I’m Roman Atwood, this is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and daughter Cora, along with my wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on RUpost since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all!

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  1. Louise Barrowman

    You were born for this channel!😉👏👌

  2. Anthony Wall

    Best luck Atwoods....

  3. Louise Barrowman

    The air is going to be tight in there! But that water droplet sound when he came down!?!🤭😂Too funny!

  4. Clare Parfitt


  5. Louise Barrowman

    🙋‍♀️I don’t drink either! And I’m 39! Stopped mid 20’s!🤷‍♀️

  6. Bruv BRUV

    smile more ! ❤️❤️😆

  7. TotterySI3GE YT

    It been soooo long

  8. Gaming with Joey

    I came back after 4 years to find Noah as a teen?!?!?

  9. Chandler Baxter

    6 months clean off of coke n ecstasy! 😁 at 19, i’ve struggled with drug addiction, and alcoholism, and extremely intense depression. Sad world that everyone just wants to get high, or drunk every chance they get..

  10. mr beast

    does gad idear mean bad or dad idear

  11. InsertNameHere

    You can tell she misses it😔🤘

  12. Twyla Varn


  13. AnimeEpicAdventure

    bro yall i still have your natural born pranksters movie i bought the day it came out its a little beat up but it always reminds me of the times of when youtube was awesome

  14. caitlyn pyle

    I’m 1 year and 2 days clean from alcohol! I’m just proud of anyone trying to get clean!

  15. shoeygames

    Man I mis this

  16. A _Texan

    Every year I buy my kids a silver dollar on thier bday. It's good to see you getting your kids into it.

  17. Nick Trujillo

    Knox has the same Birthday as me😁😁

  18. A _Texan

    The time for collecting silver has passed. The best time for buying silver was in the 60's - 80s.

  19. A _Texan

    The 1921 morgan is the most common coin in that era.

  20. Christopher Beach

    Np u guys are amazing

  21. Anthony Cedillo

    January 24th 2018 was the last day I used hard drugs. Whenever I hear of someone’s story it doesn’t cross your mind how much will power it takes to stop doing something you love more than anything. If your struggling to stay clean please reach out find an outlet that’s health for you.

  22. khalilahthechaotic

    I feel like I’ve been smoking weed way too often, and it’s a huge money waste low key, but I’m not ready to give it up cause that’s my relaxation time. But you know one day

  23. VeliMakesMusic

    thank you

  24. 4legends

    playing football with my friends and and spending time with my family make me happy

  25. Randi Krohmaly

    Where’s the Smile More building? You did so much ok that property!

  26. Randi Krohmaly

    Something that makes me happy is rescuing cats or helping an animal in need.

  27. Ivette Garcia

    Chapter 2

  28. Reid Thornton


  29. Cynthia Cuellar

    As someone who's 33 and been married 14years. I can't drink because I'm allergic. My husband just doesn't drink either so I get the outcast kinda thing but really they don't care if you do or don't... At least if they actually care about your well-being. Thank you for sharing and getting that off your chest. Also I can kinda see it being embarrassing because it comes off sounding like you had a drinking problem lol when in reality you just didn't like the person you became when you were drinking. It takes a lot to be able to share that with everyone. People who love you but that you honestly don't really know and don't know how it will be perceived but just know that we're with you through all the ups and the downs.

  30. Savage Wesker

    I never drunk or smoke at all and I'm 27

  31. gta drifter

    jake pauls old house

  32. Anthony Melton

    i love you you gugs are cool

  33. Jillian Driggers

    school and procrastination

  34. Carson Cotw

    I’m 14 and I started wAtching you when I was 6

  35. CLC III

    With your viewership you may very well help many people come to the conclusion you came to. Glad you came to the conclusion together and are living out your convictions. Alcohol and other drugs have ruined many lives, marriages and families. So very glad that you have made the decision to live alcohol free. As Always, May God Bless you and yours!

  36. Mia Paulin


  37. Amber Price

    Congratulations! Addiction is not weird, addiction is very real and it can affect your life in very negative ways. I was an opiate addict for a very long time, I am now 8 years sober! We do recover!! Never be ashamed to admit you have/had a problem!

  38. Natalia B

    Congratulations guys! That is amazing! Keep it going!!!

  39. A _Texan

    You guys were the only youtubers I'd let my son watch. He always wanted one of your shirts. Hope to see you guys back on youtube.

  40. A _Texan

    That's crazy. I cant imagine anyone wanting to hurt you or anyone in your family. It's sad but glad you guys are safe.

  41. Kaiden Geisel

    Bryan's gonna get stuck

  42. B c

    I appreciate your honesty and openess about your guys's struggles. My friend Sera was an alcoholic and has been sober for 6 years. So proud of her!

  43. Victor Tony

    what a bad day😂

  44. Christian Neilson

    OMG SINCE WHEN DID THEY COLAB!!!!!! Am I the only one that’s been living under a rock?

  45. Petyr Baelish

    From the UK, been watching for years but f*ck it... when you need a drink... you need a drink....!!!! It's one of the only things getting me through lockdown... besides the weed haha. Don't care what anyone says. Be yourself. If you don't drink or smoke, fair play. Some do, some don't. We've just got to stay positive either way... touching video and I understand why some don't drink...

  46. Dougie Sinclair

    I think theyre becoming overtly religious since moms passing

  47. vtllc


  48. Christiano CODRINGTON

    i have

  49. Keifer Powell

    Thankfully I don’t get addicted and I can just drop whatever it is. Keep going to all of you that it is hard for

  50. deborah walkington

    I my flipping fudge cakes he is my favorite youtuber of all time and I wish I could meet him I live in Michigan and he lives in texas.

  51. A-Town B-Ball

    The beginning of chapter 2

  52. Alexandria And Snow’s New Journey

    Love you all... stay blessed and beautiful! ♥️

  53. Jay

    I miss the old vlogs 😭😭

  54. Abraham Leal

    I really want to quit vaping

  55. Jay

    Chapter 2 pranks

  56. tori bee

    WOWWW HATS OFF!!! I am going on 3 years in 2 months being 100% sober and clean♥️ you guys are even more of a role model for me now♥️🤘 stay strong ♥️🤘

  57. BabyMinatoWrld

    wait you had a new kid how much did i missed

  58. kelly marie

    Jeep! Sell the jeep and get double the cash 😁

  59. Aria De Larriva

    Alcohol was designed to keep us entertained and subjugated, so we wouldn't complain. It numbs us and becomes a very harmful coping mechanism. You guys made an awesome choice I'm happy for you! I used to be that judgy person that would react annoyingly to someone saying they don't drink, and now I'm one of them. I van have a glass of wine or whatever in a social context like once in months! But I've never ever drank with intention of getting drunk, not even tipsy. I don't wanna numb myself, I wanna be all of me all the time. Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️

  60. Vanessa Lopez

    That's not something to be embarrassed about 632 days that's amazing you guys are amazing my wish is to meet you guys one day 🥰🥰 sending you lots of love, light and many more blessings ❤❤

  61. Jayfeather

    Who else is watching this in 2021?

  62. Damon Ford

    I would not do it! I would like to think I would but with it being that cold. I am good.

  63. Shanda Ray


  64. Keaton Wood


  65. Michael Mitchell

    Good for you guys. I know a few people that could benefit from the same.

  66. Seth Allen

    Super proud of you two. That is awesome you both recognized a weak link and both agreed to change. That’s not easy to do. Congrats on 632 days!

  67. Yas Khan

    All the Muslims are laughing right now

  68. st4r5ust

    Probably the start of chapter 2

  69. Pavel Bocharnikov

    Awesome! Hope God's will keep on helping you with this! I'm alcohol free and love it!

  70. Shaunda Stone

    My husband is dying from alcoholism he has liver failure glad you guys stopped he's still struggling to quit even tho it's killing him

  71. Chris Hathaway jr

    i love cooking with my mom

  72. Tiffani Buchanan

    Did y’all find out who it was and press charges on them . It’s scary what people can do with technology these days

  73. Jerimiah Phipps

    Drinking smoking and whatever else I just don't do any of it anymore because it's not good for the body and I've tried a lot of things but it's so so much better being sober and I'm only 21 but I'm proud of you two for staying sober and away from alcohol.

  74. Rojay Lewinson

    I would

  75. Gabriela Mercado

    You guys are really amazing, thanks for sharing❤️

  76. Rojay Lewinson

    I was in chapter1

  77. Rosalynn Martell

    Alcohol is the one drug you have to justify not doing.

  78. Rawan Abd

    I have the pillow issue !!!

  79. Reid Harter

    Does anyone know what happened to flash?

    1. Reid Harter

      @mary jane holland okay thanks

    2. mary jane holland

      at romans parents house

  80. stephany marketos