A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch


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    Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.
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    1. Everlight The hedgehog

      its awesome how it comes the day before my birthday! but did anybody else look at this and say dashie should play this!?

    2. the blue mush


    3. Breanna Sprouse


      1. Breanna Sprouse

        I love your game 😁

    4. Corin Gugel

      i waited sooo looong to get 3d world on switch finally it comes i will buy it directly on releas

    5. Kevin Schmidt

      Mario is a cat now , thats gay...

    6. Antek Kocemba

      Community: Can we get Mario Sunshine 2? Nintendo: *Well yes, but actually no*

    7. Antonio Takafaz

      Bowser's furry have a Gigantamax Cat Mario

    8. Joshua Gouzy

      Kaiju Bowser?!?! YES PLEASE

    9. Ryan Michael Molina

      Ever think that black bowser is like the 3D version of the black paint Bowser in Paper Mario: Color Splash?

    10. Zamarionmech10 Gilliom

      Hm why is bowser jr is nice

    11. super sonic 556 56


    12. jose sebastian Sanchez

      Yesssssssssssss 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    13. gail darcy

      Bowsers fury our Bowsers furry fr why is he mad at a world of cats when he legit turned into one.. our his he mad about the Bowsette thing oop

    14. pink ghost

      How did bowser gey that big in the first place?

    15. Xavier Harris


    16. fish chips

      Get ready for rule 34 of furry mario

    17. Eukarya _

      The new Godzilla movie is looking great!

    18. Potato.

      Why is bowser jr helping Mario?!

    19. Rop2

      That soundtrack is 🔥

    20. yamila juarez

      Mario Furro Super Sayayin

    21. xavi


    22. Nion Ramirez

      Por que bowser jr sigue a Mario en todo el juego?

    23. jamilson Mesquita

      Mario:bowser,s fury: the anime

    24. george mekhail

      0:25 or 0:26 No joke when they said everyones a cat Did anyone notice that the white flowers are paws? (Also Love 3D world!)

    25. Jhaziel Avendano

      Can you add Oddbods in the smash bros game for switch

    26. LoneAlphaGaming

      “Daddy chill”

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        He now looks like godzilla more than bowser

    27. hyperboy1238

      Y the crap is bowser jr. Teaming with Mario? I need to find out. I need to watch a gameplay

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        ?? But enjoying the video. ????

    28. infinite dragonscar

      Y'know there's something that makes the upcoming game mode Bowser's fury alot more terrifying then most would think You would expect pure beasts of calamity and hatred from things like Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Kirby games But this? This is from Bowser. Not for anyone other then Bowser, the most iconic villains of all time, dare I say it. From Bowser you wouldn't expect all of this action of wrath that's gonna occur in the game, until you realize how long his hate for Mario has been building up. 35 years of constant loss, load of frustration along with a undying determination. And this. This right here is the result. A monstrous beast of wrath. This ain't just a classic Mario vs Bowser thing. No, this right here, this could be a battle of the century.

    29. Joker King

      So Mario killed gold Sonic and wore his skin to fight Bowser?

    30. Diego Carrillo

      Questions 1. Are Luigi, Peach and Toad going to be here in "Bowser's Fury?" 2. Is Bowser Jr. on a mission to save his father? 3. Would Daisy be here for two games along with any other characters? 4. Will "Super Mario" live on? 5. Could there be any Koopalings?

    31. ahmet öztuna

      You are the best Nintendo

    32. Austin Do

      More like Bowser's Furry

    33. Dunny Boy

      Nintendo I'm 34 years old have had every console you've ever made handheld included I have had playstaion 5 since release and I have 2 Nintendo switch consoles have spent thousands of pounds on your games for switch the only game I still enjoy playing on the switch is pikmin 3 deluxe i live in the UK and I'm astounded by the money thrown away and pathetic marketing strategy you need a life long Nintendo fan avid gamer maybe not me specifically but someone like me

    34. Renata Pilar Gallegos Cifuentes

      Its the Mario super saiyan Time!!!

    35. June Vasqueez

      Please don’t make creator or director fury because of you!! Lol

    36. Witch's Brew Views

      Fun fact Hot in Here song features the old browsers theme so now that buss it challenge is trending I thought I'd share that fun fact

    37. Peachy

      1:37 Plessie Noise


      final boss: cute lil turtle his final stage: 1:16

    39. ben dover

      mario be like: calm down bawser don't pull up the 9

    40. jKANEcj

      Bowser requiem

    41. angela viviana villamizar rodriguez

      Loveeeeee 😚😚😚😀

    42. The Red Beanie Koopa

      Godzilla mixed Bowser

    43. eyad Moied

      He now looks like godzilla more than bowser

    44. just a normal guy on the internet

      "furry fiiiiight"

    45. Jinxeed

      If you put the captions on when he appears it says (menacing music plays)

    46. Xavier Patel

      Wow king King Kong vs Godzilla looks great

    47. Ein Kurde

      Looks Like the kids version of Godzilla vs Kong

    48. CjPlaysEverything

      Just preordered!

    49. Deon Spates

      Bowser has always been the best!!!

    50. Golden Glace

      Mario's like an Eevee: He has multiple evolutions (Tanooki, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Cat, etc.). He can Gigantamax. He's an Iconic Character.

    51. Truong Huynh


    52. Mihai Branz

      Create Friday noght funkin

      1. Mihai Branz


      2. Mihai Branz


    53. Peter Ponte

      Love it

    54. coffee Addict

      Whats the difference between this and marios odyssey?

    55. Mister Creeper #302


    56. Minty

      When is this available for xbox and playstation

      1. RW Thunder


    57. Jackies stories

      For some reason I am surprised that Nintendo still makes games after BotW and Odyssey

      1. TheInfernityZero

        Did you think they would stop after two epic triumphs?

    58. Wilbert

      Gigantamax Mario vs gigantamax bowser

    59. The Anonymous Channel

      I think the game is well ported to Switch, but the price should be 20€ for what the WII U version costs now + 10/15€ for the Bowser's Fury expansion. Therefore, the price of this game should be 30/35€...

      1. The Anonymous Channel

        Talkative Yellow Toad I know, but these are minor changes.

      2. Talkative Yellow Toad

        It’s technically not a port cuz they changed the speed of the gameplay and changed the moveset of the characters

    60. Reuben S

      yet bowser can still fit inside a small car in mario kart?

    61. Herobrine Minecraft

      Edgy Giga Bowser

    62. calvin ree the grubhub kid

      Fury Bowser : **Exists** Rule 34 artists : U ARE MY PROPERTY.

      1. Cody Davis

        Bowser's MY property (technically Nintendo's) thankyouverymuch. No Rule 34 artists are gonna mess with my relationship!

    63. zuper sonic the hedgehog

      Bowser got a gigantimax form And Mario became a super saiyan

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're kidding, right.

    64. Funny Man

      Ho my bowser furry look amazing

    65. Guy XYZ

      2:05 wait a minute, is that a dragon ball reference!!!

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        Not really.

      2. Talkative Yellow Toad

        Dragon ball z

    66. sebas_T .XD476

      Wow this super awesome thanks nintendo!

    67. BikoTheAnimator

      Super Saiyan Mario

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe


    68. BikoTheAnimator


    69. Erick Flores

      I bought a nintendo switch for my 5 year old, but i also want to play MK11 and any other R games? How can i block those games, so he cant play them too... somebody help pls

      1. Erick Flores

        @RW Thunder thank you that was really helpfull.

      2. RW Thunder

        Use the free Nintendo Parental Controll app for iOS & Android and link it to the Switch. You can set the restrictions levels, and lift them when you want to play your games.

    70. Troy Booker

      Imagine if pokemon did something on the same graphics aspect

    71. The Taco Blade


    72. SWAGHUNTER 923

      When nintindeo is making everything 10x bigger than normal. First pokemon, and now Bowser. Who's next?

    73. Weird YouTube F4

      I love cheeesseeeee

    74. Weird YouTube F4

      I love cheeesee

    75. Delta Saturn

      So Mario goes super saiyan?

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe


    76. Batboy Crack

      Why bowser jr. Helo mario?

    77. kasnaun lqnghorne

      Just make it better

    78. kasnaun lqnghorne

      It the worst console I ever played

    79. kasnaun lqnghorne

      I hate Nintendo switch I is trash I want it more like a xbox one or ps4

    80. kasnaun lqnghorne

      Yall are just too lazy get up and make money

    81. kasnaun lqnghorne

      I'm am about to bring my Nintendo switch back to the store cause yall dont upgrade yall graphics and yall need to add more free game that are actually good

    82. João Pedro Melo

      2:00 Mario super sayajin 😎

      1. John Bosco Chinakwe

        You're joking, right?

    83. Neil HD

      Venom Bowser

    84. Libo sen

      So Mario goes super Saiyan

    85. Toad



      This looks super

    87. Huge Gigantacus

      Nobody: Translated text: Wah! Ha! Energetic grungy rock music. Deep bell ringing sounds. Choir chanting intensifies.

    88. Claudio Sevillano

      That would be super Mario 3D world 2

      1. Gaming With Braylen


    89. Boba Ouma

      finally bowser jr becomes the hero edit: HOLY CRUD BOWSER LOOKS HORRIFYING

      1. Gaming With Braylen

        And His Daddy Is Like * You Mario

    90. Magolor

      *Can Bird.*

    91. vbddfy euuyt

      Looks like Bowser trained with Akuma to harness his Satsui no Hado

    92. Abdulmajeed AlGhamdi

      God of War, much?

    93. Bernardo Leão


    94. Bernardo Leão

      Its super cool

    95. Alex Rider

      Bowser clearly a simp for still wanting peach

      1. Chaos of madness

        He always will be a simp for her ;3

    96. PEDRO Precioso


    97. Rhym M

      Why is trailer so hype! I'm catching myself back to this every day :/ Feels like BOTW 2017 trailer all over again

    98. King Frog

      Goku cat

      1. King Frog

        @Reeboi729 yes

      2. Reeboi729


    99. TheBongGamer

      This is a nintendo version of Superman vs godzilla

    100. Nintendo


      1. Reeboi729

        Lol how?