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  1. Dead Body Man

    The whole TI interview

  2. hooli ID

    nice music

  3. Dawn Phantom

    this is the gas station from that one horror game.

  4. Gung Ho Gaming

    I’m gonna have to just accept the fact that no matter how bad the gameplay is, game itself looks fun.

  5. LonerMech

    Love that hot wheels never will go out of style. Definitely buying this with car dlc packs, might even see some of my classic toys.

  6. DDGX 28

    Dude... It's motorstorm hot wheels!!! And we can edit our cars!!! Make custom liverys on them!! Let's goooo!!!

  7. no .m0re

    Kirain sampe jaman modern hmm

  8. Peter Glide

    You can almost feel the plastic textures of the cars

  9. Victor Lopez-Hoiland

    this is literally doom if doom guy was Asian and goofy.

  10. L.J. Campbell

    Shut up and take my money!!!!!

  11. Huskii Doggo

    Can we please bring back the bedroom from Hot Wheels: Beat That

  12. Wafer

    D4 got nothing on POE2

  13. Beaunafide

    Because children who loved Captain Planet & preachy pop culture now control (and will burn down) every successful IP.

  14. Daily

    smh, guys hes shooting the zombies behind him because he felt the need to show off to the zombie his aim

  15. EAS Adventures

    It warms my heart to see people happy about this game, it's that or the whiskey.

  16. willinton06

    Steve Rogers killed hundreds, doesn’t that count?

  17. Mr Avan

    Heh Dayz on ultra settings


    Looks like ammo shortage isn't an issue here.

  19. Mr. Pilgrim

    If the Mako doesn't drive like a drunk earthquake in the remake, I'll riot ^^

  20. JustCallMeLuuf

    No.... literally leave it as it is

  21. smokeclouds8

    No first person? wtf?

  22. Paradoxpizza

    So that’s it? What, we some kinda Justice Society?

  23. Mikeboi64 -

    0/10 no loops

  24. Nocthot

    Man...should we start saying "Path Clones" instead of "Diablo Clones"?

  25. Conrad Unleashed

    Did they learn nothing from The Walking Dead!!!!!!

  26. Drew Mister

    He looks like he'd be named buckaroo buck

  27. BlazeAdin

    This reminds me soo much of that korean game Gunz...


    You can tell it's IGN playing because of the aim....

  29. no no name

    Aw sheeet mah man Zan gets to be in it! Also the middle silhouette is obviously Max. .... third might be Shiva.... idk.... that's some pretty wild hair.

  30. Hulkitout

    This was sorely needed

  31. Charlie Golden

    A few things: 1) this better be cross platform 2) 6 player co-op 3) I better be able to climb on those hay bails 4) there is no reason the developers shouldn’t have learned from the mistakes of The Division

  32. ThugaRhymes

    This gameplay looks fake. How the camera moves and how he shoots. This isn't real, its cgi

  33. Slayerz [BBR]

    Yey another remaster!

  34. bob bib

    like father like son :)

  35. Dead Body Man

    I'm a right wing guy and him trolling Alex Jones was hilarious

  36. Zekrom 48

    Where da hell is stadium :^/

  37. Angela Bakloyvov Tchaikovsky

    He is not a people pleaser. He doesnt care what anyone thinks

  38. ricky rami

    Get on decentraland!! Exactly like PlayStation home !!

  39. SolarRicesS

    downgrade is coming :)

  40. Chris Toro

    For those who can't buy Forza 3, you know why you're here.

  41. RN Gesus

    Ya, this dude won't survive long with that kind of aim 😂

  42. Delicashilous _

    Wait, actually 26 Minutes NEW STUFF Aside from the old 2 Versions?

  43. Jacob Allerton

    Will the falcon and the winter soldier ever be on dvd to put all episodes in one.

  44. Spirit

    The evens sadder fact is that people are legitimately defending and supporting this. And rather than admit they're biased and not against it because they love the IP, they desperately try to create these "logical" arguments that justifies the situation.

  45. Brylle Nall

    12:39 gta San Andreas cop sirens

  46. Junkyard Digs

    Oh sick, Mud Runner with zombies!

  47. Erik Lusink

    updated day z? ......zzzzzzzzzz.......

  48. tyquan fleming

    Rick and Mary’s on

  49. Order 77

    Enemy combatants get popped in battle this is a weak woke culture

  50. Caleb Drewery

    Everything Zemo has done has directly contradicted what the power broker seems to want so I’m gonna say it’s not him.

  51. corn Tall

    MAKE THIS ON MOBILE PLEASE!! I'M TIRED OF GAMING PHONE! IT'S BEEN A SERIES.. but the game just pabje, gensen empek, aspal, weee neeeed morrreeeee 😂


    Who else has the old hot wheels game and loved it 👌

  53. Benny Harvey

    Looks pretty low effort

  54. LookAtThiisDude



    This needs a better sense of speed. Just from watching it it feels like you sre going pretty dlow

  56. Jacob Morgan

    imagine emptying a 30 round clip to kill one zombie KEKW

  57. Winnie Tsui

    The guy wearing the hat DID NOT SAY A DAMN WORD

  58. Dead Body Man

    The octopus is my favorite.

  59. Ordinary Male

    Gameboy flashbacks.

  60. Mike Margraff

    Is this a "Days Gone" prequel?! 🤔

  61. ScottM1

    And another hot garbage story in waiting as it's inclusion into the remake. Ugh...

  62. Sasquonch

    Post pandemic america? Are you serious rn

  63. Jagdish Pattnaik

    Ninja cause😃🤣

  64. Vibes x2

    Imagine watching your brother die right in front of you, of course you’d be capable of what walker did

  65. James Dreamer

    Such a fun fuckin game

  66. FlikM

    Yooooooo !!! This looks lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. NophaPlays

    What a smart guy, he shot next to their heads to rupture their Eardrums and confuse them before hitting the headshot

  68. Kirogi

    he look like a gmod chav

  69. Cactuar716

    Looks just like "state of decay" even the looting system. Hopefully there isn't friendly fire

  70. Jorge Carbajal

    3:44 IGN shows footage from Wolverine and the X-Men, but incorrectly labels it as X-Men: Evolution.

  71. Worried Peg

    I'm in.

  72. Rafael Pelvini

    1:35 this

  73. Talented Officials 2

    Only time can tell if this is going to be another cyberpunk, or no mans sky

  74. Boe Jiden69

    “People always fail at who their supposed to be” This is so true in John Walker’s case 🥲

  75. Zerodima

    Yo my mother predicted this game like 5 years ago. She kept saying the title to me everytime she sees me!

  76. I am Groot

    These look like genuine Hot Wheels and the hallway looks sick. Loving it so far!

  77. Mike The Gamer

    a trailer truck FULL of soda bottles, capped, and he finds a single CAN of soda. lol.