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  1. Thick Ballora And Baby

    If I was a actor I would be lava girl if you made this when I was an adult I call dibs on lava girl

  2. Sonia Ho

    Wow she really sings so well

  3. Chanlie Macario

    I just wanna say How the heck can they actually created buppy's glasses?!

  4. Cailtyn O'Malley

    does anyone know the song or singer of this song?

  5. Delores C

    Great movie!!

  6. Philip Martin

    Worst film, what a waste of these amazing actors talent

  7. Grand Adobo Man

    Wake up samurai! We have a dinner to attend!

  8. Young Panda

    Rose : KUMA........ So cuteeee😍😍

  9. charlie303

    this is the worst movie ever made

  10. Mark Hayser

    Be honest, after watching this video, everyone went straight to the search bar to search the song in this video lol

  11. Mylyn

    My fav is wildcard

  12. abbie

    didnt noah just get a buzz cut

  13. Unicorn Gamer

    Yeah she’s so cute

  14. Elite Emma

    Lol Jennie forgot most of the parts I still love her style

  15. vic Oregano

    If you’re looking for a depressing pointless predictable boring movie with an awful ending than yeah this is definitely the movie for ya. 😒

  16. M.G. Leal

    One of the things I always thought was hilarious is how shallow she’s being talking about how she missed his body while he’s being romantic talking about how he missed her soul. I can totally imagine Keanu Reeves doing that in real life!

  17. Syilmi Kaffah

    what song did Rose sing? please tell the title :)

  18. nycray0fh0p3

    It was a good movie but I was offended by a line which Priyanka says that she is from Jackson Heights and she got out of there as if she was living in a ghetto. I am from Jackson Heights. I love it there. Its the best place and super safe. Anyone who is from Jackson Heights New York will say it. Its so diverse and amazing.

  19. Jamie Liao

    A "little too much" :')

  20. Ciram Salado

    Me laughing everytime I saw slomo😂

  21. Audrey Obane

    I would be in any rather place as long as I get to see guppy TwT She so stinkin cute TwT

  22. Audrey Obane

    Oof,let’s hope the people stairs don’t have cramps or something

  23. Miamaira Azrill


  24. 눈오는날

    컥 하필 일본어 연습 올리나 넷플릭스

  25. м а у а

    Lmao he's still got it he was badass in Goodfellas too but this movie was great.

  26. Rainniel Caryn E. Reyes

    Lisa: AWWw Coco BIT mEEEe roSe's BRain: dISgUStanG shIT-

  27. Fæłvx Hxń

    Sry but i dont like this i waych kids movie but this i-

  28. Jm Jm

    So inspirational

  29. Kimberly Toledo

    I love their style 💛💛

  30. Zacbabei Yee

    The wretched feet diagnostically separate because danger karunagappally educate abaft a placid bacon. like, receptive swimming

  31. T Cua

    My favorite part of the docu ❤ Love you, Rosé

  32. Master Mensa

    He was one ugly dude tho I can’t lie

  33. crypto rio

    The complexity and LUNACY of the African American woman's mind (and other Black women who have been subjected to colonialism)

  34. Careplez Plays games

    Man Pedro is so nice with kids that’s it’s so cute like omgggggg!!!!!!!

  35. Sumit Yadav

    I'm very happy for Adarsh Gaurav. He really deserve it

  36. pieter mk

    screenwriter's mistake? children with intellectual disabilities can also be superheroes. my muscles are so strong. lucky for me are my brains the same way, says wheels in the movie. what's the point of that?

  37. Michelle Geovanni

    Missy almost die

  38. pieter mk

    screenwriter's mistake? children with intellectual disabilities can also be superheroes. my muscles are so strong. lucky for me are my brains the same way, says wheels in the movie. what's the point of that?

  39. for lack of a better name

    0:21 what was doing the watch dogs guy with them?

  40. Angela Blackson

    Hell naaaa this the theme for 2021. Aside from their great dancing Listen to what they saying...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😭💀

  41. jay2hated 23

    When are you going to make a part too Please I such a big fan

  42. Chicken of One

    0:09 Everybody: 👀

  43. Unicorn Magic

    Kinda the fist time I heard I cryed😭😭😭

  44. Spenser Farman

    Gustaphson is basically what would’ve happened if Willy Wonka were a rip-off artist.

  45. Sacred Sword

    *Age is just a number...* *...and jail is just a place.*



  47. Bereniz Riega


  48. DOW777

    The most amazing thing about this movie is all the main characters stay 60 years old for 50 years, then all of a sudden were told they are old. Time will make the special effects I this film embarrassing to watch in few years.

  49. Sir Yousif

    0:23 chicken If u get the joke i respect u

  50. Toast Addict


  51. Jose Gonzalez

    I love this movie 🎥

  52. Logan Baker

    Did a Christian write this song?

  53. Cassie George

    My crush on Charlie from Minutemen is now a crush on Bo from Dumplin

  54. Pino Petrocelli

    Joe p deserves an Oscar for his role !

  55. Logan Schuneman



    Well I’m not risking this one before but I still think superheroes are real lol

  57. John Marston


  58. Tequilla Emmerson

    My son loves this movie so much 💙 he said he wanted to be in the next one


    Lava girl and shark boy I like that is very cool me and I love you super power I love super power all the kids are amazing and this is my favorite show and all I think magic is in the air and I want to say don’t give up your dreams don’t give up

  60. Elisha Eason

    I can’t wait for this movie!!!!!!!! Noah is pretty cute!❤️❤️

  61. Zoe Angel Mijares


  62. Ayla Gemmell

    I was crying watching this she’s amazing and awesome at singing 🥺

  63. Xana Kan

    Thank you Sophia Loren, my regards 💐🎉🎊🎊🎊

  64. Ari

    It’s kinda weird when he’s referring to him as Ted, it really shows how much he prepared for the role

  65. Carmen Vincent Films

    Thank you so much for making this video! Thank you Judy for all you’ve done to change so so many lives for the better.

  66. ItzPurple_ Glaze

    Actor I hope there's a part 2

  67. KeleciaaMali

    lara: i didnt get in lana: i love it !!

  68. Antwan 674

    I would love to see a Netflix prequel series with Viktor, Markus and Amelia and etc.

  69. Yosha Meristeba

    We can be Heroes session 2👇🏻

  70. Manuela de Sousa Ferreira Manu

    Lindo 😭

  71. Jesus Ivan



    Yess amell was awesome funny too yet encouraging.

  73. Jesus Ivan

    CH. Adboi

  74. Jesus Ivan


  75. Balram

    My name is Balram

  76. Timmy Royer


  77. Timmy Royer


  78. Mitch Ross

    Jisoo: “I fought with my TV not long ago” 😂

  79. Reverence

    I’m glad we can acknowledge how well-written and realistic these scene is. Kudos to both actors

  80. Carol Ramz

    I’d be a voice actor