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  1. Diego Valentino

    The only reason im buying this game is because 3D world was my first Wii U and Nintendo videgame and reminds me of the happiest moments of my life.

  2. Aiza Khuhro

    Wait... DO WE NOT GET ROSALINA...?!

    1. Aiza Khuhro

      Wait nvm

  3. francisco valdes

    On april??? I cant wait that much

  4. Devin World

    0:52 the shop theme is so beautiful 🥺

  5. Vally Baskar

    My two cents, maybe they meant for it to look this way, raw , soothing and not overdone , just to take a break from the present day sometimes overwhelming graphics 😇

  6. Johnael Simmons


  7. Plasma tic

    I hope they can add co-op to play the game and not the bowser's fury part

  8. OTIS

    Did Godzilla sleep with bowser because jr seems to team with Mario

  9. Oscar

    Mario's a furry

  10. YourMomz07

    Dude, I love whomever did the captions for this - describing each theme.

  11. Hayley MD

    3D Hollow Knight is what I need to make it through the wait for Silksong

  12. Miko Makowski

    So, I heard everyone talking about that calico cat and thinking of daisy, and I just need to say This feels so much like purple link in triforce heroes If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, look it up at your own emotional risk. It’s sad

  13. Ben Bon

    Bowser: ItS nOt A pHaSe MoM

  14. LanieMae

    Oh my gosh I’m so nervous rn the actual final splatfest is tomorrow TEAM MUSHROOM

  15. Ian the cringy white male

    I'm buying it straight away!

  16. Marc W

    I can't remember. Is this one also going to be available for a limited time? I never bought a Wii U, so I definitely want to pick this one up.

  17. E105_Alpha

    I purchase this as soon as possible! And I hope it’s on steam already.

  18. Stellar

    Looks better than MH rise lol

  19. Moonlit Eyes

    Wait this looks really good

  20. Irvin Isaias Olvera Montes

    Este juego me recuerda a animal crossing

  21. Blackout the AI

    Palicos are the best thing to ever happen to me

  22. TEO910 gaming

    Hey Guys Nintendo I Wanna See a Message and a Party Part in the Nintendo Switch So I can Talk to My Friends and can you add a quick Join Thing You can Invite People and Join People And can you make It Get Game for Free only once you get Online And Add the internet browser Plz and Thank You.

  23. Nacho Fox

    Everyone’s saying how he hid right when he said he can’t hide, even though bowser broke the block he was hiding behind a split second later

  24. RR

    What in the mega evolution did Mario just become 😅

  25. Colton Mino

    zombie go grrrrrr, survivor go funni stab

  26. Scrumptious Toothpaste

    So you couldn’t sell 3D world so you decided to add black bowser

  27. Cruzthespicy12

    Furry and the Beast the movie

  28. Hayden Green


  29. Randomnesss E

    One day I will go to the Florida one

  30. Steven Miller


  31. Bloxy News

    I finnaly have Animal Crossing OMG!!!

  32. Micah

    It feels good to hear tropical resort act 1 again

  33. Micah

    bruh they added sonic

  34. EmbassyNerdcore

    Hollow Knight + Wind Waker + Kingdom Hearts + Mario Odyssey So yeah, its the kind of thing people want for sure

  35. Wreck-It Raul


  36. Spin Attack Link


  37. Beds Blondes

    plz tell me that rad soundtrack plays every time Fury Bowser wakes up

  38. Prince Vegeta

    did i hear the end right did he say so furry????? xd

  39. Beans109

    yo anyone else at 1:08 hear the fart sound effect

  40. Phoenixofsnow

    Watching her legs fall apart gives me chills every time....

  41. Arris Estrella

    I wish there was custom themes

  42. Odyssey story 11

    This looks interesting I wonder how much this will cost when it gets released

  43. Big Eraser

    This game is coming in my brothers birthday

  44. EDI P

    Gonna need 2 or 3 more joycons for this

  45. OJSthecoder

    Anyone gonna talk about how similar this is to epic Mickey?

  46. LB playz


  47. Mega2000

    Wait I heard this song before guakachachacha pirin barin bom xD Fernanfloo

  48. DIO

    So we're just gonna forget Giga Bowser?

  49. Felonius Gru

    We made a fun 4 player game into a small “co-op” game

  50. Devin Valencia

    class BlueFire { constructor ( hollowKnight, windWalker) { this.characterDesign = hollowKnight; this.environment = windWaker; } }

  51. Ahmed Al-thabeti

    Wants your a pro the game is trash

  52. TMX1138

    Nintendo Direct, please!

  53. LotusKarma

    The bowser's fury mode looks so cool. But. I don't want to spend another 60 dollars on a game that I already played

  54. SpiritOfTheHero

    Man, it's going to be difficult waiting for that physical version.

  55. Toad Channel

    Why I don’t watch video

    1. Toad Channel


  56. Avalon Jack

    This Is a beautiful mix between hollow Kinigth and Zelda wind waker