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    Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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    Опубликовано: 13 дней назад



      He looks like DCs Joker !! especially in that jailsuit

    2. Albert Jackinson

      Marvel? Time travel? HECK YEAH!!!!

    3. Ganesh Gurmit Singh

      This Littlefinger (GOT) spinoff is amazing !🤣

    4. David Clark

      Did anyone else thank that was Bernie burns at 0:38

    5. Olivia333 Dicen

      Was that black widow with loki?

    6. Kekistani Terrorist

      I'm gonna pirate this since it looks halfway decent

    7. dinesh kumar

      I don't know if you all Marvel producer or directors or Kevin get the msg of fans but I still want try to say this that we would like see t Chala more I know that nobody can replace Chadwick and really loved him watching but he would had want to see story to be complete with or without him we cannot bring him back but we can bring T'chala the black panther and give him a tribute he deserved I hope get the msg from fans India ok thanks

    8. Zildjian Casurao

      *You broke the timeline you have to fix it loki* Owen Wilson: *Wow*

    9. Cyril Poly

      Why doesn't Loki have any girlfriend or Crush or something ❓🤔🧐😳

    10. DeadMei

      I am so excited

    11. Fajar Mason


    12. aishvarya dhadhal

      This Loki kinda gives me chills can’t wait

    13. reiii nation

      this reminds me of umbrella academy so much

    14. Darwin Jan Castillo

      2:07 Natasha?

    15. TeacupTempest

      Oh lord if he finds a love interest in this show everyone will start rioting.

    16. Tom Jacob

      Bettet be good

    17. Marcus Cheng

      All sympathizers of Disney and Pixar: you are too late for Soul's victory was empty due to being religiously blasphemous against God. Everyone, destroy your Disney+ subscriptions for Disney has made everyone brainless, dumb and naive. Go for the mature, adult, intelligent and realistic content Netflix and HBO Max offers All Christians and Catholics, rejoice for the true hard-earned victory God has given to Wolfwakers. Let this be a lesson Disney and Pixar should learn not to be complacent, repetitive, predictable and stagnant. @Pixar , @Walt Disney Animation Studios , @Walt Disney Studios , @DisneyMusicVEVO EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT. All Yeagerists in r/titanfolk and the AOT fanbase, dedicate your hearts to spread this awareness.

    18. Real Avoy


    19. Solanki Creation

      Please Dub in hindi😢😢😢

    20. Unam Mjoli

      Anyone else see Darwin on that little screen?

    21. Umar Gul

      so finally doremon's anywere door is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. lee seng kit

      Paw patrol mighty pups 2 (2021) May 20

    23. ธนา ธร

      Thanos kill loki or not?

      1. Alberto Rojas

        Thanos killed Loki in MARVEL Studios' Avengers: Infinity War. That said, did you forget what happened to Loki in MS' Avengers: Endgame?

    24. Oliver JACKSON

      Disney: how many fonts do you want in loki? Marvel: Yes.

    25. Robi Noryanto

      Loki last episode he will back to 2012 and let thor catch him so the timeline back to normal

    26. Loki Odinson

      *I guess Loki never leave using daggers.*

    27. Katie Erfe

      Time for me to subscribe on disney🥴

    28. K VT

      wait...was that black widow I just saw at the end @ 2:06? :o

    29. Paulo Henrique

      I need this song! Someone? Dont say it is darude, sandstorm. Thanks.

    30. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

      new super hero just got created "no talent hack screenwriter man"

    31. Maria Cotarcea

      Loki or Metahumans ?!

    32. Sasank Tammana

      2:05 goesebump

    33. Surinder Choudhary


    34. Shankhadeep Banerjee

      Loki is to Marvel as Orochimaru is to the Naruto Series.... Comes back to life every time

    35. there comes a time

      loki in a shredded office like suit is a dream

    36. Fu Rii

      Finally, after all these years.. A Marvel movie that I'm actually interested in..

      1. Nikola Radović

        It will be the series

    37. متع عقلك

      Finally loki find his own movie Oky put the hammer down or give it the owner (thor) ;-)

    38. Zara Waseem

      2:06 is that Nat!?

    39. Dakshika Kowal 9C GN

      Noticed a common theme here in these three shows: redemption of a villain turned antihero Scarlet Witch learns to handle her power and the effect her emotions have on them, that whole tangled mess plays out over WandaVision We’re currently watching Bucky come to grips with his past and who he used to be over the course of Falcon and Winter Soldier And soon if I’m right we’ll see Loki transform his destructive chaotic nature into a more ‘creative’ form, bringing him from his villainous past into his, uhh, ‘less’ villainous future Three wildly different but symmetric redemption arcs

    40. Guy Fry

      all i can say is that Printer is Pure nostalgia!, and also that ive watched this trailer like 50 times 🙃

    41. Stephen

      I'm not sold, looks meh.

    42. Juju Schrader

      can june 11 please just hurry up and come already

    43. Juju Schrader

      0:10 for some reason this reminds me of Assassin's Creed Odyssey but like the Atlantis storyline where you're talking to Poseidon, idk it just gives off that vibe

    44. Arun Suthar


    45. Shashi Kant

      Marvel always has something new for viewers

    46. Make It Right

      I LOVE LOKI. . . . . . That's it.

    47. Tenji

      Why do I suddenly felt the vibes of multiverse in Loki's logo?


      11 June is my birth day 10th and you are right Thanos

    49. saturn

      No matter what.. wanna watch this movie in 4k

      1. Mr Critical

        It’s a series

    50. rhijulbec1

      Please! Is it pronounced ~marVEL with emphasis on the second syllable or just plain marvel~as in "I marvel in marVel movies"? Many thanks for answers.

    51. sonav Sin

      Loki,ghiya,chana,rajma..these are usless and over the universe type movies which is been cheered by so called saviour of universe type audience.every shitman,ironman,superman,manman,ladies man are saving the unvierse.everybody else(normal humans)in this world are just alive to sit and wait..

    52. eleven likes eggos

      there’s no way that’s not Nat and loki on vormir

      1. Mr Critical

        It isn’t her

    53. Mitch Poo Says

      I have been falling for thirty minutes

    54. pablo garcia

      Glad to see Owen Wilson back in something big like this, looking forward to it

    55. nancharla balaji

      Maximum quality is 1080p, this is absurd

    56. Tanishq Ahire !!!

      Why this is in playlist of physics wallah?!

    57. Iskandar Nasir

      2:06 loki meet natasha romanoff 😆🥺

    58. LONEWOLF9701

      Is this a movie or series

    59. Mister Fine

      Luko - means crazy in Philippines Luko luko- means crazy crazy

    60. Menooof 1234

      I AM PUPED

      1. Menooof 1234

        I mean pumped

    61. GaijinRonin

      They'll ruin it like wanda vision and falcon and the winter soldier.

    62. 柯西


    63. absolut_Tobi

      This Trailer is super sick. Not what I expected but still an interesting Show. Hopefully we get to see Lokis Powers.

    64. Elongated Muskrat

      I have a stack of lawsuits ready to start throwing them at Disney if they dont release this fast enough

    65. Samke Vilakazi


    66. Dark Rose Nation

      Everytime loki dies suspect that hes not dead

    67. AlienNug

      Owen Wilson is gonna be SO GOOD in this

    68. 1GHOST

      Did you see black widow ? 2:07

      1. Piper El

        It wasn't Black Widow, it was Lady Loki

    69. Spencer Hurst

      Oh and we all saw black widow or is that just me

    70. Spencer Hurst

      Was that a flurken or a cat

      1. C-MC Official

        cat, the flerken in Captain Marvel was orange

    71. Hiroe W


    72. Vasudha Singh

      It's always good to see Loki and very much alive. Tom Hiddleston thank you for coming back we missed u like hell in avengers endgame

    73. mike madue

      Loki: I'm smart Smart: 🤔what am i

    74. Dave

      I'll watch this when hell freezes over

    75. Gift for Gab

      Everybody: How many Marvel series can Disney crank out in a year? Disney: Here hold my beer.

    76. Gift for Gab

      I knew he'd be back.

    77. nusrat abid

      Is it available in hindi?


      I love it . I don't know why now i kinda starting liking loki. 😍

    79. BROXBURN

      Loki's magic blast looked like one of wandas blasts, but green

    80. Craig Stephenson


    81. Niklas Raab

      Love how diverese the series are. First Wanda vision with magic and sci-fi (Vision), then classic action with Falcon and the winter soldier and now some crazy mulitverse and time travel shenanigans (also with magic i guess since it's loki)

    82. 1

      make a movie with THANOS story like the joker movie

    83. Josh Z

      Has anyone brought up how Tom could easily play Bond?

    84. Cronopoly

      NATASHA ROMANOFF at 02:05 - Rebirth?!?!?! reversing Marvels mistake? Oh My God!😭😭😭😳👻🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🕷

      1. BROXBURN

        IT'S NOT

    85. Sean Carroll


    86. Iqbal Khatoon

      Will galactus come in Any of your movies ?

    87. mayowa somoye

      Wait so marvel wants us to wait a whole month after falcon and winter soldier for loki🐌

    88. rishabh chaudhry

      yeah we want this now something differ from typical avengers storoyline this is gonna be supergood

    89. Graciegalaxy


    90. Reeepicheep

      Yes let's have Loki being carried off and subdued by strong black women. More woke nonsense from Disney. Hard pass.

      1. Reeepicheep

        @Mr Critical I'm honest. Plus I'm not a mindless consumer of Disney+ which is nothing more than a liberal propaganda machine that will fire even its strongest female protagonist played by Gina Carano just for committing wrongthink

      2. Mr Critical

        You’re pathetic

    91. Deepak M

      Best movie based on loki was mask

    92. Emma Patterson

      Anyone else get some Umbrella Academy vibes?? Five anyone??

    93. Adwai Thakur

      Already know this is going to be a banger!!!

    94. Charity Robbins

      Woah man this ones gonna be CRAZYYY AHHH

    95. Jason Chen

      90% of the 50 times are stabing my boh thor

    96. Joanna

      What’s in sane about this is that this isn’t even “our” Loki who went through so much character development, I hope in some way this Loki gains that much development

    97. Vodnala Renuka

      Fan from India 🔥🔥

    98. David E

      marvel, written by spike jonze

    99. diamond dot

      i just need a scene where loki is signing everything hes said and then sees "the sun will shine on us again" and just looses all emotion and goes still for a while and you can see on his mafe the he misses Thor and just slowly signs it edit: i just realized this is 2012 loki so he hasn't said that yet but he looks at and is confused like"what situation was i in to say that to Thor?" then in that scen with Mobius where he turns his head from the screen, what if its his death scen that wouldve happen and he realizes and-well you know....

    100. I'm your Hoff