Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.

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  1. not noob

    Just delete her no joke

  2. yessirski bruh

    plus ultra!

  3. Santiago FerraraRivera

    jdr que temazo


    “If only my character could be more anime!” *changes* *that’s what I’m talking about*

  5. Peter Parker

    Why is Leona's shield bleeding?

  6. MOBI

    Lets be real Taliyah is like an ant to Xerath he would oneshot her with ease

  7. Haru

    Thank you :)

  8. Mr,Dog Asky

    Lol is not just a game also have songs

  9. Asher M

    Riot is now legitimately everything else but a game company.

  10. edwardandeli


  11. Mr,Dog Asky

    Imagine watching this 2 years ago

  12. Shama Nayeem

    For New LOL Fans: 0:02 --> Garen 0:07 --> Lux 0:28 --> Ezreal 0:39 --> 0:52 --> Caitlyn 0:58 --> Vi 1:18 --> Kai'Sa 1:35 --> I don't know 2 of these, if you do Plzz reply.

  13. Reigner Galenzoga

    0:08 never thought tht arcane was already leaked in this music😅😆

  14. Gamer Tripeater

    Legends Never die Legends: dies* Gamers: Oh no (clicks respawn) anyways

  15. EpicBunty

    so she's a reptile, huh ? interesting............

  16. AshDutube

    Who else saw the PlayStation logos

  17. Tarun Raina

    You'll never know a person's true worth unless you've seen them beg for mercy. Ah how their screams make me tingle.

  18. GW NAFIS 1M


  19. The hootedman

    Graves and tf are dating right?

  20. Bold Cup

    Tyler1 best voice 🐸💙

  21. Aslan Lekpek

    Who doesnt think on Tony Stark?🥺🥺🥺

  22. shaulin matado de onça

    Bem malhor True damege e pentakillv

  23. Finn TV MM

    Bass on🔥

  24. Juby

    i still don't understand why Lissandra was in the cinematic but she was EPIC

  25. UP ARMY K40

    I love this song for my life is motivated 😭🙏❤️

  26. Leonardo García

    Reee hermosa :')

  27. Mythic Light

    Mlbb copied

  28. RaSHaN XvX

    Always here

  29. devil gamer

    the first song i have heard by league of legends and it's the best!

  30. 왜근데요

    지리고 감동하고

  31. Azazreal

    Its ok, i dont need my money anyway :( xD

  32. Meg Chan

    Finally 2M of likes! This song deservess all of them

  33. Anna Carrara

    chi qua per la reazione al kpop di ratorix?

  34. Anna Carrara

    0:49 my fav

  35. Elena Diana

    Ciao sono una grande fan di league of Legends oggi stavo giocando league of legends wild rift ma a un certo punto la partita in classifica si è di sconnessa portandomi alla schermata con la musica e dicendomi di dover inserire la mail alla fine non funzionava e mi sono persa la partita e sono stata bannata 1 giorno e 19 ore per una colpa che non è mia quindi se è un problema vostro sistematelo grazie.

  36. Random

    Im not playing League of Legends, but this is sooooooo cool

  37. BunnyHeadSoup

    So far I’ve watched half of the hour version

  38. TI Ma


  39. vlad nekro

    0:04 wild rift trailer

  40. son goku bg

    gamexpro anyone?

  41. raihannef _


  42. Nikilesh Rao

    I can feel it

  43. Mari

    Originais 🥂

  44. neerajdonz

    this audio is better than Mobile Legends 515 animation

  45. The MortalVirus22

    Test: failed Me:plays the song Test:Sorry wanna say Unfailed


    I play tod sa vc that time so heart breaking

  47. neerajdonz

    Riot Games, will you destroy Mobile Legends ?

  48. AntonY-FF


  49. Novice Warrior

    don't fight them sylas , they've got a big wave and its 3 of them

  50. Gasai Yuno

    make this with a live orchestra thanks

  51. FrostZy

    Soo when it will be out¿

  52. MeTeor GaminG


  53. Drummer Thresh 6250 RP

    *Riot pls BIG buff Aurelion Sol and reflect true strength in lol*

  54. WyllE

    You think this is cool? Tries to speed it up. Any level

  55. May Thawdar Pyae

    I don't even play this game but i love this song. Lol

  56. azir zalman

    Hello My name is Azir and I was so happy to see this vid

  57. Vince Theo Mendoza

    Kinda unfair since it turns into a 6v5

  58. adamhrdk

    100m lesgooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  59. keshav k

    gamexpro yaad agya 😁😁

  60. Тик Кот


  61. Тик Кот

    Бархатцы посадил, Кисуль😘

  62. mino king


  63. Hanna Sakura

    Bestie makin me gaee 😔😔✋

  64. NAW

    When you gid gud


    are you listening to this song in 2021?

  66. Jeff Moos


  67. Irian3x3

    this should have a billion views

  68. Feldwebel

    I really like Warwick. wolfs goated + buff ult range lol no cap

  69. Baggriel

    Just waiting to sett come to Wild Rift.

  70. Gaspard Savoureux

    Tuuuuuu es capable d'accompliiiiiir de graAndes choooses

  71. Mencoba Saja

    2020 wow this cool 2021 : full of "ml" comment

  72. Elisa Rianisani

    Ohh aespa tuh konsepnya mau kek gini...


    Anyone 2021?

  74. Keith Garcia

    rise for *the international tryhard anthem*

  75. mooka suka

    Hey they pretty thick

  76. AddisonRaePickles

    100 million

  77. Andi Premoh

    What we hear: RISE What Faker hears: R Y Z E

  78. Aaron Miguel Sison

    Kayn: the drug dealer

  79. ƒεεδ mγ κąt

    I don´t get it... Why is Draven bleeding in 2:56 if Riven didn´t hit him already and in the next second, she hits him with the head and he does not have blood? xD. I think that scene was edited bad, not?

  80. Hitler

    Esto representa que faker está mamadisimo XD