Forced Off YouTube - Full FBI Story

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    Over the last year we have been forced off of RUpost. This video will help explain why we left. Thank you for your support.

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    1. Clebb5


    2. Jlee B

      I’m so sorry you have had to experience that and live through that. Love to your family. 💞

    3. Brian Patel

      Bring Country back to be your security

    4. Dakota Proctor

      Pls fill us in. it would be so fun and helpful for us, so we can relate. ps: I’m so glad y’all are back I missed y’all. Have fun smile more

    5. Ben Gladston

      Hope they are locked up for a very long time!

    6. TacoMan Plays


    7. MWF Masons Wrastling Figures

      Them watching the videos: 👁💧👃🏻💧👁

    8. Jason Simon

      luckily it wasn't a serial killer, gotta think if it was things would've went so different

    9. S R

      So did the fbi catch them?

    10. Bethany R

      Wow that is insane I am so glad you are all ok, evil is everywhere

    11. YoIsaiah

      Jim browning to the rescue lol

    12. Nicholas Miller

      People are so evil

    13. savagexfly

      We need to help

    14. savagexfly

      The youtube stalkers might be back now from years ago

      1. savagexfly

        Why roman

    15. savagexfly

      ? I feel so bad

    16. Lindsey Johnson

      This man and his whole family has been through so much in the last few years!! Praying for you Roman and your family! Y’all be safe and God bless and I love y’all!!!!

    17. Jerald Johnson

      Hooo is dis stalker

    18. Supreme Nicky

      Sorry to hear that guys hope your all good now.

    19. Celina Marie

      This is actually crazy, sorry you went through it all but glad you all are okay and safe ❤️

    20. Dalton Singleton

      I bet that ar-15 that Demolition Ranch gave him came out of the safe a few times

    21. Terry Steventon

      hey guys im sooo sorry this happened to u guys I love you guys im sorry this extreme bad thing happend to u guys I hope u carry on with RUpost I love your vids I hope these people get locked up for ever

    22. Jonah Srulevich

      The harmonious radio coincidentally allow because yard surprisingly trade aside a magnificent medicine. cold, complete cork

    23. puanani wilford

      So very sorry you all went through this!!

    24. jason harmon

      The terrific cathedral fortunately crush because sock evocatively land atop a half dad. feeble feigned, elfin maria

    25. Moss Kasanova

      This is why i treat every moment of my life like its life or death, survival.


      💰bookie giving back 💰on RUpost 🥃👑crazy money 💰💰💰💰💰👑👑🥃

    27. Allyson Baribeault

      hi Knox

    28. Omar E

      Damn that’s horrifying. I’m glad y’all pulled through. I hope they throw the book at those filthy stalkers.

    29. esti toasti


    30. Who Dis?

      I'm so sorry, they are pathetic cowards. Karma is real. Stay safe and all my love goes out to you and the rest of your family.

    31. Brodie

      Couldn’t the police or FBI track their numbers down to where it’s coming from

    32. Conmea Alex

      The thoughtless sense luckily move because account chronically smash despite a nondescript check. deep, blue donna

    33. Sawyer Norton

      yall vanish everyday lol just joking I am only at the begging so dont JUDGE ME!!

    34. Hunter52

      Gah damn these people really like fuckin they be havin kids left and right

    35. Jxnty

      ive been a fan for a lot of years now growing up with you like many people here, and watching this video was hard to watch. you guys never deserved that. be safe guys.

    36. Trexten

      I dont know why people hate on you guys I been watching the the last 8 yrs such great people remember the memes.... the pranks... stay safe!

    37. The Goth Rainbow

      That sow mest up I'm sorry that happened to you guys.

    38. Andrew Costen

      They are sick people

    39. YETI JL

      Omfggg that’s crazy

    40. Christa Bennett

      We miss you and all the imperation

    41. Sam's bike hacks

      To all the people who disliked to this vid I ask :why

    42. Nick

      Why the do I feel like they're making this up...

    43. Tom Bavlsik

      It really sucks that there's someone in this world who wants to destroy your messages of positivity and happiness. I hope you guys continue make content that spreads that message.

    44. Tyler Sacco

      Hey take a break get back when you need that is crazy and scary that should happen to not a single person on this earth

    45. Tom Bobo

      Why would they do this you guys make me smile everyday. Stay safe♥️

    46. Mitchell Began

      i am so sorry to hear this brother but i bet there is alot of us on here that have your 6 just ask. God bless, we love you

    47. placid

      y’all know what’s crazy, this can be anyone. even you’re family! be safe out there man. 🙏🏿

    48. Cris EX

      This is a perfect example of why we shall never give up our guns. The chances of the cops showing up in time to prevent a crime happening to you aren’t good odds at all. Democrats and Liberals seem to only want criminals to have guns.

    49. Nettuno

      Lmao this family is does everything for show. It took this guy well over 4 minutes to get to the point, then gave a few details, then kept repeating himself over and over again. Then he cut to his baby. And you all fall for it.

    50. Zack Thomas

      It starts like this😩🥺😢😭😫😠😡🤬🤯😳😭😭and end like this😀😃😄😆😅😂🥲🤣☺️😉🙂🙃😇😊😌😌😍🥰🥰😘😗😝😛😋😚😙😜🤪🤨🧐🤓😏🥳🤩🥸😎. It is always going to be hard you just can not give up. God bless you

    51. Amman Mahmood

      Ayyo roman ask anonymous to help these are a bunch of hackers that are the best and will absolutely dominate these picks

    52. Mihai Ştețco

      For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2

    53. James Gibson

      just share your life's that's great for me ! 🎉

    54. James Gibson

      think about the good stuff as often as possible ,, evil will always try to destroy good .. if I knew how I could help I would !!!! 🙃💞 I can't wait to see more videos !!

    55. James Gibson

      2:24 I knew it ,, had to be a security problem ..

    56. Naito[BippuBois]

      This looks like someone ordered something literally from the dark web

    57. GrimsyKTS

      That’s mad fucked up. Wish you the best of luck❤️

    58. Nick K

      lets hope they been arrested and locked up

    59. Rajeh Ahmed

      Love you man

    60. IXBlackPearlXI

      Hu FBI agent who always stalk me please do something useful and help your colleagues to find them stalkers who prevented us from hearing that we are beautiful and one of kind daily. Glad you are all safe and sound and that new cute family member is so gorgeous

    61. Ragul Govindarajulu

      Hey iam from india iam watching your videos from 2015(that's when internet speed in my country became cheap and fast) ... coming back from school and watching your videos i have completed my diploma... Thankyou for entertaining me .😅♥️

    62. David Nimmo


    63. DAWN DOMO

      Remember they had the lawsuit with that company, this could be them harming them. This is my theory of the situation

    64. Tiger Tiger

      Yo that's fucked up. Glad you're family is ok

    65. Calm_VORTEX

      I hope you guys get through this tough time safely i will be praying for you God bless. Jesus is king

    66. Ryan 1690

      Romans a millionaire you’d just pay people to find out who it was then pay others to shoot fuck out them job done

    67. Julie Gibbs

      So sorry to your family . ❤️

    68. Karen Lautzenhieser

      roman lets round da bois up and roll on these stalkers lol i really really hope you find those sick poeple how truely discusting who would do that to the sweetist most careing family on this planet all im saying is dont let them get you down you have millions of supporters on here if you ever need mptivacion come to you comment section and we will cheer you up

    69. Daniel A

      So sorry that all this happened to you all. You don't deserve anything like this.

    70. Widdylovesyou

      Seriously let’s get Anonymous on this

    71. •Kodex •

      and this is why this world is so corrupted and i hate it

    72. Cameron James

      I am so sorry to hear about this. I thought it was something to do with the smile more brand not this. I am so happy to hear that your getting through this.

    73. Chaz TV

      So did they catch and arrest the stalkers?

    74. Angel Morales

      We need anonymous on this Rn they will find him in 2.2 seconds

    75. ashley baldock

      sorry Atwood's i have been a long fan and im so sorry u had to got through this man im sending prayer's

    76. taylorocks17

      We love yal!

    77. Roxanne Gregory

      I am so relieved that you are all ok but so sad that you’ve had to go through this and I hope you are SAFE now and forever. God bless you and your families!!!

    78. dedkid2.2 on Instagram

      Is it like fortknox lmaaaooooo

    79. Shane Brady

      You may have few stalkers but you guys have millions of fans of people that will protect you and your family. Talk about this stuff more and people are aware of what’s going on and people can back you and help you. get a security guard or find a hacker that can trace the phones. you guys are the alpha not the stalkers!

    80. Devlyn Meowww

      Brit is such a good mommy❤️ you guys are so strong! I’ll pray for you guys❤️

    81. RyZe_jwl4426321

      Roman I’m sorry but you have a gun

    82. Life Noob

      omg guys i’m so glad your okay and that we didn’t lose you ❤️

    83. Libby Meadows

      I am so heartbroken to think such terrible awful people did these horrific things to you guys. I am soo incredibly sorry this happened to such amazingly wonderful people like you. We love you so very much and I'm very happy you guys are ok!❤💚💙💜

    84. Evil Fazesum

      Who tf bomb threats a funeral what's wrong with people

    85. Mason Sewell

      I fell really bad about what happened. I’m glad y’all are ok

    86. Tracey Lomas

      Wow I'm sorry youve been gowing through this, it's evil that someone can be like that threatening your family super scary, I really hope the people are been dealt with and hopefully the new house is a new fresh start... I'm praying for you guys x

    87. Andrew Meiners

      I’ll have you in my prayers

    88. Andrew Meiners

      Omg I actually have anxiety of that like no other 😬😬😬😬😬

    89. Oceanne Adams

      So sorry you guys have to go through that..glad you all are safe. We all understand do what you gotta do to keep your family safe. Family first before anyone. Pray you all stay safe and sound.

    90. Supreme Cam

      This is insane! I don’t even know how this is possible it’s so crazy. Y’all stayed strong fr

    91. edrieannwalker1216

      I can’t believe you guys had to go through that

    92. Michelle E. Evans

      There truly are some people who are crazy (bad type of crazy as in needs to be in an insane asylum kinda crazy). If you ever have people threaten you and your family don’t wait to alert the cops and/or the FBI!

    93. Momo

      I hope you didn’t had any access to the “dark web” or DEEP WEB!! Cuz people from the DEEP WEB, will control you in a way that you can’t describe cuz the horrific things they can do to you or any fam you know, would be life changing. Hope y’all alright and safe!!!! And I think I remember...... you were missing around the Deep web, years ago you posted a video but......... stay safe!!!!!

    94. Peggy Ruh

      Im so very sorry! Sending love, prayers and protection! ❤️🙏🏻

    95. Madeline magnificent77

      that is Sceary Stuff i am glad that you all are Okay" and safe again

    96. Jerald Lifsey

      If stalkers could and would do this to him, how do billionaires protect themselves since those would be prime targets from capable hackers?

    97. Sharon McNeil

      Get a 12 gauge .....

    98. Jerald Lifsey

      How did LifeLock not sponsor this video?

    99. Kamil Jarczak

      Bet he's watching this, try that with Me buddy

    100. kieran elliffe

      Holy shit this is mad you raised me I’m sorry your goin through this bullshit