel / revert grip here, wich is by the book used for almost all Go Kyo techniques. So you could probably also say this is clearly O Soto Gari. ;)

      5. TheGroundshark

        It's a variation of yoko wakare his shin is across the stomach and he is falling to the side