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  1. Jizelle Casia

    I liked this video and commented before even watching

  2. Kaley Hansen

    Hot take, I'm sure, but this is SO wonderful to see. I didn't realize how much I'd missed seeing Dan, especially in a vid with Phil. I get that the internet can be a really draining place and Dan owes nothing to anyone.....but I REALLY needed this content in my life. So just....thanks you guys. So happy to laugh and hang with you.

  3. Yaneth Cazarez

    Jeez, as soon as I read hamster I frOOZE

  4. Blegh Mcblegh

    dan himself ships dancest .. we called this back in 2013 im so proud

  5. 유진설

    holy shit i missed you guys

  6. moonchild

    hamster in a hat... been a while since i'd heard of that

  7. Riley Simone

    they have both grown so much!!!!

    1. Ella Éléphant


  8. Ella Éléphant

    Phil, darling, 15:05 you outright sweared there and didn't quack it.... what would my grandma think??

  9. princ3sstofu

    It good to see your faces again.

  10. Ghoulsandwitches

    ohymgod i almost fell out of my chair laughing when they showed dans 15th century monk haircut

  11. Karmen Messerly

    Wow my life just got extremely better Bc if this video

  12. zoe balik

    i love when phil literally admits to cannibalism

  13. Braille Army Bot

    I’m smiling u guys achieved it

  14. Jolielamborghini

    OH GOD I forgot abt the hamster and then as soon as I saw the card me and Dan had the same expression of horror-

  15. LonelySocks

    his self control ran away with his braincells

  16. mira m

    i thought i time travelled to 2016

  17. Stevie Rose

    1:57 😬

  18. Vic.Tori.a

    Okay we all missed them in the same frame but I just need to know what kind of orchid is that??

  19. Dontworry beappy

    That prank website still existed when I was in middle school and someone sent it to me and prolly hoped for something juicier but I just talked abt kpop idols...

  20. Jake Jenner

    remember when we could go out shopping without masks 🥺

  21. dragontruth

    Part of me hopes Dan is back back but I'll take what I can get

  22. Carissa White

    yo 2021 gang wya

  23. senni bgon

    Dan's laugh and Trixie Mattel's laugh is literally the same.

  24. hanz Moore


  25. fujoshi fluff


  26. fujoshi fluff

    I kinda want to see you prank dan with these and see his reactions because I know my face is doing involuntary winces every time I see you with a different face accessory

  27. Emily C

    This is what the people want. Also I had soda come out my nose from laughing so I need it to be worth it.

  28. Mads

    dan in flannel <3

    1. senni bgon

      this is exactly what I need at this point in the semester

  29. Pip Pip

    Really happy for the fans who gave you the cards and finally and see you use them hahaha they are our heroes too. And also im happy that Dan is comfortable with appearing on videos again! You both look really happy lately and im living for it.

  30. Creepy Carmody

    I missed you both together so much

  31. Eva Lemon

    Sherlock kettle. Sherlock kettle. Sherlock kettle

  32. Urakway

    Nature is healing

  33. Reilly Neely

    this put the BIGGEST smile on my face

  34. Olivia Ayers

    I missed ya'll's uploads

  35. Sam The Lion

    Loved that ASMR of going through a plants leaves.

  36. Coal Snow

    Stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy with meeeeeeeee Because we miss DILLLLL

  37. Mikayla Kelly

    THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEEDED!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭❤️

  38. Paola Otero

    i’m here for the flesh pants

  39. Lillian Crooks

    2:30 Pineapple pizza is amazing, fight me

  40. Juliana Gaspar


  41. Faith Burt

    this came out on my birthday and let me just say this is the best birthday present i could have gotten for turning 16

  42. Feral Art Student

    This makes me so happy

  43. xXSnow BerryXx

    Me: *someone who has like 5 tarot decks (technically it's only 3 tarot decks and two oracle decks, but most people think oracle cards are tarot cards) and multiple books on divination and magick and witchcraft* *Is obsessed with this video*

  44. Feral Art Student

    Phil counting in German nearly gave me an aneurysm

  45. xXSnow BerryXx

    I'm convinced that is Phil discovered magick spelled with a 'k' and real life witchcraft he's be all over that

  46. Ryan Idk

    I missed this.. Also the hamster fic actually mortified me.

  47. Juliana Gaspar

    watching this video made me incredibly nostalgic

  48. Juliana Gaspar

    this is exactly what I need at this point in the semester

  49. Faith Burt

    7:56 Phil: OH NO I GOT THE CARD I GOT LAST TIME!!! me: LAST TIME?!?!?!?!?!

  50. Mya Gracey

    This has made me so goddamn happy

  51. Magali Duran

    Now as an older person who can drink I feel like I can chuckle about the past era. Excited to hear more banter, love how this doesn’t feel forced and embracing that we’re older hahahha

  52. zamzam


  53. chaotic milk hotel

    i missed you guys so much damn i've graduated and everything a wholeass pandemic happened..... but we finally have it. dan & phil in 2021

  54. Ayla West

    I love everything about this

  55. Coal Snow

    2021 is the sibling who the parents expectations for, so much pressure

  56. Daniela Silva

    is this onlyphans content

  57. Skysky Nomnom

    I hope they do more content together. I just really miss seeing them together like this.

  58. Denise Sanchez

    I need the sloth.

  59. TheRavens3rdEye


  60. Dark side of the sun

    3:24 Phil: Fun, little intimate Dan's expressions: 😃😦🤨😐 And then there's Phil seriously and thoroughly contemplating if he would be a good lap dancer

  61. Alex Bussiere

    They are stuck in 2016

  62. jelly

    how many phans are adults or will be soon?

  63. Starr Beatz

    I stopped watching the video I was, when. I saw this

  64. Louisa Puga

    I’m so happy y’all

  65. Mari_the_pup

    My eyes are -5.25 ooof

  66. Isabel Garcia Martinez

    ah yes pls send gifts insta: futurebroadwaystar33

  67. Jo Clark

    Thanks for the subtitles!

  68. JJWSVTK abi

    Danger man at work.

  69. Alyssa S


  70. Malynda Wollert

    not the hamsterrr

  71. JJWSVTK abi

    The way they look exactly same

  72. Erika Govea


  73. JJWSVTK abi


  74. edelyn bianca

    hi phil!

  75. edelyn bianca


  76. emily

    and when the world needed them most they RETURNED

  77. bun.

    they somehow make the boxes look normal and kinda ✨aesthetic✨

  78. Freddy Thornton

    this should be put in the library of congress

  79. LA Sutherlin

    They've read hamster in a hat!!!

  80. Ele Eline

    They talk about commitment a lot.. You know what that means, marriage