The Hardest Lava Escape!

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    We put 100 players through the world's hardest obstacle courses, and the winner gets $10,000 worth of Doritos. Doritos taste good so I thought it was a great prize lol
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    1. P0LAND

      I’m polish MrBeast!!! I swear I’m not a Fraud :(

      1. UltraHacker Studios

        Revenge Mr Beast POLAND vs MRBEAST Minecraft battle , in a BattleGround get Diamond Armor and Your Not Fraud.

      2. INeedHealing _TV


      3. Jones Abraham

        I KNEW IT WAS YOU!

      4. Sandro Qutateladze


      5. Sandro Qutateladze

        Poland u are amazing

    2. Fortnite_Pro_Project_Zorgo360

      The mr beast discord is full :(

    3. Iam Melanie F

      MrBeast I like your video and pls try this game called roblox it’s a game for kids but pls play it

    4. Maximo Tarazona

      How can I join ur challenges

    5. Danni Holm


    6. Ismail Seedat

      I'm eating doritos right now

    7. your local simp

      Just sell all the doritos like bruh

    8. Marty Skull

      What is ghostbur doing in this video

    9. Dope

      If I don’t subscribe to me your NOT A GAMER

    10. KiraUwU

      Não sei se vai entender oque estou falando mais eu vim pelo RUpost geleia

    11. no

      I made something that is harder and all jumps are possible now it's just beating the entire thing

    12. Lucas Musser

      Hey mrbeast could you do a bed rock Challenge I play on ps5 I love your videos I watch all of your videos gaming channel the og channel and beast hacks love your videos

    13. Oscar Devil Slaying Gamer. Karl Is The Best.

      I honestly think yogurt tastes better than Doritos, but don't worry, Doritos come after yogurt.

    14. Rhys Dornan

      Everyone that made Poland famous please make me famous

    15. Ellie super


    16. First Suriyamas

      I'd want doritos

    17. Jimmy Cannon

      Can you please do more videos with Wilbur please

    18. Loner_Stoner 666

      The dudes disappointment at the end 😭

    19. TheGenius999

      GravyV : I am gonna be fed for life ty Me : damn thats a short life he sounds to young to be old

    20. nate54557

      I mean 10k in Doritos would be nice to put in some vending machines and turn it into 15k cash

    21. Ryan L

      Yooo wibur soot pog



    23. Dylan-ECR

      How do I join one of these competitions?

    24. NatsuUchiha

      Now all i need is my PS5! Am i right? lol

    25. Petrus Souza643


    26. Haz Channel AMV

      What happened to Chris facee

    27. TheDiamond Bro 2

      Nobody was excited for the Doritos :(

    28. aiden lee

      Wilbur cringe, disliked

    29. Andrei/ /Aenosade

      Wilbur is evil

    30. xPRIMOSx -CLIPS-

      llove or vids

    31. xPRIMOSx -CLIPS-

      love u jimmy

    32. xPRIMOSx -CLIPS-

      hi i

    33. Green Pencil

      Whenever you feel useless just remember that green pencils exist. (Green Pencil) ;D

    34. iamtoxicEdgar

      F for poland

    35. Ella Tentindo

      why does chris look like that and secret tunnnlllee

    36. Theultimatecookie

      Trolls if he said 𝑛𝑜

    37. Agnieszka Zakrzewska

      Mrbeast im from Poland 🇵🇱

    38. KRÓL Yt

      Im poland

    39. Daniel_ 007

      F to P0land

    40. Luna Perez Del Valle

      haha this is so funny because i'm eating doritos!!

    41. william chen

      Mr Beast:....THE PRICE IS.... £10,000. ... everybody in the Minecraft obstacle: Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mr Beast:...of Doritos Everybody in the Minecraft obstacle:oh... F*** this crap

    42. Channel Channel

      Hi guys. One boy is making a game and he is only 15 yrs old. He has uploaded his gamed gameplay demo on his RUpost channel. His channel's name is Dhone studios. Jj

    43. Hafizrizal Kamal

      Wilbur soot :)

    44. 5-CRISTHYAN


      1. Petrus Souza643



      Siema też jestem z polski

    46. Tuna Şengül


    47. Tuna Şengül

      Doritos iş left the game

    48. Bartosz Buchwald

      i am a poland too

    49. Tanishq Batra

      1. MrBeast

    50. ahsen wowo wowo

      what ever the hek this is

    51. Kawai _ almond

      4:39 I paused it right at this moment

    52. Noelle Agee

      Can u make next challenge 10,000 worth of corn

    53. Alannah’s Toys & Fun

      I’m sad for poland

    54. Grace Crosson


    55. Its Monke

      Wilbur shot at amit

    56. Christa Brown

      You mad at me, boo?

    57. Helenka Lada

      I am from poland to I am polish but I was 4 years in a British schoole

    58. Helenka Lada


    59. Gabe Stallworth

      by the way I"M A HUGE FANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    60. Gabe Stallworth

      i want to enter :,(

    61. 19JIME2 CookiesD best

      Everyone wants Da Ri Tos

    62. Kate

      nao me joguem gringos ;-;

    63. tkn_ Ahmed

      And discord zero power

    64. tkn_ Ahmed

      In the next Minecraft video plz invite me my user name Alan12Delshad okey?

    65. tkn_ Ahmed

      Mr beast why you didn’t invite me?😢😢

    66. singleAF


    67. Legomen dude

      Why 10k Doritos a pack of 8 costs £1 or $1 that’s 10k bags of 8 that means he gets 80k Doritos there’s 20-31 In a packet so that means your giving them 2080000 Doritos

    68. DucksAreCute

      0:22 im pretty sure lots of people know him

    69. 13 Ip Long Yiu 葉朗堯


    70. Nameer Saif


    71. Savvy Lion

      I would love to join a challenge. What version do I need and how can I join a full Discord? Rip

    72. Anyways Jaylin

      Mr Beast: Money Mr Beast Gaming: FOOD

    73. Sreys Official

      Hey I'm a fan of yours and one of the first followers i really enjoy your content. What do you think of my videos? i justt started making youtube videos. Hope you like it. Have a good day :)

    74. QuietNinja

      Mr Beast in desc: follow all these or I kick u. Me: Ono

    75. Levi Ackerman

      If someone were to get picked by them to participate, would it be possible to play on the Xbox?

    76. princess show

      Pls don't kill people in mine raft parkour it fells very sa

    77. Alfie Lawson

      love the engineer guitar play

    78. Janni

      2:46 I got so paranoid when I heard that sneeze or whatever that was o.o

    79. mohamed ali

      mr beast can i please have a xbox 1

    80. Demon slash Animation

      lol maybe it will win for only 1 taco lol

    81. Ambreen Kamran

      Some one click baited you mr beast search in RUpost meeting mr beast in person rude talk some sense into that guy will u mr beast

      1. Ambreen Kamran

        And I am not lying I promise

    82. Minecraft Lion

      You should invite Fundy or Ph1lza to the next video

    83. Toby Macpherson

      I like the cool original doritos

    84. Yerielle Wong


    85. sparrow

      S O O T

    86. Sofia Dunn

      Is Wilbur single?

    87. b e a n

      Jimmy: Wilbur, play them a song,. Wilbur: Plays tf2 meet the engineer guitar song

    88. Game Time

      hey I want to join your discord server but your server is full . pls do something so other people like me can also join pls pls pls

    89. idk at this point

      Bruh meme

    90. Beverley Allison

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    91. TopOfTheWorld Gaming

      Subscribe and 👍 @TopOFTheWorldGaming

    92. Charitha Jayakelum Wickramapala

      Mrbeast can you help me

    93. Tiffany

      Play hello kitty island adventure!! Repost this.

    94. Nolan Mott

      I did the math, if you won, you could buy a bag of doritos every day for just under 7 years

    95. Jotaro Toons

      tommy innit is next

    96. TheAdvertisement

      I love how Wilbur's embracing his insane role even outside of L'Manburg. :')

    97. TheAdvertisement

      4:42 General Kenobi!

    98. John Marinace

      Can someone pls leave the mrbeast gaming discord pls??????

    99. Nasa Is Cool


    100. Henrique Ramalho

      Geleia and RUpost