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    Amazing Spinning Ice Island | Subscribe:
    Today is super cool to me! We have done many cool things with this pond and today i think tops it all :) Thank you for watching and always sharing these with friends and family :) Smile More.
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    This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on RUpost since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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    1. Roman Atwood Vlogs

      Thank you so much for sharing this with some friends and family today :) we had so much fun making this. Thank you for everything.

      1. Kristen Norris


      2. Diego Cruz


      3. txt_z


      4. txt_z


      5. txt_z


    2. Ricky Bell

      That’s chapter 2 now there is chapter 3

    3. Dat Boi

      2021. ----------->

    4. Tristan Teixeira

      who's watching in 2021

    5. Prince John

      The potato is Purple

    6. Memphis Allen Allen Allen allenPowell

      i Love you

    7. ShxxtFirst _

      Anyone watching this again and missing them real hard rn

    8. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    9. Lucie Havier

      You sound like joker when you laugh haha

    10. Ethan Dougherty

      You should have made another one in the middle of the one you made

    11. Dominic Hoefling

      Man 2021 time flies

    12. Krypto Zesty

      Anyone 2021

    13. vanaris salazar

      It’s green

    14. Bryce Hubert

      Takin a trip down memory lane❤️❤️

    15. Dylan T

      2021 gang

    16. Daniel Kubilius

      You should get a waterproof camera

    17. Dimitar Manov

      When I heard over 70 vlogs in a row I got chills. I really want them to start vlogging again when they are able to of course and have my daily dose of the Atwoods!

      1. jermzila

        Yea i wish we could get more vlogs again

    18. Maximus Taejun Bol

      Yo you got an alaskan malamute

    19. Dill Pikel

      Sale all your cameras the broken ones

    20. Asif Noormahomed

      It blue

    21. Jack Hession

      3 years ago:( dam I feel old 🥺🥺 these were prime years

      1. jermzila

        I know right

    22. Dante Cingolani

      Are you making fun of the potato it was born like that

    23. phantom Springy

      The potato was violet it’s a mixture of blue and purple

    24. //-FLASH-\\

      Gosh three years ago

    25. Cameron Cadieux

      How was this already 3 years ago. Too bad he hasent done more things like this. These Volgs were my favorite. 2020 just felt like a waste of a year.

    26. Francisco Sauceda

      The fact that he has spent half of his money on vlog cameras is funny

    27. BigBoijimbo

      I love going throw the old vids, they bring back so many memories

    28. CreeperKRD

      I have had those purple potatoes cause that’s the only potatoes they had at the store they didn’t taste different but it was weird that it was purple if I closed my eyes then it wasn’t weird

    29. marshall evans

      hey roman i wish i could meet you and the family


      Who else here in 2021 🥺

    31. fault forever

      How do his videos get dislikes? Who has the heart to dislike this?

    32. Miles Raukar

      2:56 HIS LAUGH😂😂😂😂

    33. Slip

      Who’s here in 2021

    34. Chanin Stuard

      Ida i Nell.

    35. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    36. JETTFUEL7

      Not me going through every blog he made

    37. Michael Gulich

      Watching in 2021

    38. Kedex

      Any watching 2021

    39. Callum and louis vlogs


    40. Jerry R

      Cool vlog on channel RUpost

    41. Carl Hancerchif

      Well now he’s just gone

    42. Christine King

      Am I the only one watching in 2020

    43. Leah Maguy

      The pond would be cooler if you had ice skates to skate on it

    44. Luke DeBenedett

      2:55 i live for this

    45. Matthew Hrdlicka

      Imagine waking up and saying I want

      1. Matthew Hrdlicka

        To do this

    46. Jerry R

      Cool. Vlog on channel RUpost

    47. kaze291

      who else is watching this in 2020

    48. Xgloss nut

      Miss the theses old vlogs man ❤️

    49. Nibbas In paris

      I always watcvhed him since 2015 or something and now this year no vlogs:(

    50. Colton Jackson

      Who else is worried about Roman Atwood

    51. Jay Broomy

      I would’ve put a couple more poles round the edge of the circle then covered the perimeter of the circle with rope and pull it with a winch

    52. Ashton Gannaway06


    53. Dan Schultz

      I put my hair like yours

    54. Foxe boy 123


    55. torivio nation

      I watch his vlogs still

    56. RePlazs HD

      Love it when Brit interactes

    57. JJ Pastran


    58. Adam


    59. ImNotAGoodYoutuber

      bro i would do anything to get a dirt bike

    60. Danny D

      I remember watching this video when it first came out

    61. Danny D

      Back when life was so much better

    62. Erin Jade

      Anyone in 2020

    63. Aaron A

      Still the coolest thing on youtube

    64. Devin Dearth

      2:53 When my pizza roles are done

    65. Tac Expert

      How did i miss this video?

    66. Yebber

      I eat those potato all da time it’s blurple

    67. viperwhy

      Fun fact my family holds the world record for the biggest ice carousel

      1. viperwhy

        Aaron Haskins yep (Zwilling’s)

      2. Aaron Haskins


    68. Rob Graham

      they are blue potatoes which are actually violet in color. they are fine

    69. Vance McCarthy

      Can anybody in the family ice-skate? Is the surface okay for skating.

    70. Yaboi _mike

      When times were more simpler... 😔

    71. Spike00

      Your room and what’s up bro hey Do you want to know how to ice skate and play hockey but I can teach you it’s very easy

    72. Nathan Moore

      who's watching after seeing Roman's latest video in August

      1. ethan pendergrass

        He posted today

      2. YUNG WHIS


      3. iden versio


      4. TG_ JR_SMOKE

        Me I’m here Benj watching still can’t get enough I miss them :(

      5. Coconut Boi54


    73. Malik G

      When are u coming back

    74. Bennett Stowe

      When will you make a new video

    75. Jair Resendiz Perez

      Why this In my recommend is it a sign 😖

    76. Andrew Berr

      The potato is boerboel that's what color it is

    77. Heather Hunt

      I’m sorry about your camera

    78. Nathan Read

      who else is from alaska and laughed when he said "alot of snow" 😂

      1. John Kyle

        I hope he gets clean soon

    79. Tokomauri White

      Hay Roman it purl

    80. Happy Boy

      You can sell the old cameras on eBay for a lot

    81. Space Agent46

      6:53 ive seen more ice way more THICER ice atleast 10 meters

    82. Space Agent46

      i think this is in canada? cuz so much snow

    83. Jayson Burnham

      Miss you guys loves and hugs

    84. Sharon Pletz

      Do it

    85. Dmonn Tez

      Do you remember the throughing my kid of the balcony video

    86. Rachael Lawley


    87. Nazarine Amendanio

      its not sa potato its a gabi like ube

    88. BRNENYE 999

      When are you gonna make another video

    89. Jennifer Fritsche

      I’m a dog

    90. Isaiah Martinez

      Man this was my shit

    91. Josh Pinkston

      Watching in 2020 and missing these Days 😔

      1. Southern Colorado Fire Buff

        It’s a shame why he had to stop too


        makes me wanna cry frr

      3. Xgloss nut

        Bro 💯 ❤️

      4. Andy Lies

        Ya 2020 sucks

      5. Danny Harvey

        it do be like that

    92. ratel

      i have done 400 or 300 situps in 2 days

    93. SuperE0808

      What happened to Roman

      1. Andrew Camara

        He took a break he said he will be back a while ago but idk

    94. Ameilya’s World


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      This week on nothing to watch in quarantine

    96. Pieter-Paul Pienaar

      Is the Corona Dave more you

    97. Finchale Group Construction Academy

      No probs

    98. Da Dia6lous

      Song at 12:16?? Anybody??

    99. Who dat2788

      I came here to see a ice island not a buggy not you talk not watch I want my ice island

    100. Louise Stent