Top 10 Most Dangerous Flights In The World


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    Top 10 Most Dangerous Flights In The World

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    1. HEY_CHUMS

      if anything cries JJ: I CAN USE THAT AS A WEAPON

    2. luke restall

      Knighted Strength Integrity

    3. Valir Heat

      The chubby semicolon histochemically relax because butane pivotally explode until a rich particle. quickest, teeny lettuce

    4. Mervin Docejo

      That voice sounds like dream

    5. Christian Lenik

      0:50 because they are too dumb to spell GASOLINE

      1. Alex Clowers

        And they can’t pronounce mathematics and WATER.

    6. Colin Furlong

      We call it gasoline, gas is short for that

    7. Sahil Verma

      Lmao KSI was high in the INTRO😂

    8. Mystery Human

      Why do people bring babies on planes anyway

    9. Matthew Krier

      JJ might be the dumbest rich person in the world.

    10. BranchB

      all babies be aware of KSI

    11. Sam Gluck

      bruh when jj asked how close florida is to miami as an american i was just like damn is this how we sound talking about European countries?

    12. ayyee_elijah

      1:28 I’m throwing elbows💀 and sitting in the back

    13. Emmanuel Yanful

      gasoline I leant in school

    14. Heivzz _

      Gas = Gasoline btw

    15. Hussain Ali

      My mom: so son we are going to a country from a plane Me: flashbacks of hailstorms and thunder and crazy winds

    16. R34L Tristan

      7:41 is from the beginning

    17. Naglis Derzinskas

      People in 2021 can like this👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

    18. Anjellike1

      6:16 will forever live in infamy lol 😂

    19. liv !

      Why am I watching this I have a flight tomorrow

    20. Gladys Ruhiu

      Ksi has his one kid it crying stfu punches the baby... the wife f u I am canceling you

    21. Louie Louie

      What does jj have against crying babies

    22. MustardMagik

      im british but i think americans call it gas because its short for gassoline maybe

    23. BananaPeell

      Bro anyone sus about the intro?

    24. Alex Houser

      Gas is a contraction of gasoline

    25. Malik Mitchell

      Gas is short for Gasoline, it's just an abbreviation. I don't hear you Brits saying..."Cheerio then, I'm off to the petrol station to fill my car with some petroleum..."

    26. marc lasko

      So we not going to talk about the snake was 5 FEET

    27. Tejas Katipally

      bro the way he said Washington Dulles lmfaoooooo. Its Dulles not Doolles

    28. Yt.Ilictoez

      anyone else got so mad at the way ksi started the video?

    29. r&s animations

      "Im punchin a cryin baby.." Later on the news 'warning ksi will give your kids brain damage!!'

    30. Intense Pein

      American's call it Gas because it's short for Gasoline.

    31. Shock shark Beast

      00:1 that is what she said

    32. FE4RLESS

      JJ what will do if the world is ending JJ: I’ll go to the nearest house have baby and punch him

    33. TheOakster

      “You want a title before your name”. Anyone here after he’s become a LORD 😳😳

    34. SmokinAces48

      That intro was just straight up creepy 🤣

    35. Audain DZINDIKWA

      Flight attendant : Please sir, remain seated Me after seeing the snake : Bitch move out the way man aint gonna die early

    36. just a random person

      lmao that accent at the begging of the video got me laughing so hard 🤣

    37. Esh lad

      First time I haven’t seen Ethan in this

    38. Why am I such a simp

      This is why you go on aeroplanes in the summer

    39. vento Aureo

      You want a little title next to your name? 2 weeks later Lord JJ

      1. TheOakster

        Ye I noticed that

    40. FBI

      I guess he really was a fat neek after all. -KSI

    41. purplechatz

      JOSH looking like a horse with them gums

    42. Steven Hoang

      You laugh you lose: KSI Death Edition

    43. Sins Untaken

      Wouldn't the most dangerous flights be the ones you die on?

    44. Tobias Muther

      Tobi to answer your question, it’s actually called gasoline but it’s just simplified into the word gas

    45. Daniel Tommy

      I fucking clicked if just because of JJ horrendous intro 🤦

    46. HyPerGoD Gaming

    47. jonny Boyy

      Weed is gas too

    48. jonny Boyy

      GAS:substance or matter in a state in which it will expand freely to fill the whole of a container, having no fixed shape (unlike a solid) and no fixed volume (unlike a liquid). "hot balls of gas that become stars"

    49. Nathan Lhoni

      JJ really does like throwing himself under the bus doesn't he asking how far Miami is from Florida ffs loooooooool.

    50. NRBCAFC54

      This is gonna scare for life with planes. I am not going on a plane anymore

    51. Harry Baxter

      i’m english but i’m guessing gas is just short for gasoline?

    52. Wasti16Bit

      Yanagsumi rude remix...just watch it,... Don't ask me

    53. Climv

      this intro is sidemen moo off 2021

    54. High Im Damon

      Ohhhh so this is where the “How close is Florida to Miami?” Meme comes from

    55. TheHighlandCow

      Why was this made into a video it’s absolute shit

    56. Chris alvarado

      Gas is a short term for gasoline 🤦🏽‍♂️

    57. Kishwar sultana

      Hahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhhahahahah at the start lmao

    58. Dr swajjur

      Chuck dat ting at it😂

    59. CupOfNoodles

      JJ: thinking that the alligator was a idiot Also JJ: hOW ClOSe iS fLoRIda To MiAMi

    60. Marco Stone

      6:15 is what your here for

    61. Beata Ehiagwina

      Me:watches this also me:sees stuff spilling from plan* me: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!?!?!?!?!!!

    62. Krish Patel

      KSI: Has knowledge in his name Also KSI: How close is Florida to Miami Me: ??? KSI: Logik!

    63. William Benson

      Gas is short for gasoline by the way.

    64. Joshua Savini

      We call gas gas bc tf is petrol

    65. Lowkeyy 524

      The baby is Jake paul or logan paul that his punching

    66. Adam Akbar

      Best moment 6:15

    67. Adam Khan

      Watch snakes on a plane it's too scary it's on Netflix

    68. Dalton Hardy

      btw jj says the thing at 6:15 👍🏾

    69. Adrian Fuentes

      Sanke on the plane Pliots safely in the cockpit Meh

    70. zoticGT

      Olajide William Olatunji: -cant answer logone poul math -thinks he can knock out a horse -doesnt know that Miami is in Florida

      1. mona putin

        Are u a logan Paul fan

    71. Assassinz killez

      Tobi forgetting that americans call gas "gas" because its short for gasoline lmaoo

    72. Gabe Anton

      We call it "gas" because its short for "gasoline"

      1. Square Pizza

        Isnt that the same thing tho?

    73. Quentin Mosby


    74. Noah Emmes

      gas is short for gasoline. that’s why we call it gas

    75. Eric

      Gas is short for gasoline - every irritated united statians ever

    76. Nathan Clark

      We call gas, gas because it’s short for gasoline

    77. blingeran videos

      0:46 Gas is short for gasoline in that context, not the state of matter smh.

    78. Enzo Masson-Bello

      Gas is short for gasoline

    79. Dariusz M

      Why does Simon look like the queen?

    80. Sofus.Hansen

      JJ: I dont want anybody to take my death seriosly Mongrael after seeing him get shot: get shit on get f*cking one pumped

    81. Amelia Condon

      New ksi poshki

    82. Ethan Tai

      and jj says he’s mature

    83. hamad rowaiee

      Rule number 1 never let Ksi hold your baby.

    84. Para Dox

      why is jjs Xbox series x on in the background simon much

    85. Coutinho 10

      Was that dream talking during the vid??

    86. Diego Ortega

      As a representative of Miami. South Florida is a whole other different state compared to the rest of Florida

    87. Antonio Starch

      Of course the alligator story was from Florida.

    88. Byran The Bear

      Hey JJ what’s 0 + 0

    89. Bigboy1701

      Wait everyone down here talkin bout the baby but how he know who odell beckham jr is

    90. SWTransport

      Gas - Gasoline, i’m pretty sure

    91. Shay Revell

      They call it gas cause petrol is a gas in liquid form

    92. Colin Brennan

      I was sitting in the same seat and same plane that girl did when she flew out and that was a week after my trip from Florida😤

    93. Kunal Sengupta


    94. socks

      Og ksi pog

    95. SoLOシシ

      Wait why do they call gas gas Todi

    96. frostyx channel

      we call gas gas because gas is short for gasoline, it doesnt make the most sense but MERICA!

    97. connor lake

      dont hit the baby jj

    98. Thomas Marley Hoy

      Me imagining if JJ had kids The kids got bruises everywhere

    99. devin mcnulty

      Why do you call it petrol? Petrol is what it is before it’s refined and turned into gasoline...

    100. devin mcnulty

      Gas is short for gasoline smfh