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  1. Mikedrones

    More of this please

  2. renegade alchemist

    How they gonna fight against a naked guy?

  3. giga giga

    ტატო, სულ გამარჯვებული ენახე საქართველოს.

  4. Marcio Iochida

    Siblings truly awesome!!!

  5. je t'aime

    일본유도조타 기술도만아서

  6. ابوالفضل عبداللهی پور


  7. Thomaz Neuber

    What the Iranian government did was an act of absolute cruelty! The guy just wanted to remain in the tournament and fight his way to the finals! He should only leave the competition in an lawful way (it could be either victory or by elimination).

  8. taZZo

    when you see TATO I see olimpic champion

  9. Ghena Golovatic

    Bravo Denis !!!

  10. izuku midoriya

    I don't like his judo

  11. GravInstinctz

    Doing Judo since im 6 (now 22) and maybe it is because i never really learned leg grabs but personally i like it, that they banned leg grabs. For me it doesnt feel like Judo if you grab the legs and counter like 70% of all Judo throws, just because you need the grip behind the neck or the back. Now i feel free to use more grips, techniques and fighting styles and i love it more. Now i like to fight these old geezers who cant do anything against my style because they want to grab my legs all the time because they want to take the easy route.

  12. Timothy Hollis

    What is the name of the technique used in #9?

  13. ben maaoui Hamza

    great Nihel hopefully a medal in the olympics

  14. 튜브유


  15. Ahmed B

    Thank you !

  16. Ahmed B

    Thank you !

  17. Ahmed B

    Thank you !

  18. david mckeown

    Riner is so boring to watch, good try but no ippon, and an awful lot of gi straighening to have a break when he's tired. Krpalek did all the attacking. Judo has gone the way of football, all money and biased decisions. Take a look at Kosei Inoue v Trainer for bias.

  19. juan alvear

    Why is not a point for the korean?

  20. Amine 1729

    Fan moto welcome in my chaine

  21. beso beso

    Georgia - Ghviniashvili Top1 🇬🇪

  22. ADL

    maruyama and abe is it a challenge?

  23. Phil Foster

    Ono deserves the win, but the ref was a homer!

  24. Lion Fire

    ONO is the best and the most spectacular judoka in his category.

  25. Жансая Кабимуллина

    Дате там код елдоса сметова

  26. Медвежонок .-.

    Это не дзюдо, а шоу. Где там иппон? Борцы изо всех сил стараются не упасть на спину чисто, а судья однозначно назначает иппон. Сейчас сразу иппон и крики зрителей.

  27. Paul Ling

    Bad luck Aoife but great effort. You did your country proud 👍👍👍🇦🇺

  28. Андрей Ушаков

    Она её даже по английскому тренирует. ) Ох, матушка! )👍👏👋

  29. ONE SHOT

    Will judo work in a street fight???

  30. vbddfy euuyt

    Telegram kann als "Walter Coin Coin" gefunden werden.

  31. george narushvili

    🖐 from Georgia

    1. Абдыкайым Умаров

      @Q7die Yt KAZAKSTAN

    2. Q7die Yt

      Ukraine 🇺🇦

  32. L.P.S.

    Lipo is the pride of Georgia....ვეფხვი ხარ მუხბე...

  33. Valeri Tabatadze

    🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪 გენავე გენა

  34. Into the Truth

    ti's 2 boring!!

  35. argiris kehayias

    A fantastic well rounded judoka with a very modern approach of judo.

  36. Назарали Сарабеков

    Биджо супер вперёд Грузия молодцы так держат.

  37. Kvitsianii

    Future G.O.A.T. of Judo !

  38. Shinobi_mc

    They are allowed to grapple for 4 mins or more but can't shake hands at the end? WtF?

  39. 애봉여사

    김원진 선수 퐈이팅

  40. wolf wolfer

    This is Goegian caracter !!!

  41. judo for life 2008

    To make this master tournament happen in this Crissist times we live in .

  42. Voldi Artz

    Второй раунд / гемма хауэл / :контратака Мадины войдет в учебники дзюдо.Третий поединок /мари гайи ив -действующая чемпионка мира/ блистательная борьба на встречных курсах и ипон от Мадины Артуровны )... Dissag nau - Taimaztay u.

  43. judo for life 2008

    Hart to the Doha organisation 🙏


    I think 2020 give him a big chance to win the Tokyo Olympics :)

  45. Edisher Chavleishvili


  46. zaza mchedlishvili

    საქართველო ! SAQARTVELO ! GEORGIA !

  47. Rəşad Sultanov

    Georgia is getting even better at judo,well judokas from this small country,greetings from Azerbaijan

  48. lado beniaidze

    Tedis male gaigdeb lekvivit eg araferi

  49. Pedro Miguel

    This man is a monster. The future of judo.

  50. taZZo

    olimpic champion 2021 <3

  51. Giorgi Abelashvili

    Tato just blew up whole judo world! We are so proud of you Tato! Good luck and god bless you <3

  52. Αριστείδης Τσιχουρίδης

    Respect in the end of match 🇬🇷🇬🇷

  53. Raphaël Gracia

    He's good at ne-waza. Does he do bjj?

    1. ლაშა შუბითიძე

      yes he does

  54. PLAY

    김원진 선수도 이제 노장 대열인 것 같은데 부디 심기일전하여 유종의 미를 거둘 수 있길 염원합니다..

  55. craig thomson

    Way t o g o i S r a e l ......😎😉😜🤪.....

  56. lika Kejeradze

    My favorite judoka!

  57. יאיר אלבוחר

    Peter best judo