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  1. EpikMurk


  2. rue clark

    me thinking i’m watching an annoying video at the beginning

  3. Jay Jay

    Tyceno came back and got fucked up

  4. East Stockton

    I use to be the biggest Tyceno fan , use to think he was the goat on 2k19... these last couple years he’s just losing it tough man.. the iq isn’t there anymore it’s like 2k isn’t his thing anymore

  5. Yahir Ramos

    overrated 😂

  6. xX_Love_Xx

    Dude is winning in life

  7. Arman Kaila

    Vs gman again plz

  8. EpikMurk


  9. Brayden MTB

    The legend is back

  10. Marcelo Almeida

    Tyceno não é mais aquele

  11. Damiahn Soto


  12. Demonic Games

    I need a next gen wager on your channel

  13. EnergeticTV


  14. Im Tayka

    Current gen so ass lmao


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  16. Wokka


  17. NYK_6 _


  18. Goated Name

    Tyceno do gta role play bro

  19. EpikMurk


  20. Jonah Hess

    the king is back 👑

  21. Manager Crispy

    Saving the community by coming back

  22. DrewSecured

    What desk do you have

  23. EpikMurk


  24. Vartan Mikaelian

    Tyceno this isn’t 2k20🤦🏻

  25. Goon Yung


  26. The mighty midget

    Annoying is down bad for shooting close shots

  27. Locc

    no cap feel bad for tyceno having to guard speed glitching on delay i can’t imagine how hard it must’ve been glad to have you back regardless! missed you man❤️

  28. Bxrt

    Let’s go

  29. DarkSZN

    Dont leave again 😡 😔 you have the best content


    TY DOESN’T HAVE intimidator smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ that’s why he kept scoring

  31. GQLDEN2K

    Watchin in may 2021

  32. Nathan Bartley

    Ay Tyceno, i think if you smoke weed you would play so much better then you already do

  33. Mixologist Mook

    Too early bro, you need to get back into 2k!!!😦

  34. Lyndan Esparon

    Welcome back tyceno

  35. DamianGamesNL

    Nowayyy im the same rep as tyceno

  36. hypedcardz

    LFG tyceno wanna wager for $1000?

  37. Bcg has Okmbb

    Game 4 annoying different Lmaoo

  38. hypedcardz


  39. hypedcardz


  40. MGAdept

    I missed you

  41. Quent Bron

    Tyceno Reacts

  42. PghLFilms


  43. ily Lux-

    This is why I got mad respect for tyceno even though he lost he still posted the wager on his Chanel 🔥🔥 Good to have you back tyceno

  44. Aksel Loza

    Dont stress it u just got back

  45. YUNG Xeowi

    if Ante Up Showed Up Stuff On The TV That Would Be Lit

  46. Daiko TO

    I love you tyceno but 2k21 current gen isn't your game. You literally have to play one way it's sad. I loved watching you do your shot creator stuff but you literally cannot do it in this game :( ; its so inefficient

  47. Kiwi breezy

    I love how your always chill and happy losing and winning. Nice to have you back

  48. Arieal

    y’all just wait n see wat this man does..🤣😭😭

  49. Donny Vega

    That was the equivalent of, Kobe beating his idle MJ . Lakers vs Wizards .🙃

  50. KENTHAGOD 30

    Good to see you back!!!! Both of y’all!

  51. Brandon Johnson

    Current gen 😢🥺

  52. vTriggaZay


  53. William Devereux

    tyceno chiko in game 1 💀

  54. BizyB TV

    That last game had me crying 😂😂😂😂

  55. Alessandro Capobianco

    Ur washed

  56. SilviusBlack 074

    Are you playing banning speedboost?

  57. Yo It’s ya boy

    Return of the king

  58. Blake Willie

    No cap i haven’t watched 2k in so long is this p5

  59. king fleet

    1million subs

  60. Barry White

    Mans hyped for beating someone who been off the game 😂😂

  61. Malcolm Phillips

    I have said it many Times KrisZeetee is one of the best centers in the game ..everyone talking to me about Boss . He is amazing but Kris better always has been .

  62. bart12

    really didn't chill on the adds damn!

  63. smartintentionz

    Welcome back Tyceno, the community has missed you.

  64. smartintentionz

    Kris: “Come on bro you’ve been playing 2K for 3 decades” 😂 😂

  65. Oxx Loves

    Imagine if u had Z 😲😲😲

    1. ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛᴜᴀʟ

      It would've been worse

  66. tyrese wilson

    cuh both of yall is str8 terrible 😂 dats crazy

  67. Sticky Iffy

    The rust is real but it’s okay glad he’s back 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  68. Zeek THOMAS

    When you green on the game but soon as you step outside yo house you CANT even do a left hand layup at your local park lmfao @tyceno you good at controller time info but your REal LIFE timing sucks get a jumper on the game and in real life now you cold my guy but if I not shooting like that in real life it don’t matter

  69. xDrippy 2kx

    What is build kriz

  70. DET AJAY

    Big 1 milll

  71. EpikMurk


  72. Jacques Dye

    Watching this in 2021 gotta love tyceno ♥️✊🏾

  73. TJ_Th3god


  74. TJ_Th3god

    Quarter for my

  75. TJ_Th3god

    Dddd adm.

  76. rockoutaqqew

    who edits these? 😭

  77. Jermaine Prunty

    You don’t know how to play D my boy. Don’t gotta move around so much just sit on them screens the curry slides and it’ll force a struggle bucket

  78. Yodanks

    Annoying was playing like a straight bitch close shots and makes whites

  79. Grindin2k

    If im being honest annoying not even good he only wagered him cus he knew he haven’t played in a while he lowkey just a casual in my opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️

  80. Ghost 2k

    No speed boosting love to see it