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  1. jrbland18


  2. Monica Varona

    why not zoom?


    african Queen

  4. addy

    omg she looks a lot simpler with brown hair! love her always <3

  5. Beozjibee

    She's sooo pretty I wouldn't even wear makeup anymore if i was her :')))

  6. Julia MdnQueen


  7. Mommy May

    This vid is so funny + the comments 😂🤣😂

  8. bla bla bla

    I'm in love with her accenttt

  9. E R

    She has the cutest smile ever, almost baby like. It’s kinda annoying how they don’t list the products though 🙄

  10. nunngaia chhakchhuak

    Ending tha-daaa melt my heart.

  11. Hachimachi

    No chocolate for me? No chocolate for me

  12. Sharlet Joseph

    She looks like maddie with makeup ♥️♥️

  13. Julia MdnQueen


  14. Julia MdnQueen


  15. TAY GRAY

    Looks like my bag. Love a relatable queen

  16. japanrry

    why do every single video of camille only has comments about harry she’s her own person besides her being an ex of harry’s this is the reason why harry keeps his relationships private now and i’m so glad he does

  17. Marijn Heijke

    Wow, she's so fun!

  18. Emily Ashton

    She’s amazing!! Like the fact that this many differentiated celebrities respect and look up to her really reflects on her character. Love love love her

  19. Emily Ashton

    She’s amazing!! Like the fact that this many differentiated celebrities respect and look up to her really reflects on her character. Love love love her

  20. Daniela Gomez

    Erm..... New Mexico is NOT in Mexico....

  21. Emily Ashton


  22. Sarah Alyammahi

    She should calm down with the fillers

  23. Sarah Alyammahi

    Her face is so botched

  24. Eva Brown

    The wide screen uncommonly disarm because chronometer undoubtedly soak beside a average narcissus. absurd, icy hockey

  25. Juul Bakker

    she is so beautiful

  26. Sergio Escarfuller

    this is tight


    sending lot of love💕 Sabrina carpenter


    she doesn't deserves all the hates💕💋 may god bless u sweetie

  29. Jorgietalks

    She’s officially sold her soul.

  30. Emiliasss Hinesasa

    The versed united kingdom genetically wrap because tanzania phytogeographically level athwart a jagged plain. sordid, daily shock

  31. Gauri Saxena


  32. 애니김

    It's more likely a beauty battle then sculpture one...😂

  33. Alby

    Everything about her is so cute 🌸🌷🌸

  34. Yasmin Hara

    I love her skin 😻

  35. Raavi Sinha

    I love her so much❤️😍

  36. Yash Bhatt

    Jessie 🥺 is so

  37. penny wise

    Ill say it. All yall are simps

  38. Roseieee

    She is so preety even though she is starting to get so old 😭

  39. Daisy Gaspar

    Her laugh!💗

  40. emaaniee :D

    2:07 WITH WHO?

  41. Copper52 RV

    Their story is like Betty, James, and August. Well, kind of - it's James fault 🤷🏻‍♂️

  42. Lotta Kaufhold

    Which British person is out here pronouncing “bowie” as “bawie “ like wtf


    She is sooooo cute❤️

  44. Stuti Mahato

    She went on a date for the Frist time and the grin on her face shows how happy she is ..🥰❤️ i hope that she would meet better person now

  45. MiloMonkey

    Who tryna play roblox with billie and me

  46. Serena Lopez

    She could play as a jealous murderer pretty well.

  47. ericka marra

    That was fantastic! She is an old wise soul. Love her energy.💜💜

  48. emma brenes

    i love how she shouts everybodys name <3

  49. pine apple

    Sabrina and her sister are beautiful! ❤ A gorgeous house too ❤

  50. John Hewitt

    She’s soooo phony

  51. Diana Mustafa

    She has the cutest nose

  52. K Harlan

    Industry plant ... bummer .

  53. K.A.

    I wonder how it must be like to look in the mirror and see THAT face

  54. Sombra

    Very E X P L I C I T

  55. Keiauna Hudson

    Billie girl you are beautiful no matter what you wear🤗🤗💜

  56. VRRV

    Wow those old newspaper articles were pretty rude, how courageous for Karen to big the bigger person and overcome such bullying. ❤️ I would’ve never agreed to visit my hometown if I were her

  57. lana gaga


  58. ॐ Boi

    7:42 Billie isn’t vegan. She rides horses, not vegan. She wears leather, not vegan. She eats flaming hot Cheetos, not vegan. She still needs to go vegan, because even though she thinks she has been, she never has been vegan.

    1. ORANGE

      @miwi 😶

    2. miwi

      @ORANGE yes, some do lol

    3. ORANGE

      @ॐ Boi chips have milk in them??

    4. ॐ Boi

      @ORANGE It’s pretty ridiculous how companies put dairy in the most random items. Can we have chips without torturing a cow please?

    5. ORANGE

      Wdym cheetos rnt vegan

  59. Toph Beifong

    Dove is SO pretty!

    1. Hii Yuli

      @E con she’s still pretty though😗

    2. Toph Beifong

      @E con i know but a big chunk is also her pure beauty

    3. E con

      It's fake beauty

  60. Stay Forever

    Her voice is heaven

  61. Fakeful and Disgraced Slave Class

    She played and liked Portal and Portal 2? So random. Not the expected answer I thought I was gonna hear for that question.

  62. Turtle Rabbit Kim

    Stop saying she has had work done👁👄👁 If you feel insecured, it's not her fault.Everyone can do with their bodies whatever they want

    1. S

      @E con I would say that by not addressing her choice to have plastic surgery she’s being responsible to her audience of teens. I don’t think it’d be a good idea to have them know what’s she had done so they see plastic surgery as the option to look like her when they’re in such a vulnerable time for their body image. She does talk about body positivity and I think that does more good.

    2. E con

      Everyone can do what they want but not every choice is the right one. Her audience is teens.

  63. Sara Parsley

    i love her so much. i love that she doesn't try to be warm or bubbly or likable or charming. she's just real and unapologetic and ugh! we love.

  64. Lynette LaRoche

    She reminds me of a cartoon character😊

  65. Sha12pyHD

    So beautiful.

  66. Lauren Anderson

    did she put an undetectable extension charm on the bag? "QUIT YOUR BITCHING" i felt so singled out

  67. Rain Jarrett

    she sounds and acts like liv and talks like maddie ❤️❤️

  68. ayşenur balcı


  69. Rosalind Maass

    She does not look good in blonde hair! Bring back the dark hair.

  70. one in a million

    stormzy seems to be such a nice and cute person, like just, imagine being his bestie

  71. cyncyncyn

    this hair is so not going with her

  72. StandardCandle

    Loved this talk. Thank you.

  73. oMyBadHairDay

    12:24 - I need this Avril Lavigne feat. Billie Eilish/Billie Eilish feat. Avril Lavigne song to happen before I die. ✨🖤

  74. Daniel Filipe

    Can anyone tell me the name of the background melody?

  75. Fatma Amour

    Ugh the nails

  76. Kamo Aghbalyan

    does someone know the background slow song?

    1. Halée-Simone

      Tell me if you find out!

  77. Patricia Portillo

    I’m so intrigued by the blue lipgloss👀

  78. sajaainlife

    a big inspiration

  79. Mia Tiller

    She needs a movie on her life man