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  1. h kang

    泡菜:韩语 电晕:中国

  2. 이소희

    피자도 마르코폴로가 중국에서 전병먹고 가서 만든 음식이라고 우기더니 이젠 김치냐? 쯧쯧쯧 그런다고 너네것이 될것 같으냐? 그 수많은 세월 우리 선조들이 만들어낸 지혜를 한 순간에 다 가져갈 수 있을 것 같으냐?!!!

  3. Sumati T

    Very nice video ! 👍👍👍 . Thank you Miss Liziqi . Your are all rounder . You are expert in cooking , and all kinds of unbelievable tasks . I have seen your all the videos . I have given you comments on every video . I have calling you by a new name " sweet Cadbury Girl . " That also you might have knew . Good God Bless to you and your Granny Maa . Love you . 🌹🌹🌹 .

  4. Liza Pattanayak


  5. Somu Sundaram

    Super 😊😋😍😘🤩🥰🥳

  6. S Channel

    Who is your helping hand for making videos

  7. speedy

    She is a real life fairy 🧚‍♀️from fairy tails........ She uses nature in a correct way

  8. 李宜潔


  9. R Ang

  10. Pratik Barve


  11. Devil *

    Why don't Kris think of liziqi? She possesses every quality, she deserves him☺️❤️

  12. Kaiyang Wangsa

    I want to visit ur home once in my life

  13. Syril Love

    Yay! This is really a true fairy tale 💖

  14. Mohamed Faheem

    Grand Amma fans like 👇

  15. Ariana


  16. adilah channl

    Seorang wanita yang luarbisa☺️😊

  17. up플러스

    rupost.info/dash/YZpsuWhnk4h3pLw/video Trash china

  18. up플러스

    rupost.info/dash/YZpsuWhnk4h3pLw/video Trash china

  19. up플러스

    rupost.info/dash/YZpsuWhnk4h3pLw/video Trash china

  20. tita usman

    love her so much ( from Indonesia , Jakarta )

  21. up플러스

    rupost.info/dash/YZpsuWhnk4h3pLw/video Trash china

  22. up플러스

    rupost.info/dash/YZpsuWhnk4h3pLw/video Trash china

  23. Sai Devilish

    Ааа как же в китае красиво....

  24. up플러스


  25. Marvin Saladaga


  26. Jeyakkumar Kayani


  27. Nourin Mahmud

    Seeing this I just want to return my father's countryside home... everything feels so familiar starting from her using cow make the soil to sun drying the grains...feels nostalgic

  28. Kathryn K

    What a beautiful way to live...hard work always pays back. Delicious ice-cream.

  29. Samiha Sultana Tanisha

    তানিশা ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

  30. Selina Mulia

    The beautiful simple chinese country life ❤️❤️❤️

  31. H M


  32. Kaiyang Wangsa

    U r genius...

  33. Morgana V

    Many thanks to the kind person who put up English subtitles!

  34. Jeyakkumar Kayani


  35. 角根進村

    우주는 한국에서 유래.

    1. je nnyyy

      역시 모함의 민족 중국인스럽다 한국인은 우주가 한국이라는 말을 한적 없단다 공자도 니네거야 너가져 한국 김치 한복이나 건들지마라

    2. Nara Woori

      우리 한국인들은 그런말한적 없는데?

  36. Tuata Hoàng

    Trông quang cảnh như mấy bộ phim cổ trang ấy, rất đẹp. Beautiful

  37. Priyanka Reddy

    Wow.. How can someone be so super strong and also beautiful, graceful and delicate at the same time? You are truly blessed 🙌🥰😇

  38. 角根進村


  39. 林爱心


  40. Linh Nguyễn

    Ước gì có thể hiểu được 2 bà cháu nói chuyện💕

  41. Olga Salazar


  42. The World

    Hey Liz how do you keep the plants all watered? There is no watering system and the soil is like clay. How do you grow everything so well?

  43. 박한별

    V Tran=Cheenese=Wuhan Virus

  44. The World

    I wonder if she plays Warcraft in her spare time. Would love to play a game with her.

  45. Private Setting

    I feel nothing but sorrow for the poor animals in her care. All she does is take, take, take.


    Oh, the cow...😂

  47. The World

    How does the townspeople regard her and her neighbors? Wonder if entire town is just watching her on binoculars as she is doing these.

  48. The World

    I wonder if she has a Tesla and Mercedes in her garage and Gucci bags in her closet... Just curious.

  49. shiva

    This place is heaven

  50. 김나연

    중국아 길게 말안하고 짧게쓸게 중국아 뻑큐먹엉🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  51. sebastian lynx


  52. The World

    Any man that has a wife like this would be happy man

  53. Freedom Escapism ASMR

    🍇👗🍷🍇👗💜👗🍷🍇💜🍇💜🍇💜🍇💜Grapes before they could become wine, their skin offered a beautiful colour and now we are intoxicated by the beauty of the girl in her new lilac dress . 🍇 💜🍇💜🍇💜🍷🍇🍷🍇💜🍷🍇💜🍷👗💜🍇👗🍷🍇💜👗💜

  54. Rizky Deshanda

    Hi im from Indonesia. As the same asian culture i found many foods you cook are similar to ours ☺ so while watching i can phantom the taste on my tongue buds and it also brings me the sweet memory of childhood.

  55. Diego Belash

    Оператор со скоростями на ты. 0.19 (машет руками)


    No power tools???? Everything by hand??? Yet, her sink works better than a lot of the ones made here😫

  57. Sherbaj Singh

    Please make vedio of your cloths collection Show your wardrobe collections please this is humble request

  58. Magdalena Maria Jurkowski


  59. tita usman

    ya Allah pengen banget rasanya idup di kampung kek gini .

  60. lcagee

    Why can’t there be more women like Liziki? She is just fabulous and perfect.

  61. Jelly Mae Daling

    Your life is magical

  62. shyamal devarma


  63. batman bad

    She is very much happier without a man

  64. Theja Sree

    Where do you live

  65. Hải Béo

    Có ai là Việt Nam! Fan ở đây không

  66. bangtan_sonyeontan

    Just for one day, I wanna go here and just exist. It's literally so beautiful

  67. Francesca A.

    The beauty of all you can do without connecting into any gadgets or social media

  68. bangtan_sonyeontan

    You can't tell me she isn't insanely talented after watching her handmake the most realistic looking fake flowers ever

  69. J.t Seo

    다재다능한 숲속의 공주같네요! ^^

  70. HậuYeol đây

    Xem video của lý tử thất cảm giác yên bình quá❤

  71. 잉따

    아니 중국 유튜브하면 불법인데 어떻게 유트버가 있는거냐고 그게 지금 매우 궁금하다

  72. Thị Luận Trần


  73. Tiger Xu


  74. Merriam stories

    Hollow liziqi I love your vedio... You. Are just a princess leaving in paradise..... I'm from Philippines.. 💕💕💕😘😘😘

  75. 佐藤良子

    声も良く通るいい声しているし、、いったい何者ですか? なんでもできるのね〜中国語読めないし英語もよくわからないけど。 感性と技術、、綺麗な体型、グランマに対するすごく献身的な態度。 魅力のある女性ですね〜

  76. Babu Sardar

    Nice lovely place of refreshness

  77. Zx gr

    LOVELY <3

  78. 先總統 蔣公

    1936 N a z i Olympics=2022 Chi n a z i Olympics

  79. 先總統 蔣公

    1936 N a z i Olympics=2022 Chi n a z i Olympics

  80. 先總統 蔣公

    1936 N a z i Olympics=2022 Chi n a z i Olympics