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    The BEST Christmas PRESENT Opening EVER!
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    210 Family

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    1. Lance Stewart

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      1. anthony Rodriguez

        Happy Christmas to your Family

      2. Sara fort

        I like to watch your videos

      3. Anthony Rodriguez


      4. Anthony Rodriguez

        nice Family Lance

      5. mrs piggy

        I love your grand mom see so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Jacob Dubielak

      Your grandma should scare you with those shoes and it would be so hilarious

    3. Jacob Dubielak

      I might have a gift from you next Christmas or something like that

    4. Jacob Dubielak

      Merry Christmas lance Stewart and your family

    5. Matt Thomas Vlogs

      I feel like this is how they got covid because Julia want to see her family

    6. Hesavage

      True American family! 💕

    7. mirandavlogs

      lance didn’t get enough presents-

    8. Breeana D

      Everything is sick

    9. Jagger Licavoli

      Merry Christmas in our state Christmas is in Februar

    10. Joshua Baker

      Bruh their shouldn't be no dislikes on this video. This family is too sweet.

    11. Eduardo Martinez

      Dude lance your family's crying is so ugly like I can't 😅🤣😂

    12. Christian Piscopio

      Which gift was better the evil eye ankle bracelet or the badass necklace.

    13. Gerardo Montemayor

      Sabrina cry’s really cute 🥰

    14. unicorn squad

      The day that y'all start dating is my birthday


      Lance said “sick” thousand times

    16. Van Newsome

      9:51 Lances sister: Hello? Lance: It’s like an apple box

    17. Mr Realism

      your timeline is a little fucked up .. it’s saying this is ONE month ago 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    18. Laura Smyth

      Your grandma is so pure 💓

    19. Maria Ana Garcia


    20. Colton Gustafson

      Your grandmom is the best your so lucky:)

    21. Sai Gamer

      Love ❤️ from india

    22. Kristian Morales Laguna


    23. Lïlîyãñ Tripura

      0:00-0:03, i thought it was Mia khalifa scene 😅

    24. Tish Moses

      I know I’m late but this is the best Christmas opening presents on RUpost hands down, new subscriber here, omg the tears I shed while watching this ❤️❤️❤️

    25. CrazyGamerGirl Jules

      An incredible Christmas with Lance! Beautiful family gathering, Many blessings!

    26. Ashton and Robert Bc


    27. Damian Mendoza

      God bless bro and nice fam

    28. Shiroree

      My man lance giving out iphones like a penny 😆. I love re watching videos of you guys, it never gets old and tiring ❤️❤️

    29. Erik Cassidy

      Does anyone just love the fact that lance put music in the backgroud

    30. Aleeyah Coleman

      I just love ur grandma like she is a mood and I love her voice

    31. lauri campbell

      Can I have your shoes

    32. MD ZAYAN ALI

      When ur Grandma gets angry I just laughed 😂

    33. Lance Stewart


    34. Bulquirtle0911

      “ you’ll have Security like we have” Kid breaks in there house twice This is a joke. Don’t take this the wrong way.

    35. James Lewis

      The bracelet grandson got looked just like the one that my grandma got but really she..... Died after Christmas😪😪

      1. James Lewis

        I seen this was when she died this day December 26,.2020

    36. Sofia Roque

      Grandma made me cry with her appreciating her gifts and Sabrinas house gift made me cry too 😢 god bless everyone and specially them both for their new house and new adventures and chapter ❤️❤️

    37. Hanna Giunta

      Team 210 for live

    38. Alejandra gonzalez

      The gjrl that opened her gifts at first was snotty should of kept her out

    39. Janai Hamilton


    40. ツHybridRx

      I waist I had a happy family :(

    41. Rita Maquiling

      I Love Christmas❤

    42. Rita Maquiling

      Aww! Your grandma was crying that your mom is giving those presents.😍😍🥺🥺🥺🤯

    43. Rita Maquiling

      Merry Christmas🎄

    44. Juan Martinez

      It looks blurry I have it on 1080 though, I know it’s irrelevant

    45. Mark Kenneh Nuñez Perello

      you got so amazing family broo lance ❤️❤️

    46. CG Of London

      There’s something special about giving. I love seeing my friends and family open their presents. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    47. Bertha Lopez

      Oo I love your house

    48. David Shepherd

      You are my favorite youtuber

    49. Michael Marrufo

      I mean the fact that Dave has been through everything with Sabrina and not leaving her side is awesome. He’s a great dude and he deserves to be apart of such a great family

    50. B. Avery

      Wish I had subscribers

    51. DOR Harry


    52. GopalwaiLun Gopalwailun

      I love big family

    53. Lil roblox kid


    54. Raven Underwood

      I love your family Lance when your grandma smiles it makes my day 😊

    55. Louise Park

      You guys are so cute u n grampma so cool I have 2 grandsons their only 3 years old. A bond that heavenly, and if all beauts x

    56. Ahmed Mohammed

      dave seems so sad bro🥺

    57. Anne Attard

      I feel like every year lances Christmas vlog is something to wait for and look forward too and each year grandma crys and it makes me cry

    58. Marcus Eckhout

      Grandma looks so happy

    59. Tina Hewer

      The most amazing family on RUpost I love them to bits ❤️

    60. Global HVAC Fans & Sirens

      "The kids got millions" Yea no fucking shit, 4 iPhone 12 Pro Max's holy shit how rich are you.

    61. Patrick Barton

      Hey lance 210 squad for life I just realized that Christmas 2020 was your and Julia’s first Christmas engaged and 2020 was my and my fiancé’s first Christmas engaged too I’m so happy for you and Julia I hope you see this comment we both got engaged in 2020 and you and Julia started dating 12-15-2019 me and my fiancé started dating 12-12-2019 we are some much alike lmao but 210 squad for life

    62. Cheryl Gullett

      I am a little confused. Who bought the house for Lance's sister? Was it Lance, the parents, or her boyfriend?

    63. Spidermen Kamal

      your tiktoks are sp funny

    64. Erica strachan

      wish I had your life

    65. Heshan Shibry

      Lovely and amazing family you all are.

    66. Jackelyne Sarabia

      Lance Stewart I love you videos they make me laugh

    67. Jackelyne Sarabia

      I love grandma I love her sarcasm 🥰❣️ I find it so funny specially when Lance pranks her

    68. RZ Channel

      210 squad

    69. HANSON’s Candies

      Awesome family ❤️

    70. MaryGrace Fitzgerald

      Grand mom awesome!

    71. MaryGrace Fitzgerald

      Love it got me crying 😭

    72. Sun kissed Asmr

      Your dad is going to look like a secret agent with that wedding coat and boots 😂

    73. Antonino Cataldo

      dave is mr no reaction

    74. Brandon Charles


    75. Louis full HD

      1. weihnachten mit Julia

    76. LatestCrunch

      25:55 mhm sure it’s a massager

    77. Beytullah 0129

      You’re very lucky 😭😭

    78. Jenny Petri

      Hello it's Me Jennifer And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Lance Stewart :) And How Are You Lance Stewart :) And i Like Watching This Video About :) The Best Christmas Present Opening Ever New House Surprise :) And Merry Christmas From Me Jennifer :) To You Lance Stewart

    79. NE0PTic Gaming

      I'm litreally crying after watching your grandmom

    80. Jonathan Farnham

      Man y'all got me crying over here so beautiful

    81. Shi'Anne Wilson

      Sabrina got me cryin

    82. Evan 429

      They still kids 😂❤️❤️

    83. Yanely Gonzalez

      yo why did the parents did not cry

    84. Haley Franco


    85. Nick Murray

      I love grandmom

    86. Nick Murray

      Most of the Applebee’s I’ve been to have sucked... anyone else??

    87. ScryxEU

      I like how everyone calls her grandmom


      merry x-mas lance

    89. Miles Rain

      Dad 210 after every gift: You like?

    90. Savita Saxena

      I am from india and unable to understand the half of the video so many gifts but by whom its from🤔

    91. Mississippi Woman

      Okay...Grandmom and sister really got me crying!

    92. Milomir Kovac

      I just love this guy. He is amazing. He always makes me laugh and happy. God bless u and ur family u guys are amazing 🙏💙

    93. R6slayer21

      2020 was so far the best Christmas for me

    94. Samantha D

      Loveeee this 💝💝

    95. Arjune Baldeo

      Love your family

    96. Austin SMITH

      God bless you ❤️

    97. Sam Hicks

      Dang i wish i could have got an ps5 that would make my world 😔



    99. JoshieVids

      Why did I stop watching lance this was hilarious

    100. raeanne

      like julia and sabrina, my boyfriends mom for the last three years that ive dated him gets me and his sisters all the same things but just in different colors/versions lmao whenever we open we all look at each other to see if we got the same thing or what color the other person got lol it’s become a little inside joke