We Made Him FLY!!! ( Worst landing ever )

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    Today we launch my man John Ferguson into the sky with the water blob. Brian and Ross double teamed him for one of the highest and hardest jumps I have ever seen here. Thanks so much for watching!
    Checkout Part 1 - rupost.info/dash/pK-JkqeEx7J4m6Q/video
    Ross Smiths vid- rupost.info/dash/eIBrlmOq3G-Ft9o/video
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        No you father and your family of my heart so please stop trying to start a fight and 1030 to 1010 to 1030

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      Who else was like he's a cat when he landed

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      he was in the air for satellite 9 sec\

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      you is funny

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      The way man waddled

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      I know I’m not supposed to, but i feel bad for laughing at this.

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      Legend had it he still orbits the earth today

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      John looks like Evan from Logan Paul

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      Me and my friends could launch him a lot higher fat boi club

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      I went there too on that SAME blowup thing. I weigh like sixty pounds so I flew when an adult jumped onto it. That was at a water park

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