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  1. rothmcroth

    Riley Reed spends a lot of time on Kong's back?

  2. Gigalag The Great Worm

    Can’t help but notice....once again, no horror movies

  3. Jack Leyden

    You have to do a now you see me honest trailer

  4. SAG Brady

    Let's see how bad you bomb out this year..

  5. Rodrigo Triana

    I tried to watch it once but couldn't make it beyond 20 minutes. It's awful.

  6. Wolf Hreda

    Best Honest Trailers ever? Probably.

  7. Siu Qian Baxter

    Should not have watched this before finishing the series

  8. thunderironbolt games

    Uh... Thor could definitely destroy Halley's comet. Thor evaporated the city of Sokovia which is around 2km wide. Halley's comet is 3 kms. And captain marvel can just fly straight to it or catch it

  9. Alex Ray

    Honestly Patrick Stewart might be the only slightly redeeming factor in this movie

  10. Scotty Knows

    You should do Thunderforce. Please say "Really, right in front of my salad?!"

  11. Jerome Turner

    This show was not good for the world.


    affleck had no other choice

  13. Dulcinea Ulloa


  14. Sara

    “There are FOUR LIGHTs!”

  15. Zelmar Ramirez


  16. Jayjack

    You should do a trailer for the Razzies

  17. bcvbb hyui

    “I’ve forgotten how to interact with people” I felt that 😂😭

  18. Jonathan Moore

    Hey, since it made it to VOD, you are now required to do Nobody. Well ... that's if you want to be Somebody.

  19. Demadnutter

    I cracked up at the 'Let them Fi-iirrrooooeooorooo' LOL

  20. Scott Isaak

    Ah tds in all the things

  21. Lauren Kezia Vanessa

    Please do Attack on Titan

  22. GeeboysGamesandMore

    Please say: “The day will soon come when all of us bow down to the dolphins.”

  23. Fox Hound1878

    No gonna lie for all it faults I loved this film. Lets to fair We all knew who was gonna win It's not really a fair competition, one is a big Gorilla ant the other is The King Of Monsters

  24. googl android

    Your version of shallows is much more musical than the original. Fact.

  25. Ahmad Abu Hasan

    Please say Skadoosh from Kung Fu Panda

  26. Damaris L

    Do a trailer for Nobody!!!

  27. achraf joundi

    I download the movie from pirate bay and I clicked play and then I saw 4:00:00 & 4:3 frame and then I deleted ,I didn't watch the movie but I sure this honest trailer is way much better than the actual movie, I already got tricked for the first one I'm not gonna fall for it again. Man this movie is piece of crap

  28. Pablo Rodriguez

    if only ned listened to renly they could have won

  29. Giggity King

    Please say, "It's time for a FOOD BATTLE BATTLE ROYALE"

  30. Melissa Jones

    No way NO this year has been hard enough Me: ....well

  31. Bikim Brown

    That's every super hero movie slash TV show. They tell the same story over and over

  32. Bat 613 WHO LAUGHS

    I didn't like Affleck

  33. Gerald Conde

    Do Sideshow Bob the music the movie... I mean Cape Fear.

  34. Chaun Reynolds

    You should do Clerks

  35. Polo


  36. Travis Derby

    George romero created a series/franchise that has changed the world

  37. Rayburn Neal

    Deaf jam lol

  38. kenneth dzengedza

    A grown person falling in love with a baby Who green lit this ?

  39. Bat 613 WHO LAUGHS

    Miss KITKA was my first crush

  40. eleanor shellstrop

    That “The Crown” reference was too apt

  41. burdenedwithgloriouspurpose

    “The Chris Hemsworth of the brothers Skarsgård.” To accurate, man, too accurate. Also, it’s even funnier when you consider his dead was in the Thor movies with Chris Hemsworth, lol.

  42. SamuelX Literotica

    A truly awesome franchise.

  43. T Savage

    So depressing seeing the original Phase 4 line-up at 4:44... We would've seen pretty much everything on that list and had the 'What If?', 'Thor: Love and Thunder' and the 'Hawkeye' series to look forward to. This feels like we are all stuck in the shitty time of Endgame before they could go back in time... Except in reality there is no one to save us, there is no time travel, there are no heroes. We are stuck in a perpetual nightmare.

  44. coolhotjim

    Motherbox, lol

  45. Jason Hunt

    Not. Impressed.

  46. dcoog anml

    “And I guess drummers too.” Best line ever.

  47. Kevin Cordoba-Llanos

    I’m proud of myself, I actually watched one of nominees (trial of Chicago 7) lol

  48. Ramelo

    Mucho texto

  49. Jacob Malic

    Sorry what about Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom?

  50. Oscar Mano

    Did you just say Robert Mugabe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Zachary Smart

    Ya'll should do Mystery Men before The Suicide Squad comes out

  52. Tiziano

    Do an honest trailer about "honest trailer"

  53. Kalvin Koskela

    When this came to theaters... Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was still in the IMAX theater I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 at.

  54. Jack Myers

    How to kill a franchise in one movie

  55. Alistair Balistair

    you people have some serious white guilt at this channel

  56. PMC


  57. veritasreigns

    Please say "I...AM...WEASEL."

  58. nightrain157

    Ooo hear me out, Honest Trailers, for DBZ and Hellsing Ultimate... ABRIDGED!

  59. Jack Myers

    Love Tom but had to watch with subtitles to understand him

  60. Christian Thomey

    I hate this movie but I love the soundtrack

  61. Charlie

    No Tenet?

  62. Jack Myers

    My favourite stand alone Star Wars film.

  63. Noni Ki

    The 2010 banter is the reason I cannot sit through more than a few minutes of this movie.

  64. Aleksandar Garlanov

    Please do snowpiercer :)

  65. TheOutrageousOrangeApe 101

    "And we spoke this movie into existence back in 2014" Don't compliment yourselves sellouts...

  66. Savannah Weidman

    Now do Legend of Korra!

  67. Mini Moose93

    Nice palindrom ht, but why didn't you reference the episode of red dwarf where they end up on a version of earth where time goes backwards?

  68. John E

    If you google “what the F happened in Lost?” and then binge the show, it’s pretty good.

  69. Wokari MASK

    Bold of you to assume its like power rangers Its the other way around

  70. Golden Light Pictures

    Anyone back after Godzilla vs Kong honest trailer?

  71. Danny Benhur

    Local Municipal Elections... Those are some real stakes...

  72. Lily Lupin

    I don’t think I noticed Zuko’s scar when I first watched this movie. That’s how bad it was.

  73. Jonathan Jollimore

    Yea this is also a thing

  74. Exalt

    What's stronger bell referencing?

  75. Dark Warrior

    Sacha Baron Cohen and that accent...wtf....

  76. Pär Dahlström

    So...today I started to watch the movie....15 minutes in.....that is something that are done today on fucking timber trucks automatic, no need for a android and a human to fix. Then I stoped watching.

  77. Leon O

    I though you were going to say the MAN -DEAL-ORiAN!

  78. Frutales Diary

    William butcher

  79. Londwa Ngcobo

    Snitch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. blknge 89

    Please say, "mmmm jumbalaya!"