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    The Shaman King is the one who can contact the king of spirits and reshape the world. Every 500 years, shamans, who can commune between the worlds of the living and dead, compete in the Shaman Fight to become the next Shaman King.
    Among those aiming for the top is a young shaman named Yoh Asakura. See Yoh's adventure unfold in the new adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei's lauded manga, starting 2021 on Netflix.
    About Netflix:
    Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 204 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.
    SHAMAN KING | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime
    Medium Yoh Asakura enters a battle tournament held every 500 years, competing with other shamans in a bid to become the all-powerful Shaman King.

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    1. Sawaş Ulaş

      Ne zaman Gelicek

    2. Mira


    3. Jeanne of Arc

      If Netflix thinks that I will be waiting for this show to came available, well I am here to tell you that I am like a drug addict who is searching for illegal good staff.

    4. Guilherme Rios Ribeiro

      Is it against the law in japan for underages to work as voice actors? - Yoh - a boy that sounds like a girl voiced by a woman - Ren - a boy that sounds like an 40 year old man voiced by a woman - Manta - a boy that sounds like a granny voiced by a woman Even if it is, why wouldn't they put a fresh 20 year old that might be better at mimicking a boy's voice? Because these woman certainly are not... That way you'd could also refresh the industry a bit, having new people stepping up and not the same voices over and over. I'm kinda tired of hearing Kakashi's (Naruto) voice in every main stream anime...

    5. XxX XxXxX

      y cuadno ya me decido a madurar y ver las horrible snoticias del mundo y preocuparme... shaman king 2021

    6. Omar León

      Eso lo vi ase años .. lo renovaron

    7. Bartosz Guzy

      Give it an english lector, I beg you.

    8. Denisa Carina

      Netflix Romania when?

    9. Ricardo Vargas

      Por favor Netflix, para latino américa todo el fandom esperamos las voces originales de esta gran obra

    10. muhammad syukra

      Anjir manga favorit w, nunggu2 versi hd nya,akhirnya di umur w 32tahun baru rilis ,lama lho w nunggunya 😂

    11. KaitouSaintTailMeimi

      1:17 😳

    12. Shiny Neko

      (See's the Shaman King reboot is on Netflix) *Me:* Oh! Sweet! 😁 (See's Faust) *Me:* (PTSD resurfaces 😨)

    13. Team Mamakz

      Lets Gooooo Amidamaru

    14. MaskofFayt

      Oh no its on fucking netflix

    15. Christian Avendano

      Give us weekly releases!! Don't keep this anime in Netflix jail!

    16. Chey Sparkle Leaf

      My biggest flex is that I read the manga series when I was 8

    17. Kumo D Elsha

      When I was kid this was epic but now with the remake, this looks way more shounen than I remember

    18. zark474

      Anna looks sassier than ever.

    19. Hetran

      Used to love this manga as a kid

    20. bagus abdani

      So there will be Lady Sati? So excited

    21. narancia

      I hate y’all . now we have to wait , while Japan getting the episodes

      1. Sunriseee

        3 episodes are already out on illegal sites :)

    22. Daris Jaqueline Nohemi Mendez Batzin

      Lo necesito!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Canal Zoe

      passei mal aqui de tanto prazer *-----------------*

    24. Niubie Chernokid

      Y para cuando otarios?

    25. Ciri

      This... this is SHIT! WTF??? The music sucks, the voice actors are bored and lack any sort of drive... who the fuck thought this is a good decision?? Thanks for ruining the memory of this awesome anime. Idiots.

      1. Ratatouille

        the voice actors, except yoh, are the ones who voiced the original anime, so no, they are not boring. Besides, some of them are veeeeery reknown voice actors in Japan. The ignorance.

      2. Muz Lee

        It's not like you can't rewatch the original... overreaction at it's finest

    26. Alvin's TV

      now i remember my password =CHOCOLOVE

    27. Joppel Fernandez

      Oh God, excited for the reactions when Chocolove McDonnel is revealed.....

    28. Neusika

      im waiting for Lyserk XD

    29. Kotjek Music

      i was waiting for it 11 fucking years.... but i guess most of good polish voice actors died so i dont wanna see dub version anymore...

    30. KingSlayerKiller

      I'm liking the series so far but I find it dumb how every single time yoh is about to fight using amidamaru, there is some random pipe just lying around in front of him to use

    31. ElenaSk8erGirl

      OMFG THE GLOW UP ✨✨✨✨✨✨

    32. Muz Lee

      Netflix will (probably) only release it outside of japan when it's finished, so in around a year. You can watch it with fansub tho

    33. Alexei A. Karpov

      Галопом по Европам. Краткий бездушный пересказ. Надо было постараться, чтобы так бездушно стартовать(( Надежда, что где-то на пути на второй тур ситуация изменится, ведь именно там начались расхождения с мангой в первом аниме.

    34. FianPro10

      Anna was so beatifull 😍😍😍😍😚😙😍😚😍😚😍😘😘😍😍

    35. raphael Kayke


    36. ImPale


    37. Carlos Carbajal


    38. vitto k

      vai ter dublagem pt-br?

    39. Allan Gomez


      1. HORSEthebear

        LET'S A GOOOOOOOOOOO BUDDIESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. 2sallads

      I prefer the art of the original

    41. GoodDreams

      27 year old guy, I have not watch this show before, heard about it when i started getting into anime but did not get into it. Is it worth watching?

      1. Ratatouille

        @Muz Lee that would apply to any anime ever released, then.

      2. Muz Lee

        To be honest, if you are not a fan of the manga not really

    42. DoctorShroom

      0:56 Sounds like somebody's got a Shaman Kink.

    43. Tereza Hájková

      I love that anime. I was 13y I think. New trailer is good, but I can’t help myself, Joh sounds like a girl,....

    44. Napsugar


    45. Куба Аманкулов

      Взгляни вокруг, оглянись назад

    46. Lycargus

      1:10 Armin after aot chapter 139 :D

    47. Lycargus

      So it's the sequel?

      1. Muz Lee


    48. Tim Ogul

      What's the hold-up?! It's already out to episode 2 in Japan, and Crunchyroll is caught up on all the shows they are importing. Where is episode 1?!

      1. Tim Ogul

        @Muz Lee But I would prefer it Netflix would get their act together and put out new shows as they premiere, like all the other, much LESS rich streamers seem capable of doing. They'll have DUBBED episodes out before Netflix gets the first episode subbed.

      2. Muz Lee

        ​@Tim Ogul They don't need to be competitive, they are waytoo big to have any competition. You can just torrent the first 3 episodes.

      3. Tim Ogul

        @Muz Lee Who cares what Netflix wants? If Netflix had let someone else buy it, we'd be up to episode three by now. If they are going to steal anime rights from other companies, they have the obligation to be competitive in their release schedules.

      4. Muz Lee

        Netflix probably want to realease it in one

    49. Elina Makhalova

      I haven't seen Ryo though.. . Where's my man Ryo?

    50. A. A.


    51. Jammiez Jar

      im stoked Yoh got a big ass head at 1:17

    52. ryukaiserh

      Please fused with Katana Ver not Body :(

    53. ryukaiserh

      52 Eps will true ending like original Manga?

      1. Roberto Soto

        @Muz Lee It is getting rushed as hell i know, they'll probably go rush on the fisrt episodes, which happen to be the introduction of the early main characters such as Yoh, Manta, Ryu, Amidamaru, Mosuke, Ren, Bason, Anna, Jun, Lee Pyron, Tokaghero, Horo Horo, Colohro, Horo Horo's Sister & Yoh's Father. I feel they will go slower when the Shaman Fight starts and they'll might go slow on introducing the characters on the Shaman Fight and also on that Arc (which i truly hope so) such as Silver, Faust VIII, the Cat that talks & smokes (whose name i forgot), Yoh's Grandpa, Lyserg and the X- Laws. About 52 episodes being the total episode list of this adaptation ''could be possible'' but at the same time i feel they're rushing just the first Arc alone. I don't think this adaptation would be like ''130 episodes in order to be as equal as the manga'' that's impossible, however i can see them going beyond the 64 episodes that the original adaptation released. A 90 episode list is my prediction, or at least i think so.

      2. Muz Lee

        @Roberto Soto They already started marketing a "shaman king whole series" bluray with 52 on it and we have the episode titles. Judging from the first 2 episodes I can see how it's going to fit. Rushing as hell.

      3. Roberto Soto

        @Muz Lee where did you read that? i'd love to know the source

      4. Muz Lee

        @Roberto Soto it's confirmed 52 episodes.

      5. Roberto Soto

        I don't think it will be 52 episodes overall, just 52 that are already animated and preapared to be streamed. 1 year later (52 episodes = 52 weeks that a year has) a set of 30 episodes (or so) will get announced

    54. BIM :D

      Omgg Anna

    55. RED THREAD

      Bruh shit looks like digimon 2.0

    56. Nieznvny

      In the new series, they fit in the first 2 episodes what they did in 5 in the original series

    57. Nieznvny


    58. TheBaritoneSinger22

      Will there be an English dub?

    59. Jeffrey Rinchiuso


    60. Betlog Gae

      I was a kid when i watched the old one ! This New One Is gonna be sick!

    61. bankai productions

      That awesome hope they get sean schemel to repise his roles in this it's not likely since they didn't bring back a single neo voice actor so it might just be and all new cast but one can hope

    62. Rohit Taye

      Waiting For this type of Anime ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️😍

    63. John Bzn

      Yeah but I don’t see it on the Netflix app like I type in shaman king and there’s nothing

      1. Muz Lee

        Netflix only release it outside of japan when it's finished, so around a year. You can watch it with fansub tho

    64. Kabi Karina

      When will it be on Netflix USA ??

      1. Muz Lee

        Netflix only release it outside of japan when it's finished, so around a year. You can watch it with fansub tho

    65. Austin G

      Thanks for making me wait even longer so you can dub it and throw it all up in sections instead of weekly. Killed all the hype for the release for me.

      1. Muz Lee

        you can watch it on other sites

    66. Eevee5700

      guys is this a remake? or do I need to watch the old one to

      1. Muz Lee


    67. Kudo 1412


    68. CrappyPaintPapa

      I never thought this would happen. What a throwback WOO

    69. Skynight Prime

      what the hell this can't be real

    70. Kaan Aslım

      Just add english version openning in Netflix Look around you, look beyond... It would be epic!

    71. EnnJayy

      when are you releasing? siigh

      1. Muz Lee

        Netflix will only release it outside of japan when it's finished, so around a year. You can watch it with fansub tho

    72. Chris Jones

      I hate it when Netflix gets the rights to animes I want to watch now I have to pirate this

    73. Classhat

      I'm excited to see shaman king for the first time, the fans of the original got me excited as well!

    74. LauW

      Will they go along the manga this time and not just remake the old anime? The manga was a little more deep and sad.

    75. luxarx

      hope they're gonna have the same english dub voice actors as the original!

    76. Zach Light

      Although it's been years. I feel like they should of kept with the original look of the manga, rather then 'update' it to a easier style.

    77. Kosmc

      Reminds me of a mixture of soul eater and twin star exorcist

    78. T D

      Why am I so hyped !?

    79. Naraka

      "when I fused with you, it felt warm" Lol no homo

    80. John Bzn

      I love this

    81. mpd mpd

      can't wait!!! besto plaaace~~!

    82. Miguel Angel Ramos Medina

      Who date to rest of the world

    83. Anna Mullerova

      Moc doufám že konec dopadne tak jako v mange že Hao přežije pak by to byl úžasný nový seriál. 🤡

    84. ʍɢʂ· JaszY

      Im begging you guys im a huge fan of this anime rate this 10/10 please! *crying*

      1. Muz Lee

        ?? there is like 3 episodes out

    85. Jurandir Gustavo Souza Nunes

      Vivi pra assistir isso ser lançado no Netflix.

    86. DrVince

      So is this gonna have a different ending?

      1. Muz Lee

        yap, this is going to be the manga ending

    87. Марина Штольц

      Алло, олды здесь? Это. Просто. Обалденно!

    88. Peter Szalai


    89. Michael Horvath

      2021 is just filled with trash shows smh

      1. Muz Lee

        just like every other year

    90. Adrián Ríos Botero

      que te ilumine la eterna luz

    91. Red Beard

      Forgot about this classic, this is gonna be great if childhood memories are accurate, they rarely are though

    92. xXConsumXx

      Keep the old opening!!!

    93. Airr Ryy

      Dragon balls Hunter x Hunter Shaman King My top 3 favorites at all time. This will be the best gift for my 38th birthday ever!!!

    94. Ser Minh

      Thank you Netflix !!

    95. Garrek Thompson

      🐲❗️U N I T Y❗️🐲

    96. DistantKingdom

      i was just listening to the godly opening theme the other day. can't wait!!!

    97. Liam Duffy

      Sorry guys, if this anime goes down the route the manga went, then I’m giving it a hard pass.

      1. Liam Duffy

        @Muz Lee I’m just saying the author had other ways to make the show end in a satisfying way. It was probably rushed or something. And besides, Naruto fought a random god like entity and won, and the ending was shit. I’m just saying that this new show better be better and have an actual ending that people will like. If that psycho gets to be a karma Houdini again, I’m going to be pissed.

      2. Muz Lee

        @Liam Duffy "wanted" and "did" is not the same. Also in terms of the rules of the world, they couldn't even touch him, so this was the best solution.

      3. Liam Duffy

        @Muz Lee The main villain literally wanted to commit genocide as god. And he gets away scot free with the power of friendship after all the shit he pulled.

      4. Muz Lee

        @Liam Duffy Mr Nazi? Dude what manga have you read? You are getting way too angry about this

      5. Liam Duffy

        @Muz Lee Yeah, but it still ended in a shitty way where everyone forgives mr. Nazi because of shonen jump reasons and since the author is a nihilistic privileged asshole.

    98. Pedro Alberto Ribeiro

      I've never read or watched Shaman King, but I used to love the PS1 game. I guess I'll watch it this time.

    99. Rick Picolli

      when we'll be able to watch it in US?

      1. Muz Lee

        Netflix will only release it outside of japan when it's finished, so around a year. You can watch it with fansub tho

    100. Vicolas RA

      Para cuándo traeran para Latinoamerica? No pierdan la oportunidad de oro. Si siguen esperando la gente de aquí lo verá por otros medios y ya no quedrá ver :'v