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  1. Ali Alesry

    Why barca sele this man??

  2. julian campos

    Lol so what was that chant at Messi's house about? I think they were saying "campeones campeones" because they were playing fifa.

  3. Hamza k

    Im happy they lost, i wish Messi leaves this stupid club. Im done with them.. those glory days will never happen again

  4. Jose Venzor

    Pistolero. Bien por Atleti. I'm a Barca fan and will support this guy all the way

  5. danlau99

    I really don't care, I'm just waiting for Laporta's decision.

  6. Richard Harisson

    real madrid fan here but that was a dramatic game...what a day it was barca real atm all tried their level best

  7. Ziyad Karim

    Basically, it's either Messi or nothing for this team. Even when he have a good game the Defense betrays him

  8. شيماء درويش ابراهيم

    If sureaz stayed at barca : barca 8-2 atlietico barca 7-1 real barca 6-0 psg

  9. Cyrax

    fantastic game by atletico madrid

  10. HeNaFi

    Barca at home have lost so many points.

  11. Clinch Knot

    Bro, I always ask how do players feel when orhers just jump on them on the floor to celebrate? 😂

  12. Sergio Ramos

    Goals in El Clasico since 2018 Spiderman: 0 Batman: 0 Iron Man: 0 Eibar Man: 0 Your favorite Superhero?

  13. Kevin Sanchez

    Well what do we have here Barcelona losing again

  14. Ox_Year

    Whoever was stupid enough to let go of Suarez and bought Braitwaitte is beyond me....that person has no sense of football

  15. Green Enchantress

    As Barcelona fan this makes me so happy, I have tears in my eyes. I believed in Karma, now I believe in it even more. Respect my legend, not once did I want you to leave. Fly even higher 🥺☺️

  16. Rolando Hernandez


  17. Csokops #glazersout

    Barca fans before you start calling for Koeman's head just remember that you weren't expected to be in a title race in the first place

  18. O

    Good luck to Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Barca needs some serious change, hopefully we’ll get the needed change in the summer.

  19. The Goffather

    Lenglet and Pique are finished

  20. Cristiano Goatnaldo

    Imagine if this is messis last game with Barcelona in the Camp Nou 🥺😕

  21. Honest vardrid fan

    poor barca

    1. Sergio Ramos

      Poor ratio

  22. BaquiTheMonkey

    Buena por ti Carlitos! Excelente jugador y persona

  23. Ahmad Al Bakri

    I hope koeman realizes how stupid he is

  24. The Yeas Nation

    Are they going broadcast Barca fully in the last week when they having nothing to play 😐🙁


    Gracias Luis Suárez💙🙏🏻👏🏻👍🏻☝🏻Barcelona Fan

  26. Cristiano Goatnaldo

    I think Messi will stay I don’t know why

    1. Adrian S

      You are right and Ronaldo needs to come back to Real Madrid

  27. Cristiano Goatnaldo

    This is giving me vibes from last season that Barcelona were out of the title race match day 37 and Messi scored but Barca lost in the last minute also a red card Imao

  28. Fabrice Qvo

    I actually want ati to win it 5his season, 🔥🔥

  29. BH Lvcid

    Hala Madrid

    1. ArnavFCB

      Lol didn’t know u watch football

  30. cristian leo

    It's time for Lionel Messi to move on to another club; He deserves to leave with glory.

  31. Leslie Jim

    osasuna bottled it. how can u concede two in five mins?

  32. Ronnie

    Suarez should give his liga medal to Messi if atletico win ,Messi deserve it more 🐐

  33. Big Nebula

    Ffs it's going right to the lat day

  34. Frenkie De Goat

    Happy for Suarez🥵 Madrid gonna go trophyless🥵

  35. J Grajeda

    Messi gone!

  36. NetCodeERROR

    I'm a big Real Madrid fan but I am happy to see Atletico win. Always respect good football 🙏

  37. Cyrax

    bad game real madrid but always win they very luckly

  38. R madrid NYC


  39. NathAN

    What Simeone doing in the beginning?? Haha

  40. wearemadrid

    Unfortunate that atleti won but we are still alive. Next sunday decides everything

  41. Fede Valverde.15


    1. R madrid NYC

      let's all laugh at chokelona 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 chokelona fans really said they'd win the league 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. The Yeas Nation

    Wtf is atletico so bad at posseion When they play 45-53 posseion people call it anti football against weak team Direct football is always effective

  43. Logan Vargas

    Good luck to Barcelona for the title next year.

    1. R madrid NYC

      you think they're winning it? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  44. jairo lorenzo

    Im glad for him

  45. Jason Rodriguez

    Atletico 🔴🔴⚪️⚪️babyyyy

  46. Honest  Varcelona Fan

    As an Honest Varcelona fan these two clubs r better

  47. King Newyork

    Suarez best striker of this moment

  48. Oneil Forseh

    Barca in the mud.

  49. Genaro Alvarado

    Hasta q por fin el Villareal esta jugando como el Villareal... Lastima q no vivo en España ..... si si fuese un poquito mas bonito para mi pero no vivo aya .... De buena manera q viva el Villareal....

  50. Christopher Barthelus

    happy for Suarez but shit Barca is fucked we have an old defense players don't want to leave a revolution is needed

  51. dogeminator

    I thought he suffocated.

  52. Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    Wild Liverpool 24 Hours... - Former Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers upsets Chelsea and wins the FA Cup. - Liverpool legend Luis Suarez sends Atletico Madrid one inch closer to the Spanish Championship. - Allison is first goalkeeper in Liverpool history to score in a game.

  53. Ziyad Karim

    For a moment Madrid fans were ready to put Osasuna shirts

    1. R madrid NYC

      nah we aren't losers like Barca, we support our own team and don't rely on other teams

  54. Rolyn Ross

    Sevilla really? What happened Sev? You n Barcelona both are wasted today. As a Barça who just became an ex-fan a few moments ago, I am truly sorry for your loss. Well done to both Madrids👍

  55. Eduardo Sanxhez

    So Happy for suarez we missed his goals this season

  56. Sergio CT

    Suarez is an idiot for real it makes the more difficult goals and then it misses the easy ones. Nonsense

  57. Digital Phantom

    Suarreeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!! Meanwhile somewhere In England... Aguero: That's how its done

  58. Me also

    Don't let VARdrid win la liga!!!!

  59. Chris Monzon

    This game gave me so much anxiety lol but that Luis Suarez goal is why I love football

  60. Aiden#HalaMadrid

    Imagine how koeman must feel rn for selling Suarez

    1. Ahmad Al Bakri

      classic barca 🤣🤣🤣

  61. Honest  Varcelona Fan

    As an honest Varcelona fan i want Real Madrid to win La Liga

  62. The Yeas Nation

    How much you want to bet some United Kingdom Tv channel (2 matches) going to broadcast Barca game When they have nothing to play

  63. Wacky Mags

    Thank you, Suarez. Thank you, Atlético.

  64. Boston City F.C M

    Another game winner !!!!!! Grande lucho !!!!!!🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

  65. Shokhjakhon Khakimjonov

    Simly wow

  66. Gabriel Perez

    Easy dubs, totally not even close..

    1. Ahmad Al Bakri

      That's sarcastic right

  67. Kareem Lover09

    👑❤Atletico Madrid 👑❤

  68. João Félix GOAT

    there’s a reason our motto is “nunca dejas de creer”. i’m going to die because of this club. if we win this league because of that club, i’m going to tell my children and my grandchildren about that goal

    1. Frenkie De Goat

      Congrats bro, take care of the Best striker of this decade

  69. Jabez Abayneh

    Why is this over dramatic control freak ref chosen for the UCL final?

  70. The Yeas Nation

    You don’t know how much my heart was beating

    1. Nico las


  71. conchaivn

    Alternative title race ending: Messi pinpoint weighted pass found Suarez in the box and the Uruguayan scored a dramatic late winner that took Barca to the top of the table. Might have had happened if the Barca board (and Koeman) did not push Suarez away.

  72. João Félix GOAT

    IM GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS CLUB. heart monitor said 134 during the osasuna goal and 141 during the suarez goal. why am i so committed to this club? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. The Yeas Nation

      My heart was beating worse than Porto-juve 😭 « Never stop believing «

  73. Jos. Beire.

    Goal legal jeeeee por favor

  74. Sofia Sofia

    Why stupid Barca sold Suarez??

  75. Rene Villatoro

    MESSI el mejor jugador del mundo

  76. Yeshwant Dawson

    Barcelona will wish they had Suarez to convert that cross from Alba today. Instead they had lord Braithwaite...

  77. King Darwin

    Suarez is such a legend ..he’s about to win 2 la liga titles from two different teams

    1. Trisak Khanal

      @R madrid NYC puarez?

    2. Frenkie De Goat

      @R madrid NYC Deluded😂 Athletico and Barca are the only teams winning a trophy this year😂

    3. Kyrox

      @R madrid NYC i hopw

    4. R madrid NYC

      Puarez will choke next week don't get too exicted 🤣 Madrid are winning it all

  78. Gorashi Ali


  79. Anaki Chen

    It would be fun to see him argue with Messi

  80. 4kEm14

    Rip barca